12. Anastas Lazaroff was born on AUG 28 1884 in Armensko, (Macedonia) Greece. He died in SEP 1960 in Jackson, Michigan. He was also known as Anastas Nowakoff, Anastas Novak, Pete Louie. Get Story of Arrival in U.S. He was married to Eva Phillips in 1921 in Armensko, (Macedonia) Greece.

13. Eva Phillips was born in 1888 in Armensko, (Macedonia) Greece. She emigrated in 1921 from Jackson, Michigan. She died in JUL 1947 in Jackson, Michigan. She was also known as ANASTASITCHA. She was NAOLENE , MACEDONIA. Children were:

child6 i. James (Dimitar A.) Lazaroff.
child ii. Don A. Lazaroff (Private).
child iii. Andrew A. Lazaroff was born on APR 12 1923 in Jackson, Michigan. He died on APR 29 1986 in Jackson, Michigan.

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