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Family Origins

The Miles Dorhout Family Home Page

I have some information on the Dorhout family dating back before the 1700's which is my fathers family. My Grandmother on this side of the Family came from theDanish-Dutch-German corner of Denmark and I have no background on her other than the name Martina Jentsen born aprox 1871. I have been in contact with a relative in Holland who has provided some information on the Dorhout side.
My mothers family was Kynes and lived in Westfield,New Jersey but had come from Brooklyn N.Y.I think. My grandmother thru her family of Clayton was a DAR member and I have this family going back to King Henry 8th. I am in need of information on the Kynes family.

Raymond Miles Dorhout
1087 S. Dye Road
Flint, Michigan 48532
A-United States
Fax: 1-810-659-6789

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