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Family Origins

The ENTIRE Auth Family Tree

I have taken on the task of collecting information about ALL the Auths in America!! I believe a very large percentage of us come from an area near the city of Fulda, in the present state of Hesse in Central Germany. If you have an Auth th in your family tree, I would be happy to share any information I have, correct any information I have recorded in error or add any missing information you have collected! As April 2003, I have over 6000 individuals in my database but I know I am still missing details especially regarding invididuals born in this century or those born back in Germany. I also know that many Germans settled in other parts of the world, Mexico and Brazil come to mind, if you are a member of the Auth family and live anywhere else beside the US, I still welcome the chance to correspond. Hablo espanol y/e falo portugues! Aber nur kaum deutch.

Phillip F Auth
5306 Summer Circle
Austin, TX 78741
United States
(512) 542-6320

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