bullet Robert Symonds (1) was born WFT Est. 1582-1609. He died WFT Est. 1634-1695.

He was married to Elizabeth Boyse on 27 May 1629.

bullet Samuel Symonds(2) was born WFT Est. 1619-1648. He died WFT Est. 1673-1733.

He was married to Elizabeth Webster in 1668 in Ipswich, Essex Co., Massachusetts.

bullet William Symonds(2) was born in 1611 in England. He died on 17 Jun 1672 in Woburn, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts. (24382)

He was married to Judith Phippen WFT Est. 1628-1658. Children were: Mary Symonds .

bullet Frances Carter Symons(83) was born Private. Parents: Richard Henry Symons and Blanche Carter Goodall.

She was married to Robert Alvin Hilliard Sullivan Private. Children were: Susan Carter Sullivan, James Hilliard Sullivan .

bullet Richard Henry Symons(83) was born WFT Est. 1874-1903 in South Elmsel, England. He died WFT Est. 1928-1988. Entered USA in 1923-24

He was married to Blanche Carter Goodall Private. Children were: Frances Carter Symons .

bullet Margaret** Symson(109) was born about 1550 in England. She died WFT Est. 1596-1645 in England. Second wife of Richard.

She was married to Richard* Morse on 15 Feb 1585/86 in Dedham, Essex Co., England. Children were: Samuel* Morse, Sara Morse, Hanna Morse.

bullet Margery Symson(58) was born WFT Est. 1549-1573. She died WFT Est. 1591-1662.

She was married to Thomas Morse on 15 Feb 1585/86 in Dedham, Essex, England.

bullet Margery Symson(84) was born WFT Est. 1548-1589. She died WFT Est. 1688-1704.

She was married to Richard Morse on 15 Feb 1685/86. Children were: Joseph Morse.

bullet Margery Symsone(7) (9) was born WFT Est. 1540-1572.(8) (24383) She died WFT Est. 1596-1659. (8)(24384)

She was married to Richard Morse on 15 Feb 1585/86 in Dedham, Co. Essex, England.(8) (19233) Children were: Samuel Morse, Sara Morse, Hanna Morse.

bullet Lamden Synder(1) was born WFT Est. 1821-1847. He died WFT Est. 1872-1934.

He was married to Sarah J. McCory on 27 Feb 1867 in Clark County, INdiana.

bullet Elizabeth Synott(1) was born WFT Est. 1609-1633. She died WFT Est. 1657-1721. Parents: James Synott .

She was married to Jean Corliez in 1648 in Dublin, Ireland. Children were: Nicholas Corliez , Jane Corliez, William Corliez, George Corlies.

bullet James Synott(1) was born WFT Est. 1567-1607 in of Dublin, Ireland. He died WFT Est. 1609-1687.

He was married to WFT Est. 1593-1643. Children were: Elizabeth Synott .

bullet Connie Syplalski(1) was born Private. She Fact 1 (2) Private. Parents: Bob Spylalski and Linda Morehouse.

bullet Daughter Of Afranius Syragrius(109) was born WFT Est. 347-382. He died WFT Est. 400-468. Parents: Afranius Syagrius.

He was married to Ferreolus WFT Est. 376-450. Children were: Tonantius Ferreolus .

bullet Katie T.(110) was born WFT Est. 1818-1837. She died WFT Est. 1839-1922.

She was married to Eleazer Cole WFT Est. 1832-1874.

She was married to Billings Higgins WFT Est. 1839-1869.

bullet Tabitha(110) died on 1 Apr 1690 in North New Haven, CT. She was born WFT Est. 1599-1628 in England.

She was married to John Thomas WFT Est. 1617-1661. Children were: Sarah Thomas, Joseph Thomas.

bullet Constant Tabor(109) was born WFT Est. 1786-1815 in from Pawtucket, R.I.. He died WFT Est. 1840-1900.

He was married to Waity WFT Est. 1812-1855. Children were: Eleat Elong Tabor.

bullet Eleat Elong Tabor(109) was born on 19 Aug 1837 in Pawtucket, Mass.. She died after 1876 in perh. Pawtucket, Mass.. Parents: Constant Tabor and Waity.

She was married to Daniel Augustus Jillson on 21 Mar 1855 in prob. Pawtucket, Mass.. Children were: Oscar Henry Jillson, Jennie Waity Jillson, Freddie Augustus Jillson.

bullet John Tabor(426) was born WFT Est. 1792-1820. He died WFT Est. 1842-1907.

He was married to Susanna Youngblood on 14 Aug 1837 in Illinois.

bullet Louise Tabor(426) was born in Dec 1857 in Missouri. She died WFT Est. 1902-1952.

She was married to William R. Youngblood on 26 Jul 1874. Children were: James T. Youngblood, Julia Youngblood, Lona Youngblood, Lula Youngblood, Hail Youngblood, Mytle Youngblood, Jesse Youngblood, Clyde Youngblood.

bullet Mary Tabor(56) (57) was born Private. She Event 1 Private.

She Private-Begin Private.

bullet Mary Taft(109) was born on 31 May 1821 in Mendon, Mass.. She died after 1876 in prob. Blackstone, Mass..

She was married to Stephen C. Jillson on 28 Feb 1842 in Mendon, Mass.. Children were: George C. Jillson , Henry A. Jillson, Mary E. Jillson, Abby M. Jillson, Mahala Jillson, Eugene A. Jillson, Reuben Jillson, Almonto M. Jillson.

bullet Mary Taft(109) was born in 1789 in Richmond, N.H.. She died on 5 Jun 1865 in Douglas, Mass.. Parents: Peleg Taft and Susannah.

She was married to Uriah Jillson in Aug 1809. Children were: Teris Ann Merril Jillson, Allen Bennett Jillson , Lucy T. Jillson, Gilbert Lamb Jillson.

bullet Peleg Taft(109) was born WFT Est. 1740-1771 in from Richmond, N.H.. He died WFT Est. 1797-1855.

He was married to Susannah WFT Est. 1766-1810. Children were: Mary Taft, Susannah T. Taft.

bullet Susannah T. Taft(109) was born on 20 Jan 1794 in from Richmond N.H.. She died on 10 Apr 1867 in Cumberland, R.I. bur. Jillson Cem., Woonsocket, R.I.. Parents: Peleg Taft and Susannah.

She was married to Nathan Jillson on 12 Sep 1813. Children were: Marrietta P. Jillson, Eunice Jillson, Clarissa D. Jillson, Nathaniel T. Jillson, Francena A. Jillson, Ranselier A. Jillson, Rebecca R. Jillson.

bullet William Tailbois(4) was born about 1421 in of, Hurworth-on-Tees. He died on 26 May 1464 in Beheaded, Newcastle-Upon-T, Northumberland, England. Line 52 from GEDCOM File not recognizable or too long:
DEAT PLAC Beheaded, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, Northumberland, England

He was married to Elizabeth Bonville about 1451 in of, Hurworth-on-Tees, England. Children were: Robert Tailboys.

bullet Daughter Tailboys(4) was born about 1462. She died WFT Est. 1491-1556.

She was married to Hugh Tylney [Sir Knight] WFT Est. 1477-1507. Children were: Agnes Tylney [DuchessofNorfol.

bullet John (Talboys) Tailboys(4) was born WFT Est. 1395-1424 in Stallingborough, Lincs, Eng. He died WFT Est. 1449-1509.

He was married to Katharine Gibthorpe WFT Est. 1421-1464. Children were: Margaret Tailboys .

bullet Margaret Tailboys(4) was born in 1446. She died WFT Est. 1464-1540. Parents: John (Talboys) Tailboys and Katharine Gibthorpe.

She was married to John Ayscough WFT Est. 1460-1493. Children were: Willian Ayscough Sir.

bullet Maude Tailboys(4) was born about 1477. She died WFT Est. 1499-1571. Parents: Robert Tailboys and Elizabeth Heron.

She was married to Robert Tirwitt [Sir] WFT Est. 1495-1527.

She was married to Robert Tyrwhit Knt WFT Est. 1495-1527. Children were: Anne (Agnes) (Elizabeth) Tyrwit.

bullet Robert Tailboys(4) was born about 1451. He died on 30 Jan 1494/95. Parents: William Tailbois and Elizabeth Bonville.

He was married to Elizabeth Heron WFT Est. 1469-1489. Children were: Maude Tailboys.

bullet Adeliza Matilda Taillebois(4) was born about 1092 in of, Normandy, France. She was baptised on 1 Jun 1935. She Endowment on 2 Apr 1936 in Arizo. She died WFT Est. 1121-1186. Parents: Rolf Taillebois and Azeline.

She was married to Hugh De Beauchamp about 1112 in of, Bedfordshire, England. She Seal to Parents on 10 Oct 1950. Children were: Payne (Peganus) De Beauchamp.

bullet Rolf Taillebois(4) was born about 1019 in of, Normandy, France. He died WFT Est. 1092-1115.

He was married to Azeline WFT Est. 1036-1067. Children were: Adeliza Matilda Taillebois.

bullet Mathilde Taillefer(4) was born about 1158. She died in 1234.

She was married to Hugh IX De Lusignan about 1181. Children were: Hugh (Hugues) X Lusignan.

bullet Clare Ceullie Tairaires?(61) was born on 6 Jul 1918 in Chicago, Illinois. She died on 23 Feb 1975 in Lake Forest, Illinois.

She was married to Edward Divine Private. Children were: Edward "David" Divine, Richard Harvey Divine, John William Divine .

bullet Hannah Talbert was born in 1787 in Wilkes Co., GA. She died WFT Est. 1827-1882. Parents: Jesse Talbert.

She was married to Thomas Taylor in 1814. Children were: Mary Anna Taylor, Jane Taylor, Sarah Taylor, Linna Taylor.

bullet Jesse Talbert was born WFT Est. 1736-1765. He died WFT Est. 1790-1850.

He was married WFT Est. 1760-1807. Children were: Hannah Talbert.

bullet Clarence Talbot(110) was born Private.

He was married to Ruth Mary Blakesley Private.

bullet Katherine Talbot(71) was born about 1647 in of Westmeath Co, Ireland. She died in 1700 in Westmeath Co, Ireland.

She was married to Simon I Hadley about 1672 in Westmeath Co, Ireland. Children were: Jane Hadley, Simon II Hadley, John Hadley, Elizabeth Hadley.

bullet Lord Gilbert Talbot(109) was born WFT Est. 1363-1415. He died WFT Est. 1389-1494. Lord Talbot.

He was married to Beatrice WFT Est. 1389-1441.

bullet Mary Talbot(109) was born WFT Est. 1507-1527. She died WFT Est. 1528-1611.

She was married to Thomas Poole WFT Est. 1528-1561.

bullet Mary Ann Talbot(115) was born WFT Est. 1798-1822. She died WFT Est. 1843-1911. !After the death of her husband she remarried Allen Yount on 13 August
1840. It appears to have been his second marriage as well as he had a
child 17 years old as well as three children by Mary Ann in the 1850
SOURCE: (1) Earl T Lincoln, Unpublished Manuscript. Provided by John R
(2) Montgomery Co Marriages 1823-1849. By Godby, Walter examined at
the Anderson Public Library, Anderson, Indiana.
(3) 1850 Census, Ripley Twp., Montgomery Co., IN p. 559 compiled 14 Oct

She was married to Thomas Lincoln on 30 Jan 1837 in Cass County, Cass Co, IN. Children were: James A Lincoln.

bullet Matilda Talbot(156) (531) was born WFT Est. 1790-1826. (24385) She died WFT Est. 1811-1906. (24386)

She was married to David Youngblood WFT Est. 1811-1857.(24387)

She was married to David Youngblood WFT Est. 1811-1857.

bullet Matilda Talbot(531) was born WFT Est. 1811-1835. She died WFT Est. 1858-1922.

She was married to David Youngblood WFT Est. 1831-1865. Children were: Marshall Jacob Youngblood.

bullet Matilda Talbot(531) was born WFT Est. 1876-1907. She died WFT Est. 1897-1990.

She was married to David Youngblood WFT Est. 1897-1939.

bullet Maud Talbot(4) was born in 1482. She was baptised Completed. She Endowment Completed. She died WFT Est. 1514-1576.

She Seal to Parents Completed. She was married to Robert Tirwitt [Sir] WFT Est. 1498-1528. Children were: Katherine Tyrwhitt.

bullet Talbott (109) was born WFT Est. 1679-1707. He died WFT Est. 1732-1792.

He was married to Ruth Follett before 1727.

bullet Alfred Talbott(1) was born in Mar 1881 in Kentucky. He died on 12 Dec 1947 in Indianapolis, Indiana. Parents: Civil War Talbott and Mary Talbott???.

bullet Civil War Talbott(1) was born WFT Est. 1818-1855 in Kentucky. He died WFT Est. 1883-1939.

He was married to Mary Talbott??? WFT Est. 1844-1892. Children were: Peter Talbott, John Wesley Talbott, Alfred Talbott.

bullet Edith Talbott(1) was born on 22 Apr 1888. She died before 1900. Parents: John Wesley Talbott and Rosella E Twin Cochran.

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