1. David COMEE (COMY) (1) was born in 1635 in Scotland. He died on 21 Apr 1676 in Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts.
During the Civil War in England, Cromwell had defeated the Royalists in England and beheaded the King in 1649. He proceeded to invade the last kingdom remaining loyal to the Stuarts. He marched his army to Dunbar on the east coast of Scotland south of the Firth of Forth. General David Leslie took his Scottish army of Convenanters and had seized all passes to Dunbar leaving as the only access the sea. Although Leslie's army outnumbered Cromwell's, they were undisciplined clansmen of the Highland chieftains. General Leslie wanted to take advantage of a favorable situation, proposed to attack on Sunday the 1st of September 1650. Since this was on the Sabbath he was denied this opportunity by the Dominies. On the next Tuesday, Leslie descended his army toward the Plain of Dunbar. Cromwell observed this movement and gave the command for attack. This battle was a disaster for the Scots, ten thousand were taken prisoner while three thousand fell to their deaths. Half the prisoners were released because of their wounds, the remaining five thousand were marched to Newcastle-on-Tyne. These prisoners were kept in the Cathedral at Durham that was converted into a prison. September 19th 1650 these prisoners were ordered for transportation to the new colonies. One hundred and fifty were sent in the charge of Joshua Foote and John Beck and placed aboard the John and Sarah. The master of the John and Sarah was Captain John Green of Charlestown. When the ship arrived at Charlestown the prisoners were broken down into two groups, one group was sent to the Iron Works factory in Lynn, the others were sold as slaves. Among those listed as prisoners aboard the John and Sarah was one David Makhome. The names of these prisoners appear in the Suffolk Deeds. This list in not considered a true record of their correct names. The scriber in his attempt to spell out the names of Gaelic origin, spelt the names phonetically and not necessarily correct. Therefore, Carmicheal was spelt Carmackhell; MacIntosh spelt Mackontoss; it is therefore safe to assume that Macomie was spelt Mackhome.

David Comee's participation and demise during the King Philip's War.

On the 20th of April 1676 Captain Wadsworth's company had marched through Sudbury, they saw no signs of the upcoming Indian attack. Indians were lying low about the town. After learning that the enemy had gone toward Sudbury Captain Wasworth turned around and went back.

Captain Cowell's army was marching on the north road from Quabaug Toward Boston. Intermittent firing and the appearance of small groups of Indians warned him of impending danger. he refused to commit his army to battle and ordered them to hold fire and keep a distance between them and the Indians. He had been able to reach Sudbury with the loss of only four men.

The attack of Sudbury had been announced at several cities, this included Concord. When Concord received the news twelve volunteers, David Comee being one of them, were the first to arrive. Of these Concord men, all but one was slain and only five bodies were recovered. Only seven names were documented for history. Of these seven names, one appears and Daniel Comy. Could this Daniel Comy in fact be David Comee?

Following the attack at Sudbury, his second wife, Mrs Ester/Hester Comee filed a petition with the court. In this petition David's surname appears as Comy and Comey. Ester did not write, and assumably could not spell. This can account for the different spellings of the name. In this petition Ester had asked the court to appoint guardians for the four surviving children born from David's first marriage. She would maintain custody of the two born to her and David. John the eldest son was put into an apprenticeship until he became 21 years old. Elizabeth was put to service until her eighteenth year. Mary was put to service earlier by her father, and was to remain in that service until her eighteenth year. Sara the youngest of the four, was put to service by her mother in law (by mother in law, it is assumed that they meant step mother) and the court found no reason to change this. Sara also was to remain in service until her eighteenth year. Thomas and Ester were to remain with their natural mother Ester.

He was married to Elizabeth before 1655. Elizabeth (1) was born in 1639 in Woburn, Middlesex, Massachusetts. She died on 4 Mar 1671 in Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts. David COMEE (COMY) and Elizabeth had the following children:

child+2 i. Elizabeth COMEY.
child+3 ii. Mary COMY (COMEY).
child+4 iii. John COMEE.
child5 iv. Sara COMEE(1) was born on 18 Sep 1668.
child6 v. David COMEE (COMY)(1) was born on 14 Nov 1666. He died before 1676.

He was married to Ester (Hester) HARVEY on 6 Sep 1671. David COMEE (COMY) and Ester (Hester) HARVEY had the following children:

child7 i. Ester COMEE(1) was born on 14 Feb 1676.
child8 ii. Thomas COMEE(1).