1. Jacob BUTLER(1) was born about 1725 in Nansemond County, VA. He died in 1780 in Isle of Wight County, VA.
The book "Wills and Administrations of Isle of Wight County Virginia 1647-1800 Book 1-3", abstracted and compiled by Blanche Adams Chapman 1938. Published by Family Line Publications, Rear 63 East Main Street, Westminister, Maryland 21157. (For free catalong of more titles 1-800-876-6103),

Will Book Nine - Page 34
BUTLER, JACOB: Legatees - son Jacob; daughter Isabel Boit; daughter Elizabeth Inman; son Peter; son James; son Stephen; son Jethro; daughter Zelpha Collins; son Ephraim; daughter Christian; grandson Jacob Butler; son Epaphroditus; son Eleazer. Exs., sons Epaphroditus, Eleazer Butler. Dated June 25, 1778. Recorded Feb. 3, 1780.
Wit: Nathan Carr, Jesse Johnson, John Duck.

The following information regarding Jacob Butler came from a member of the Chuckatuck, VA Historicial Society: " Jacob had 12 kids. Mostly Bible names since they were Quakers of Nansemond County, VA. Their names show up in the Chuckatuck monthly meeting reports. Past Jacob I'm not 100% sure of ancestors. I know for sure 3 brothers were granted land 1688 Nansemond County for trans. of people. They were James, John & Peter Butler. Now, when the book lists James it called him James the younger ... meaning he was a junior. So their dad was James Butler. Whether or not he came to America is unknown.

Now, Peter is mentioned again in 1693 land grant as living beside Jacob Butler. Since they were neighbors, my guess is Peter was Jacob's father.

Now, this Jacob could not have been the one married to Christian because of the dates.

From the names, I think it should be James Butler to Peter to Jacob, Sr. then Jacob, Jr. who married Christian. Since Nansemond County records have burned twice, it is doubtful this can ever be proven.

James the s/o James must be the one who moved to Dinwiddle County, VA. John his brother had a descendant named William who in 1767 sold his share of the land granted John Butler. That William moved to another state.

Quaker records had another William who died October 1748 in Nansemond County. He must have been the son of John who had a grandson William mentioned above.

My Butler relation is thru Stephen Married to Jane, too. Then to his son Willis & Elizabeth Johnson Butler, to Mills & Eleanor Roberts Butler to Enoch born 1830, Isle of Wight County who got my unwed great-grandmother pregnant but didn't marry her. Instead, he married Fannie Lewis. Enouch was a peanut farmer in Isle of Wight County. His neckname was "Red" so I expect he had red hair.

In Nansemond County in 1757 also was a Charles Butler married to Sarah Wright. Charles was s/o John and died 1785 Isle of Wight. He had to have been a grandkid of one of the originial 3 brothers." (End of Chuckatuck Historical Society information).

He was married to Christian [Butler]. Jacob BUTLER and Christian [Butler] had the following children:

child+2 i. Stephen BUTLER.