bulletRuth F. LONG was born on 6 Jun 1887. Parents: Samuel Batson LONG and Eliza A. KIRKPATRICK.

bullet Ruth T. LONG was born on 6 Jun 1888 in Leesburg, Kosciusko Co., Indiana. She died on 31 Jul 1907 in Moscow, Idaho. Parents: Samuel Batson LONG and Eliza A. KIRKPATRICK.

bullet Samuel Batson LONG was born on 30 Mar 1851. He died in 1923. Parents: Jackson Green LONG and Eliza Ann BATSON.

He was married to Eliza A. KIRKPATRICK on 25 Sep 1874 in Leesburg, Kosciusko Co., Indiana. Children were: Eunice LONG, Ruth F. LONG, Ruth T. LONG, Fansworth J. LONG, Helen Irene LONG.

bullet Samuel Orr LONG was born on 17 May 1849 in Indiana. He died on 4 Nov 1870. Parents: Reuben P. LONG and Mary WEATHERHOLTZ.

bullet Sarah LONG was born in 1838. Parents: Allen LONG and Cathern (Kitty) ARMSTRONG.

bullet Sarah LONG(518) (519) was born in 1845. She was born on 1 Jun 1845 in Missouri. She died on 9 Feb 1866. She was buried in Fewel-Blevins Cemetery, White Oak Township, Henry County, Missouri.

This is a Henry County Missouri MOGenWeb project. I am the county coordinator and not related to any of these families. Please visit the county website for more information and share yours online. Send to Linda M. Everhart, codmolly@@iland.net. Parents: Nicholas LONG 4 and Elizabeth ARMSTRONG.

bullet Sarah LONG Parents: James LONG and Germina PATERSON.

bullet Sarah LONG 2 was born on 3 Aug 1806 in Tennessee. She died in 1888 in Miller Co., Kansas. Parents: William Otto\Otho LONG and Ruth (Grimes) GRAHAM.

She was married to Josiah STEWART about 1826.

bullet Sarah LONG Moved to N. Carolina. Parents: Gabriel LONG III and Anne SLAUGHTER.

She was married to William BROWN.

bullet Sarah LONG Parents: Ware LONG III and Ann Nancy SMITH.

bulletSarah LONG. Parents: Reuben LONG II and Martha Nancy WITT.

bulletSarah LONG was born on 14 Dec 1817 in Jackson County, Ohio. She died on 7 Aug 1898 in Rush Co., Indiana. Parents: General Elisha LONG and Malinda HALE.

She was married to Solathial\Solathiel VICKERY on 24 Jul 1836 in Wayne Co., Ind.. Children were: Rhonda VICKERY, Martha J. VICKERY, Abesolom VICKERY, Rhoda M. VICKERY, Lydia K. VICKERY, Malinda M. VICKERY, Lydia E. VICKERY II, Mary C. VICKERY, Elisha VICKERY, Matilda A. VICKERY, Jehu VICKERY.

bullet Sarah LONG was born in 1810 in South Carolina. Parents: James H. LONG.

bullet Sarah LONG Parents: Benjamin LONG and Rebecca JENKINS.

bullet Sarah LONG(3) was born on 29 Sep 1811 in Henry, Virginia.(4) (5) She died on 18 Feb 1887. She died on 18 Feb 1887 in Henry, Iowa. (4)(5) Parents: Ellis LONG and Margaret CHERRY.

She was married to Henry MCBRIDE on 1 May 1834.(4) (5)

bullet Sarah LONG was born on 19 Dec 1870. She died on 8 Mar 1950 in Iberia, Miller, Missouri. Parents: George William LONG and Mary A. (Polly) PENNINGTON.

She was married to Thomas Babe SLOAN.

bullet Sarah 'Sally' LONG(23) (520) was born in 1789 in Virginia. She has Ancestral File number X935-N1. Parents: Nicholas LONG 2 and Margaret TURNER.

She was married to Daniel HARDY on 30 Sep 1806 in Green Co., Tennesee.

bullet Sarah (Eby) LONG was born on 17 Dec 1832. She died on 6 Oct 1833. Parents: Joel LONG and Catherine EBY.

bullet Sarah A. LONG was born in 1868. She died on 18 Dec 1960 in Benton County, Oregon. This may be her death date, further research needed. Parents: Gabriel LONG and Ellen J. FULLER.

She was married to Freeman C. BEVENS on 15 Oct 1890 in the house of Gabriel Long, Benton Co., Oregon.(521) Children were: Elsie BEVENS, Hazel BEVENS, Gabriel BEVENS.

bullet Sarah Elizabeth LONG was born on 8 Oct 1864. She died on 30 Jun 1953. Parents: Joel Warren LONG and Rebecca RIPPY.

bullet Sarah Frances LONG(18) (18) was born on 7 Dec 1871. She died in 1948. Parents: Myron LONG and Rachel Rebeka MCDONALD.

bullet Sarah J. LONG(18) was born about 1841. Parents: Madison LONG and MARY?.

bullet Sarah Jane LONG was born on 21 Aug 1847. She died in 1939 in Kosciusko Co., Indiana. Parents: Elisha LONG.

She was married to John SANDERSON on 7 Aug 1863. Children were: Minnie A. SANDERSON, Minnie R. SANDERSON, Jennie SANDERSON, Frank E. SANDERSON, Frank E. SANDERSON, John W. SANDERSON, John W. SANDERSON, Arthur SANDERSON, Abba J. SANDERSON, Karl E. SANDERSON.

bullet Sarah Jane LONG was born on 15 Apr 1828 in Kanawha, West Virginia. She has Ancestral File number L09K-CR. Parents: Ware LONG IV and Nancy KELLY.

bullet Seamore LONG was born about 1783 in Henry, Virginia. He died between 1800 and 1832 in South Carolina. Parents: Daniel LONG I and Martha STRONG/STROUD.

Children were: Ware LONG IIII, Micajah LONG, James Ware LONG, Perrit LONG, Elizabeth Isabell LONG.

bulletShannon LONG(18). Parents: James Floyd LONG and Bonnie WORRELL.

bulletSolomon R. LONG was born on 2 Jun 1840 in Indiana. Parents: Reuben P. LONG and Mary WEATHERHOLTZ.

bullet Sophrona M. LONG was born on 19 Sep 1870 in Damascus, Clackamas, Oregon. She died on 15 May 1943. Parents: Cyrus Jefferson LONG and UNKNOWN.

She was married to William GREER on 17 Jul 1887. Children were: Roy Jefferson GREER, Esther Jane GREER, Jessie May GREER, Harry GREER, Chester GREER, Orville GREER, Carrie Ann GREER, Ernest Earl GREER.

bullet Susan LONG was born in 1857 in Leon Co., Texas. Parents: Reuben LONG and Saluda GARRET.

bullet Susanna LONG was born on 19 Apr 1827. Parents: Joel LONG and Jane Sharp BOGGS.

bullet Susannah LONG Parents: Henry LONG and Lucy MANISPOLE.

bullet Susannah LONG(18) was born about 1815. Parents: Abner LONG and Sarah Salley STOVER.

bullet Syntha LONG was born on 13 Sep 1820 in Kanawha, West Virginia. She has Ancestral File number L09K-88. Parents: Ware LONG IV and Nancy KELLY.

bullet Tabatha LONG was born in 1862. Parents: George William LONG and Mary A. (Polly) PENNINGTON.

bulletTalbert Casper LONG was born on 6 Dec 1894 in Garfield Co. Washington. He died in Hawaii. Parents: Charles Albert LONG and Olive May PLUMMER.

bulletTeresa Alice LONG was born on 28 Jan 1884 in Warsaw, Indiana. She died on 22 Jan 1970. Parents: Elisha Van Buren LONG and Alice Rebecca WALTON.

She was married to Howard Reed SCHULZE in 1921.

bullet Teresa Marie LONG(18) was born on 18 Sep 1963 in Faibanks Alaska. Parents: Robert Joseph LONG and Elizabeth Ann JENKINS.

She was married to Michael SHULER on 12 Oct 1990 in Sedalia, Missouri.

She was married to James Robert WHEATLY in warrensburg, Missouri.

bullet Thomas D. LONG was born in 1867. Parents: George William LONG and Mary A. (Polly) PENNINGTON.

bullet Thomas H. LONG was born in 1843 in Georgia. Parents: Perrit LONG and Minerva Harriet BAILEY.

bullet Thomas H. Benton LONG was born on 29 Sep 1841. He died on 19 Aug 1851. Parents: Elisha LONG.

bullet Toby Albert LONG was born on 16 Oct 1861. Parents: Alexander McCoy LONG and Malissa SMITH.

bulletUlysses LONG(18) was born about 1869 in Miami Co, Kansas. He died about 1921 in Miami County, Kansas. He was buried in Rockville Cemetery. Parents: David LONG and Mahala DIXON/BAKER.

bulletUnknown LONG was born on 9 Sep 1843. Parents: Jackson Green LONG and Eliza Ann BATSON.

Children were: Ira V. LONG, Charity LONG, John Gates LONG.

bulletV. LONG was born on 6 Feb 1873 in Montgomery Co., Kansas. He died on 28 Dec 1944. Parents: Joel L. LONG and Sylvia H. LONGACRE.

He was married to Maud W. TROUP on 22 Oct 1902 in Warsaw, Indiana.

bullet Van William Elisha LONG was born on 19 Sep 1912. Parents: Alfred Hendricks LONG and Cleo LOTT.

bulletWair LONG was born in 1826 in Henry Co., Indiana. (522)(523) He served in the military about 1832 in Fulton Co., Illinois.(524)
LONG, WEIR PVT A BALL FULTON CO BOGART He filed for on 12 Feb 1852.(525) (526) (527) Emmigrated to Oregon in 1851.

Metsker township maps, dated Sept. 1967, show a Wair Long with an Oregon
Donation Land Claim near Oakville in Linn Co., Township 12S., Range 4
W.W.M., section 27 N.

Also an abstract from Oregon Donation Land Claims Vol. 1, No. 4961 has a
Wair Long listed in Linn Co.; b 1826, Ind; Arr. Ore. 27 Sept 1851; SC 12
Feb 1852; m Susan, Jan/June 1847, Mercer Co. Ill. Aff: Jacob Miller,
Joseph Hamilton, John Mccoy Parents: Gabriel LONG and Sarah "Sally" WHITTEN.

He was married to Susanah MILLER in 1847 in Mercer Co., Illinois.

He was married to Susan KINEY on 1 Jun 1847 in Mercer Co., Illinois.

bullet Ware LONG IV was born on 31 Mar 1788 in Botetourt Co., Virginia. He appeared on the census in 1810 in Kanawha Co., West Virginia. He served in the military in 1812 in War of 1812.(528) He died on 17 Nov 1843 in Green, Wisconsin. February 16, 1997:
Ware Long is listed in Kanawha Co., WV marriages for 1800-1813.

Ware Long is also mentioned in the Early Kanawha Marriage Registry 1 (1794-1826): Long, Ware, sp Kelly, Nancy, no date given.

In Fulton Co., Ill, Ware Long purchased land from the Federal Government, extract taken from Fulton County Archives:

Purchaser:LONG, WARERecord ID: 132909
Type of Sale:Federal sale(FD)
Section:12Section Part: E2NW
Township:20NRange: 12W
Meridian:2Purchaser Res:92
Arch. Vol No.:291Vol. Pg. No.:014
Cash warrant code: Record corrected: 0

Another purchase was made later in 1852:
Purchaser:LONG, WARERecord:285788
Type of Sale:Federal sale(FD)
Section:14Section Part: SWNW
Township:07NRange: 05E
Meridian:4Purchaser Res:
Arch. Vol No.:696Vol. Pg. No.:189
Cash warrant code: Record corrected: 0February 16, 1997

Parents: Ware LONG III and Ann Nancy SMITH.

He was married to Nancy KELLY on 20 Dec 1809 in Henry, Virginia. Children were: William LONG, Benjamin LONG, Mary LONG, Isabelle (Izzy) LONG, Gabriel LONG, Syntha LONG, Rhoda LONG, Sarah Jane LONG, John Jackson LONG.

bullet Ware LONG III was born about 1750 in Culpeper County, Virginia. He died between 1831 and 1835 in Vermilion Co., Illinois. Parents: Ware LONG II and Sarah JENNINGS.

He was married to Ann Nancy SMITH on 20 Nov 1775 in Orange Co., Virginia. Children were: Mary LONG, Abner LONG, Sarah LONG, James LONG, Martin LONG, Ruben LONG, Gabriel LONG, Ware LONG IV, Lucy LONG.

bullet Ware LONG II(403) (529)(404) was born in 1691. He died in 1803 in Culpeper County, Virginia. Database: American Revolutionary War Rejected Pensions:
Name State Location Reason
Elizabeth Long, widow of Ware Virginia -, Greene For further proof.

Database: War of 1812 Muster Rolls:
Long, Ware, 2nd Regt., (Evans) Virginia Militia, Private, Roll-Box 128, Roll-Exct., 602

" Im Kimberly long Browning, and I am still trying to tie Ware Long with this line. I still think he connected to Richard and John Long. Your John long , is he the John long who came to Essex Co. Caroline co, on a ship after being convicted in Monmouth Rebellion in 1685. He came over in 1686 on a ship the Happy Return, was a planter on a Va. plantation because he was indentured to a Col. Richard Williams.2 men on that ship with John long were the Hillier men( Thomas and Robert) , they were all nighbors in Caroline Co. in 1704. Also neighbors of John Long were Richard Long, Christopher Robinson., and Nicholas Ware. In our line for almost 300 years, the familie names match your Long line.Rueben, Christopher, Rabriel, Richard , John etc.Please let me know if this is your John Long.Do you also have Oatman or Stanley odells email address, I have some info for them also. Thanks kim long Browning"
From Kim Long Browning, <browning@cameron.net>, rec'd Apr 2000: The Richard and John Long that were in Essex and Caroline Co., VA in late 1600's and the 1700's were political prisoners sent to America as indentured slaves on the ship "Happy Return" coming out of England. The connection of this Richard and John Long with our Ware Long is unknown.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
From World Family Tree CD, Vol 2, Record #2491:
He was a stone mason imigrated from Germany as "Lang" changed to "Long" when he went to England then on to Wales.

He died at age 112.

Later research according to George H. S. King, Fellow, American Society of Genealogists, of Fredericksburg, Va, indicates there may be one or two missing generations between Ware & Ware II, or possibly before Ware; that the line of descent might be Ware, Richard, John, Ware II, or Richard, John, Ware, Ware II and the longevity of Ware as indicated by John T. Long, covered not just one lifetime but possibly two or even three generations; Ware b 1691, his son Richard and Richard's son, John died in 1803. John in this case would be father of Christopher etc, in the top group, making Christopher generation 4 instead of 2.

The following is from a summary written by a great great grandson of Abner Long. I'm not sure of the name but it is likely it was Lois Long, daughter of James Otto Long.

Abner Long

It is believed that my great great grandfather Abner was born in Ireland, And went to Virginia as a small boy. It is known that he served 8 years in the Revolutionary War and that he carried a wounded brother from a battlefield. Abner Long was a large man about 6'6' height and weighing 225 pounds. He was in some of the most important battles of the war and escaped without a wound.
My great grandfather, Gabriel Long, lived in what is now West Virginia near Charleston where my grandfather, Ransom Long was born Dec. 24, 1812. Great Grandfather, Gabriel, follows the migration from the Eastern states to Ohio. There his wife died. And sometime later he moved again, going to Indiana where he died leaving a family of seven children, four sons and three daughters. Ransom age 15, was the eldest, and the others were Elizabeth, Lewis, Gabriel, Ware, Frances and Margarines helped to take care of the younger children, but Grandfather Ransom lived with his grandfather Abner.
Little is known about my Great Grandmother except that she was Scotch. Grandfather told of his grandmother being so small that he could pick her up and carry her around. She was spoked of as being English but it is probable that she was Welsh.
At the age of twenty, Grandfather went to Illinois and served with a volunteer company in the Black Hawk War. In later years, one of Grandfather's favorite memories was that of seeing Abraham Lincoln who was a Captain in this Indian War.
On August 4, 1833 Grandfather and Rosetta Clark, Gibbs Clark and Elizabeth Long were married at a double wedding service at Canton, Illinois. A few years later grandfather Ransom and Grandmother (Rosetta) went to Iowa where their eldest child, Matilda died at age of five years. They returned to Illinois and settled in Mercer County in the Community of Sugar Grove where several of Grandmother's brothers lived. (Clark) Three years late they were joined by another brother of Grandfather's (Ransom Long) a Ware Long. There were three sisters, Mary, Elizabeth, and Frances. (A spinster who went to California in the Gold Rush Days.) Mary married Stephen Hand. They lived in Iowa later coming to Washington. Lewis married a Hesser. Ware, married a widow by the name of Kiney.
Gibbs and Elizabeth Clark's children, Orlando, Arson, Omar, Elsy, Mary Frances, Nancy Ellen, Sarah Anar, Cynthis Mariah, Avery, Adophus and Benoni, (at whose birth Aunt Betsy (Elizabeth) died). About 1858 in Iowa, Gibbs married again and later died in Kansas.

Children of Ransom and Rosetta Clark Long:

Born Died
Matilda Long Sept 23, 1835 1840 in Iowa

Cyus Jefferson Jan. 23, 1838 Unknown in Hartline

Cynthis Anar Clark Jan. 27, 1840 Oct. 1922 in Pomeroy, Wash.

John Clark April 10, 1842 1852 en route to Oregon at the North Bluff Creek near the Platte River.

Mary Amanda Feb. 1, 1845 Died at Ammonia Calif.
Married James Tuttle, no children.

Joel Milton Oct. 1847 Died at Yakima, Wash.

Frances Helen Feb. 11, 1850 Oct. 1851 in Sugar Grove Ill.

Charles Albert June 11, 1855 May 1925 at Tacoma, Wash

Melvina Effis Dec. 15, 1858 Jan. 16 1878 in Pataha Prairie, Wash

James Otto August 15, 1864 May 14, 1932 in Pomeroy, Wash.

Oscar William Twin to James Otto

Parents: John? LONG I. Parents: John LONG and Ann WARE.

He was married to Sarah JENNINGS about 1745 in Culpeper, Virginia. Children were: Christopher LONG, Reuben LONG, Ware LONG III, John Reed LONG, Daniel LONG I, Mary LONG, Nicholas LONG 2, Henry LONG, James LONG, Ann LONG.

bullet Ware LONG IIII was born in 1785 in South Carolina. He died between 1850 and 1860 in Dallas Co., Missouri. Parents: Daniel LONG I and Martha STRONG/STROUD. Parents: Seamore LONG.

He was married to Patsy MARTHA in 1809 in Laurens Co., South Carolina. Children were: James Ware LONG, Elizabeth LONG.

He was married to Nancy HIGGINS on 21 Jul 1828 in Maury Co., Tennesee. Children were: Martha LONG, Lucy LONG, Charles D./O. LONG, Lucinda LONG, Rebecca LONG, John C. LONG.

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