bullet Jeffery Champlin (110) was born before 1630 in Bideford, Devon, England. He died WFT Est. 1649-1721.

He was married WFT Est. 1649-1681. Children were: Jeffrey Champlin.

bullet Jeffrey Champlin(110) was born in 1642 in Westerly, RI. He died WFT Est. 1704-1735. Parents: Jeffery Champlin.

He was married to Hannah Hazzard WFT Est. 1672-1701. Children were: Jeffery Champlin .

bullet Phebe Champlin(110) was born about 1752. She died WFT Est. 1789-1847. Parents: Elijah Champlin and Phebe Card.

She was married to Jonathan Card WFT Est. 1765-1795. Children were: Sarah Card.

bullet Mary Champney(109) was born WFT Est. 1629-1648. She died WFT Est. 1650-1732.

She was married to Theophilus Richardson WFT Est. 1650-1670.

bullet Mary Champney(58) was born WFT Est. 1622-1666. She died WFT Est. 1688-1755.

She was married to John Brooks on 25 Feb 1683/84.

bullet Mr. Chance(59) was born WFT Est. 1840-1859. (60) He died WFT Est. 1874-1946. (60)

He was married to Sarah Lovilia Findley Chance WFT Est. 1871-1874.(60)

bullet Sarah Chance was born WFT Est. 1797-1819. She died WFT Est. 1841-1908.

She was married to James Taylor on 8 Dec 1836.

bullet Sarah Lovilia Findley Chance(59) was born on 10 Jan 1857 in Monroe County, Iowa.(60) She died on 16 Jul 1883 in Milton, Oregon.(60) Parents: John Findley and Letty.

She was married to Mr. Chance WFT Est. 1871-1874.(60)

She was married to Levi Marion Jones on 10 Jan 1875 in Monroe County, Iowa.(60) Children were: Edward Marion Jones, Jennie Luella Jones, Annie Lovilla Jones.

bullet *Edmund Chandler(61) was born about 1588 in London, England. He died about Jun 1662 in Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts. Parents: *John Chandler.

He was married to *Jane Gitton about 1608 in England. From "The Doane, Emmons, Lindner, Roney, and Stout Families", by Robert Harold Lindner:

"Edmund Chandler, b. London, England, ca 1588; d. Duxbury, Mass., May-June 1662; bur. near Island Creek; m. ca. 1608 Jane Gitton.

Edmund Chandler married and moved his family to Barbados ca. 1625-26. He came to Plymouth ca. 1632-33, Duxbury (originally called 'Ducksborough'), Mass., 1636-37, and Scituate, Mass., 1650. However he died in Duxbury leaving a will dated 3 May 1662, which named his children except Lydia as she had died before this time." Children were: Benjamin Chandler, Samuel Chandler, *Lydia Chandler, Anna Chandler, Mary Chandler, Joseph Chandler, Sarah Chandler, Ruth Chandler.

bullet *John Chandler(61) was born WFT Est. 1537-1566. He died WFT Est. 1591-1651.

He was married WFT Est. 1561-1608. Children were: *Edmund Chandler.

bullet *Lydia Chandler(61) was born in 1616. She died in 1651 in Eastham, Massachusetts. Parents: *Edmund Chandler and *Jane Gitton.

She was married to *Richard Higgins on 11 Dec 1634 in Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts. From "Richard Higgins and His Descendants", by Mrs. Katharine Chapin Higgins, 1918:

"Richard Higgins was born in England. Nothing is known of his childhood and youth, nor of the causes which led him to migrate to New England. How he reached Plymouth is unknown. It has been said that he arrived there in the ship "Anne" in 1623 in company with Nicholas Snow and that he returned to England, sailing again for New England about 1632, and again reaching Plymouth. This is most improbably. Nicholas Snow did come in the "Anne" in 1623, and in the autumn of that year lands were assigned to the men who were her passengers. Snow's name is among them, but not that of Richard Higgins. Bradford says that some who came in this ship were so bad that he was obliged to send them back at the first opportunity. If Richard Higgins were of this class, he would not have been readmitted ten years later. It is to be noticed that some who came in the "Anne" were Richard Higgins's friends and associates later at Eastham, but this can be accounted for without assuming that they were fellow-passengers in the "Anne". The most probably view is that Richard Higgins was a passenger on one of the several ships which arrived at Salem, Mass., during the years 1629-32, most of whose passengers afterward settled at Plymouth. There is no evidence that Richard Higgins was ever at Leyden, Holland, at any time. He arrived at Plymouth in time to raise or to purchase some corn of the crop of 1633. He was then apparently a man of full age, possessing a trade, --that of a tailor, -- but no family. On Oct. 7, 1633, he bought of 'Thomas Little his now dwelling howse and misted, for and in consideration of twenty-one bushels of merchantable corne, whereof twelve bushels to be pd in hand, & the remainder at harvest next ensuing.' March 1, 1633 (six or seven months later), he was taxed 9 shillings, and on March 27, 1634, he was taxed 12 shillings in corn, or two bushels. In 1633 or 1634 he was admitted freeman, that is, qualified to serve as a deputy and to vote for officials of the Colony government. (It may be that he took only the oath of fidelity at this time. In March, 1636, he certainly was a freeman of the Colony.) He soon took more important action. April 1, 1634, Samuel Godberson, son of Godbert Godberson of New Plymouth, deceased, was duly apprenticed to Richard Higgins, aforesaid, tailor, for the term of seven years from April 1, 1634. Samuel was a ward of the Colony, and Bradford agreed to deliver to Higgins 'six bushels of corne and a cowe calfe this present year or the next'; Higgins was to deliver to said Samuel the calf and half her increase at the expiration of the term of seven years. Meanwhile Richard Higgins had acquired a better dwelling place. January 13, 1633-4, John Barnes sold to Richard Higgins and his heirs forever 'one dwelling house and twenty acres of land, being lately in the possession of Edward Hobman, with all the fence, boards, timber (squared and unsquared) (belonging to the same) in consideration of ten pownd starling to be paid in currant english money or beaver at the rate it shall passe at the day of payment which is the 20th of March in the year of our Lord 1634. And also that the said Richard shall possesse the said John and his heirs of 20 acres of land in Scituate in some convenient place.' Having now a good house and twenty aacres of land, and being a tailor with an apprentice, Richard Higgins bethought himself of a wife and his eye fell upon Lydia chandler, daughter of Edmund Chandler, of Duxbury and Scituate. She was favorable to his suit, and on December 11, 1634.*, they were married and went to housekeeping in the house bought of John Barnes....

*The date of marriage was Nov. 23, 1634, according to Eastham records.

'Last day of August 1639. That richard Higgins for and in consideration that John Smaley shall teach Samuel Godbertson the trade of a taylor, as far as in him lyeth, and principally to employ him therein, hath assigned and set over all the residue of his term, which is until April 1641; Richard to find Samuel apparel and John Smaley meate drinke and lodging for sd term.'

We can only conjecture the reason why Richard Higgins wished to be rid of his apprentice. The most probably reason is that his increasing duties as farmer and citizen made it necessary for him to discontinue his work as a tailor. Possibly it was the competition introduced by John Smalley, who was evidently also a tailor. There being insufficient business for two tailors in Plymouth, Higgins may have decided to retire from the field and leave it to Smalley. They were good friends and fellow planters at Eastham later, and it was doubtless a friendly arrangement.

'3 December 1639. Richard Higgins of Plymouth, taylor, was bound (gave bond) for xx li in the case of Samuel Chandler, accused of slanders against the govr and govt'. The bond was afterward released....

In 1642, 1643, and 1644 Richard Higgins was a juryman in several petty cases. In 1643 his name was among those of men from sixteen to sixty years old, capable of bearing arms, and there is no doubt that he engaged in the military training and exercises then in use, but there is no record of his serving in actual warfare as a soldier. During the twelve years of more of his residence in Plymouth, we see him acquiring land, and performing his civil duties, and there is reason to believe that his standing in the community was good, and indeed increasingly good, during the whole period. He soon took a step which showed his enterprise and increased still further his influence in the Colony. He left Plymouth with six other men, and setttled at Nauset, later the town of Eastham.

In August, 1645, he sold for twelve pounds his dwelling house, outhouse and buildings with garden and orchard situated near Brownes Rock, provided 'it shall be lawful for the said Richard to take away the boards that line the inward room and the bedstead and board overhead, and some fruit trees in the orchard so that he leaves the said John Churchwell 30 trees.'... This throws light upon the kind of dwelling Higgins possessed at Plymouth, and some of its furnishings. The house apparently contained but two rooms, an outer which was the kitchen and living room, and an inner which was both parlor and bedroom. Neither room was plastered, but the inner room was lined and ceiled with good boards, and had a bedstead in the corner, which was built into the structure of the house. There may have been a loft overhead, and there was certainly a large chimney at the kitchen end of the house. Such houses were common in the early settlements in New England. The roof was probably thatched, but may have been boarded or shingled. This house was at the extreme south-eastern end of the village, where Eleazer Churchill were living in 1701, and possibly one of them occupied the ancient dwelling then. Hobbs Hole and Barnes Point and Ouberry are near-by, as shown by the map in Davis' "Landmarks of Plymouth".

There is no recodr to show whether Lydia Chandler, the first wife of Richard Higgins, was living in 1645 or not, but probably she was living and accompanied him to Nauset. She was, however, deceased by 1650. It has been asserted that she was not a daughter of Edmund Chandler for the reason that she is not mentioned in the latter's will of 1662. This is not a potent argument, as she was not living at the making of the will, and therefore not likely to be mentioned by the testator. That she was a daughter of Roger Chandler, as alleged by another, has no confirmation in any record thus far discovered.

The records discovered at Leyden, Holland and published by Dexter ("The Endland and Holland of the Pilgrims", p. 609), mention Edmond Chandler, say-weaver, draper and then pipe-maker in Leyden from November 11, 1613, to April 17, 1626. He married before March 26, 1619, but no children's name are mentioned. The Leyden records also mention Roger Chandler, who married at Leyden, July 21, 1615, Isabella Chilton. He was from Colchester, co. Essex, and a say-weaver while at Leyden. At the census taken at Leyden, October 15, 1622, Roger Chandler and his wife Isabella, and two children, Samuel and Sarah, are mentioned, but there is no mention of Edmond or his family, although the record mentions his being at Leyden in April, 1626. If Lydia Chandler was daughter of Edmond, she must have been born several years before that child of his who was buried in St. Peter's Church at Leyden, March 26, 1619, to have been of marriageable age in 1634. Both Edmond and Roger Chandler migrated to America about 1629 or 1630, and settled at Duxbury, which is near Plymouth and under its jurisdiction at that time.

Richard Higgins located in that part of Eastham known as Pochet, the most fertile tract in the town, on the outer or ocean side of the peninsula, but separated from the open Atlantic by a quiet bay and the long barrier now called Nauset Beach. It must have been greatly exposed to wind and deluged with spray when easterly storms prevailed, and none too productive as tillable land. Daniel Cole, Lieut. Joseph Rogers and others were his nearest neighbors here. This part of the town is now called East Orleans, and is a mile or two east from the village of Orleans, the earliest and oldest village in the town of Eastham, a town which originally covered much more territory than now....

John Yates and his wife Mary (her maiden name unknown) were of Duxbury, where their son John was born August 15, 1650. They soon removed to Eastham, where John, the father, died in 1651, administration on his estate being granted to hiw widow Mary Yates on June 8, 1651. Richard Higgins and Mrs. Yates found themselves congenial, and in October, 1651, they were married. There were now three boys in the Higgins household, Jonathan and Benjamin, sons of Richard Higgins, and John Yates, a little more than a year old. To these in due course of time several more were added. Mrs. Mary Higgins was destined to survive her second husband, and to marry a third, whom she also survived, as will appear."

Many other land transactions follow, which were not copied.

"'April 27, 1659. A house lott which was John Smalley's lying next to Richard Higgins & Giles Hopkins, land in billingsgate' (now Wellfleet).

The 130th wood lot was Set to and is the one of Richard Higgins of Eastham ... and lies in sd Eastham on the northerly side of the 129th lot of Benjamin Higgins....

The mark of Richard Higgins (for his cattle) is a piece cut off the hind side of the left ear, to the top of the ear, and a slit cut in the side of the ear slanting downwards. Jan. 22, 1660....

Deeds show that Richard Higgins alienated [sold] most of his land in Eastham during the early part of the summer of 1669.... Eastham offered but a limited amount of land, and by 1669 a considerable number of men had entered the town, and their numerous sons were now competing for the tillable land. Richard Higgins's eldest sons, Jonathan and Benjamin, had arrived at manhood and were rearing families of their own. They were likely to need all the land Richard had acquired. Richard's younger children were numerous and must be provided for. Probably he and they yearned for a less rigorous climate and a more fertile soil than the outer side of Cape Code afforded. Why New Jersey was selected in preference to Connecticut can only be guessed. A number of men with their families removed from the Cape to New Jersey in 1669, headed by Edward Fitz Randolph of Barnstable, and it is probably that Richard Higgins knew of this project to emigrate, and joined the company. He settled at New Piscataway, where he acquired a homestead and the rights of a proprietor. These rights netted in 1677 to his widow and children a total of two hundred and fifty-four acres of wild land, an amount they never could have acquired at Eastham. Richard Higgins lived about six years at New Piscataway. Neither the exact date nor the circumstances of his death are known, but it occurred between November 20, 1674, and June 1, 1675, probably nearer to the latter than the former....

The planters of New Piscataway settled there for peace and quiet and relief from all kinds of contentions. They had endured their share of inconvenience in New England from the severities of court justice and the intolerance of the established church order. Piscataway was from the first a plantation of pious people establishing homes in this new and unsettled township where they might enjoy the liberty of the gospel and the free exercise of their own convictions. The original pioneers to take up land in Piscataway came in 1666 from the northeasterly settlements in New England and New Hampshire, and they are said to have given the name of the New Hampshire river to their new plantation. They bought a large tract of land on the Raritan River from the Indians, comprising Piscataway and parts of other towns. Here in 1669 they were joined by several men from Cape Cod, including Richard Higgins and Benajah Dunham from Eastham and Edward Fitz Randolph, Samuel Bacon and Nicholar Bonham from Barnstable....

About four miles east of the center of New Brunswick [New Jersey] and one mile or a little more north of the river, lies the present tiny hamlet of Piscataway. A small stream known as the Mill Branch falls into the Raritan a mile southeast of this place. It was probably here or in the immediate vicinity that Richard Higgins first settled. Others have placed his home lot about three miles to the northwest, near the present station called Stelton.... It is more than two centures since any of the Higgins name lived there, Thomas Higgins, son of Richard, being the last, his brothers all removing from Piscataway, Jediah to the southwest, near Kingston, and Eliakim and Zerah to the northeast, at Woodbridge or Elizabethtown." Children were: Jonathan Higgins, *Benjamin Higgins.

bullet Abigail Chandler(7) (9) was born WFT Est. 1672-1692.(8) (4297) She died WFT Est. 1707-1776. (8)(4298)

She was married to Eleazer Brown WFT Est. 1707-1740.(8) (3218)

bullet Abigail Chandler(2) was born on 31 May 1681 in Concord, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts.(4299) She died on 29 Mar 1766 in Concord, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts. Parents: Roger Chandler and Mary Symonds.

She was married to Eleazer Brown 1 FEB 1699/00. Children were: Eleazer Brown, Abigail Brown, Mary Brown , Benjamin Brown, Bridget Brown, Abisher Brown, Ezekiel Brown, Hepzibah Brown.

bullet Anna Chandler(61) was born about 1617. She died WFT Est. 1618-1711. Parents: *Edmund Chandler and *Jane Gitton.

bullet Benjamin Chandler(61) was born about 1609. He died in 1691 in Scituate, Massachusetts. Parents: *Edmund Chandler and *Jane Gitton.

He was married to Elizabeth Buck WFT Est. 1626-1659.

bullet Bertha Hastings Chandler(63) was born in 1877 in Waterbury, Ct.(64) She died in 1929 in Swanton, VT.(64)

She was married to Rigney Deforrest Marvin Beebe on 15 Apr 1897 in Waterbury, Ct.(64) Children were: Gaylord Warren Beebe, George Woodrow Beebe, Ella Deforrest Beebe , Robert Pershing Beebe, Idelle Mae Beebe, Hazel Chandler Beebe, Dorothy Blanche Beebe, Clayton Leroy Beebe .

bullet Bridget Chandler(52) was born in 1712. She died WFT Est. 1713-1806. Parents: Thomas Chandler and Mary Stevens.

bullet Catherine Chandler(84) was born WFT Est. 1723-1743. She died WFT Est. 1744-1827.

She was married to Levi Willard WFT Est. 1744-1777.

bullet Charles Martin Chandler(83) was born Private. Parents: John Allard Chandler and Joann Isabelle Hilliard.

bullet Charlotte Chandler(2) was born on 6 Mar 1802 in poss. Portland or Freeport, Maine.(4300) She died WFT Est. 1819-1896. Parents: Joel Chandler (Poss) and Pamela Lincoln (Poss).

She was married to John Charles on 17 Jun 1724 in Lovell, Oxford Co., Maine.(4301) Children were: Betsy Charles.

bullet Deborah Chandler(9) was born about 1785.(4302) She died WFT Est. 1817-1879. (4303)

She was married to Samuel Fessenden on 16 Dec 1813.(4304)

bullet Doris Chandler(2) was born Private. She was a Private.

She was married to Frank Stearns Private. Children were: Franklin Stearns, Catherine Stearns.

bullet Edmund Chandler(1) was born WFT Est. 1657-1691. He died WFT Est. 1715-1775.

He was married to Elizabeth Alden before 2 Jul 1711 in Duxbury Mass.. Children were: Lydia Chandler.

bullet Elizabeth Chandler(52) was born in 1717. She died WFT Est. 1718-1811. Parents: Thomas Chandler and Mary Stevens.

bullet Ellen Maria Chandler(109) was born on 22 May 1846 in West Berlin, Vt.. She died on 19 Jan 1922 in St. Albans, Vt., bur. St. Albans. Had lived in Bellows Falls prior to her marriage. Parents: Lyman W. Chandler and Elizabeth M. Rich.

She was married to Joel A* Jillson on 13 Aug 1881. Children were: Harry Lyman Jillson, Mabel Elizabeth Jillson, Mary Joella Jillson .

bullet Eva Chandler(2) was born on 16 May 1911. She died on 20 Jan 1988.

She was married to M. Reginald Pitman WFT Est. 1927-1953. Children were: Jay Pitman, Timothy Pitman.

bullet Gilbert Albert Chandler(83) was born Private.

He was married to Osma Blanch Foster Private. Children were: John Allard Chandler.

bullet Hannah Chandler(52) was born in 1714. She died WFT Est. 1715-1808. Parents: Thomas Chandler and Mary Stevens.

bullet Hannah Chandler(52) was born in 1629. She died WFT Est. 1630-1723. Parents: William Chandler and Annis Bayford.

bullet Hannah Chandler(52) was born in 1673. She died WFT Est. 1674-1767. Parents: William II Chandler and Mary Dane.

bullet Harold Chandler(2) was born Private. He was a Private.

He was married to Corrine Evelyn Fox Private. Children were: Myron Lewis Chandler , Louise Evelyn Chandler, Vernon Harold Chandler.

bullet Hepzibah Chandler(2) was born on 15 Apr 1701. (4305) She died WFT Est. 1702-1795. Parents: Roger Chandler and Mary Symonds.

bullet Hepzibeth Chandler(62) was born in 1726. She died on 19 Jan 1768.

She was married to Benjamin Ames on 4 Dec 1746 in Andover, Ma. Children were: Timothy Ames.

bullet Isaac Chandler(109) was born WFT Est. 1756-1776. He died WFT Est. 1790-1862.

He was married to Patience Vail WFT Est. 1787-1820.

bullet Jacob Chandler(109) was born WFT Est. 1750-1770. He died WFT Est. 1784-1856.

He was married to Elizabeth Vail WFT Est. 1781-1814.

bullet James Chandler(52) was born in 1706. He died WFT Est. 1707-1796. Parents: Thomas Chandler and Mary Stevens.

bullet Jennifer Brooke Chandler(83) was born Private. Parents: John Robert ("Jack") Chandler and Ileana Cori Kalfas.

bullet John Chandler(52) was born in 1723. He died WFT Est. 1724-1813. Parents: Thomas Chandler and Mary Stevens.

bullet John Chandler(52) was born WFT Est. 1617-1637. He died WFT Est. 1624-1721. Parents: William Chandler and Annis Bayford.

bullet John Chandler(52) was born in 1665. He died WFT Est. 1666-1755. Parents: William II Chandler and Mary Dane.

bullet John Chandler(84) was born WFT Est. 1715-1746. He died WFT Est. 1771-1831. He was from Petersham, Ma. Parents: John , Judge Chandler.

He was married to Lydia Ward on 11 May 1766.

bullet John , Judge Chandler(84) was born WFT Est. 1675-1720. He died WFT Est. 1715-1800.

He was married WFT Est. 1699-1757. Children were: John Chandler.

bullet John Allard Chandler(83) was born Private. Parents: Gilbert Albert Chandler and Osma Blanch Foster.

He was married to Joann Isabelle Hilliard Private. Children were: Charles Martin Chandler, John Robert ("Jack") Chandler , Michelle Lynn Chandler.

bullet John Robert ("Jack") Chandler(83) was born Private. Parents: John Allard Chandler and Joann Isabelle Hilliard.

He was married to Ileana Cori Kalfas Private. Children were: Jennifer Brooke Chandler.

bullet Joseph Chandler(61) was born about 1620. He died WFT Est. 1621-1710. Parents: *Edmund Chandler and *Jane Gitton.

bullet Joseph Chandler(52) was born in 1720. He died WFT Est. 1721-1810. Parents: Thomas Chandler and Mary Stevens.

bullet Joseph Chandler(52) was born in 1679. He died WFT Est. 1680-1769. Parents: William II Chandler and Mary Dane.

bullet Joseph Chandler(2) was born in Oct 1678. (4306) He died WFT Est. 1679-1768. Parents: Roger Chandler and Mary Symonds.

bullet Louise Evelyn Chandler(2) was born Private. She was a Private. Parents: Harold Chandler and Corrine Evelyn Fox.

bullet Lydia Chandler(1) was born WFT Est. 1598-1708. She died WFT Est. 1684-1793. Parents: Edmund Chandler and Elizabeth Alden.

She was married to Richard Higgins on 23 Nov 1634. Children were: Benjamin Higgins.

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