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The Codys: First Generation:
Not a great deal is known about the first Codys in my line to come to America. There is evidence that my gr-gr-grandfather was John D. Cody. He is listed on the passenger list of the Queen of the West, which sailed from Liverpool and landed in the Port of New York on December 11, 1846. It is likely that he fled to escape the dreadful conditions of the great Irish Famine of the 1840s and 1850s. The passenger list1 shows the following entry:

CODY, John, 25, Laborer
Mary (wife), 37, Wife
Margt. (daughter), 13, Laborer
Thos. (son), 10, Laborer
Chas. (son), 9, Child
Ellen (daughter), 7,
Fanny (daughter), 6, Child
Mary (daughter), 5, Child
John (son), 4, Child
Newcombe (son), .00, Infant

It is obvious from the older age of Mary, the wife and the ages of the children that this is a second marriage for Mary. It is possible that John married a deceased brother痴 widow, a common arrangement, but it is impossible to know. At any rate, the gap in the two youngest children痴 ages suggests that they were married in the year or so before immigrating. Newcombe, the newcomer, is most likely John痴 own son, and John and Mary痴 first child.

John Cody died in Syracuse, NY on October 9, 1906.

Codys: Second Generation:
It is not known what happened to the children who accompanied John and Mary on their voyage. John D. Cody had at least three children with Mary:

1. Newcombe Cody, b. 1846 in Ireland.

2. Edward Cody, my gr-grandfather, was born in 1850 in Pennsylvania, according to his death certificate. He married Mary O達rien (see below for her family) before 1876, the year my grandfather Joseph Francis Cody was born. Edward died on June 13, 1905 in St. Joseph痴 Hospital, Syracuse, NY.

3. John J. Cody was born in Geneva, NY around April, 1852. (An interesting note: The John who immigrated with John Sr. might have died, or perhaps John Sr. just wanted to name one of his blood sons after himself.) He died at the age of 35 at 73 Orchard St, 9th Ward (now Emerson), Syracuse, NY about October 3, 1887. His death certificate shows that he lived in Syracuse for 25 years. It is certainly possible that he married and had children before his death, but there is no marriage record for him in Syracuse.

The O達riens: First Generation:
Patrick O達rien, according to his headstone, was born in May 1799 in Carrick-on-Sur, County Tipperary, Ireland. He died January 13, 1875 in Syracuse, NY. His mother痴 maiden name was Alice Dunphee, according to his gr-granddaughert, Florence Fenske. His wife, Mary Strang or Strachan was born in 1805, probably also in Carrick-on-Sur.

According to their daughter, Mary O達rien痴 death certificate, she had lived in the US for 50 years, meaning she must have immigrated around 1875, only about a year before her marriage. The entire O達rien family might well have come to the US together at that time.

O達riens: Second Generation:
Patrick O達rien and Mary Strachan had at least six children, all born in Ireland, perhaps Carrick-on-Sur:

1. Daniel O達rien, b.1830
2. Margaret O達rien, b.1840
3. Patrick O達rien (Jr.), b.1840
4. Catherine O達rien
5. John O達rien, b.1846
6. Mary O達rien, b. about 1853, d.September 9, 1925 in Syracuse, NY

Mary O達rien

O達riens: Third, Fourth, & Fifth Generations:
Daniel O達rien (1) married Mary O奪onnel and had three children:
1. James H. O達rien, b.1866
2. Alice O達rien, b.1868
3. Bridget E. O達rien, b.1870

Margaret O達rien (2) married Michael Feeny (b.1824 in Ireland, d. 1878/79 in Onondaga County, NY) in January, 1870 and had three children, all born in Onondaga County, NY:
1. Francis Feeny, b.1873
2. Alice Feeny, b.1875, d. September 24, 1964 in Syracuse, NY, married a man named Fenske and had four children:
1. Florence
2. Margaret, who married a man named Hull, and had one daughter, Ann Hull
3. William
4. Fred
3. Margaret Feeny, b.1878

Mary O達rien (6) married Edwar

Beth Cody
400 25th Street SE
Cedar Rapids, IA 52403
A-United States

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