229. Capt. John I WEST Gov. VA(48) (49) was born on 14 Dec 1590 in Hampshire, England. He died in 1659 in West Point, York Co. VA.(50) Charlemagne.s Desc.V. II, p.265, says he m. Anne (Shirley?)
The West family is listed in Weis,"1-38: ANNE KNOLLYS, m Sir THOMAS WEST (18-38), Lord Delaware." He is father of John I West, Governor of Virginia 1635-37.
Brother Thomas, 1st Gov. VA, third Lord de la War(r), died, along with all members of his ship's crew, on his way to Jamestown, VA, bringing supplies to the surivors of the VA Colony. This Thomas West is regarded as the 'Father of Virginia'. Bro. Francis was second Gov. of VA, 1633-34.
"1. JOHN WEST (1590-1659), twelfth child of Sir Thomas West, second Lord De La Warr and his wife Lady Anne Knollys, daughter of Sir Francis Knollys, K.G., and his wife Catherine Cary, first cousin to Queen Elizabeth I of England, born in Hampshire, received the degree of Batcheler of Arts from Magdalen College, 1 Dec. 1613, came to Virginia in the BONY BESS, 1618. Three of his brothers also came to Virginia: Sir Thomas West (1577-1618), third Lord De La Warr, first Lord Govenor and Captain General of Virginia, 28 Feb. 1610; his timely arival at Jamestown, June 1510 saved the colony from abandonment by the disheartened settlers; *Francis West (1586-1634) member of the Virginia Company, came to Virginia with Captain Chrisopher Newport, 1608, elected to the Council and appointed Governor of Virginia, 14 Nov.1627, serving two years and continuing a member of the Council until his death; NATHANIEL WEST (30 November 1592 - by 16 Feb 1623) (Hotten 190) married in VA, Frances Greville (see Peirsey and Mathews) and had issue ; Nathaniel listed in the muster.
From the time of his arrival in the colony, JOHN I WEST was associated with the military and after the massacre of 1622 he commanded a company of men against the Indians. He was member of the House of Burgesses from 'The other Side of the Water,' 1629-30, member of the Council, 1631, Justice of York County, 1644 and after the colonists had 'thrust' out Governor Sir John Harvey, JOHN I WEST was a senior member of the Council, was selected to fill his place and served as Governor, May 1635-18 Jan. 1636/7 when Harvey was returned as Govenor.
When decision was reached, 1630, to plant a settlement on the York River, Colonel John I West was among the first to patent lands there. (he along with Capt. John Utie each were granted 600 acres at Chiskiacke, 8 Oct. 1630 (MCGC 479).-), and by 1632 was established on his plantation, which, sold to Edward Digges, 1650, was then known as the 'E.D. Plantation' and later as 'Belefield.' From York, John I West removed to his plantation at the fork of the York River on the site of the present town of WEST POINT, originally called DELEWARE. This track of 3000 acres may be identified in a patent issued to him 6 March 1653, which included 850 acres granted to him 8 July 1652 (CP 258,295). In addition, he was granted 1550 acres, 6 May 1651, 'About 6 mi. up York River up the [fork] on the south side of the River.' which he subsequently sold to Major William Lewis, who included the land in his patent for 2600 acres issued, 20 Jan 1656, (Ibid. 213, 336). On 27 May 1654 West patented 1000 acres in Gloucester Co., on the side of the Mattopony River.' (Ibed. 232).
Colonel JOHN I WEST died at his West Point Plantation, 1659, and March 1660 the House of Burgesses passed a resolution of good will in recognition of 'the many important favors and services rendered to the country of Virginia by the noble family of West, predecessors of Mr. John II West, their now only survivor'--It is ordered that the levies of the said Master West and his family be remitted, and that he be exempt from payment thereof during life.'
Colonel John I West married Ann---claimed as a headright 'twice' in the patent issued to him, 1651, Issue John II West, continued under John II--' West. NEW KENT COUNTY:
ARMS: Argent, a fease dancettee sable.
CREST: Out of a ducal coronet or, a griffin's head asure ears and beak gold.
MOTTO: Jour de ma vie." (Adv. of Purse and Person, pp 339-361)
Of Col. John II: "--He m. Ursula, dau. of Major Croshaw of York Co, --issue: John, Nathaniel, Thomas and dau. Ann, who m Henry Fox." (Virginia Heraldica. p. 51.

He was married to Lady Ann WISTON. Lady Ann WISTON was born in Hampshire, England. She died in Hampshire, England. Capt. John I WEST Gov. VA and Lady Ann WISTON had the following children:

child+244 i. Col.John, II WEST.