16. ANDREW EWING (13)(2) (3) was born on MAY 4 1809 in Greenbrier, County,Virginia.(13) (14)(10) He died in JUL 1885 in WAYNE COUNTY, IOWA.(14) (10)(13) He died from being struck and killed by lighting on family farm in JUL 1885. (4) He was baptised into the LDS church on APR 12 1958. (2) He was endowed on JAN 30 1959.(2) He was sealed to parents on JAN 4 1960 in the Salt Lake LDS temple. (2) He has Ancestral File number 3539-3H. (2)


By his daughter--Theresa A Gilbert

copied by P. M. July 1st-2nd, 1905

Graciously shared with us by Louise McWhirt.

Andrew Ewing, youngest child of William and Mary Ewing was born in Greenbrier Co., Va, May 04, 1809, and when he was about one year old his parents moved to Gallia Co., Ohio. His mother and sister Elizabeth rode on horseback and carried baby Andrew by turns on their laps and at the same time assisted the older boys in driving the cattle behind the wagon. Although it was a tiresome journey they reached their destination at last and settled in the timber where Andrew spent his childhood and youth working on the farm and attending school part of the time. He was fond of a gun and wanted one of his own, but had to wait until he was old enough to work and earn money to pay for one. He killed at least one deer before that time. He saw the deer and went into the house to get a gun, and as there was no one in, either to get the gun, or to forbid his doing so, he brought in a sugar ?b?rough (barrel), turned it upside down on the table, climbed upon it, got the gun and killed the deer. He felt more pride in the killing of that deer than in any afterward, although he killed many.

When he became of age he began to plan for a home of his own. He bought eighty acres of land, built a house and took his mother to keep house for him. At about thirty years of age he married Taphena Holcomb. Fourteen children were born to them; seven dying in infancy and only four surviving their parents.

In March, 1853, Andrew started for Iowa, travelling with some of his neighbors who were moving West. He arrived at the home of his nephew, Wm. Dodrill, in Wayne Co., Iowa, in time to rent some land and plant his corn and vegetables which he hoped to be able to use the following winter. He bought a horse while there and rode back to Ohio on horseback late in the summer and as soon as possible he settled his business there and started with his family consisting of his mother (Mary McNeil Ewing) wife and six children for Iowa on Sept. 26 of the year and hoped to get through before winter set in.

When near Chillicothe, Ross Co., Ohio, he was taken very sick, being delirious. His wife had to stop and ask the assistance of people living there to find a house in which to stay, and get a Doctor. They stayed about 10 days and then started on although he was far from well. He kept on until he reached Tippecanoe Co., Ind. where Moses McNeal lived. As it was getting cold for his mother and the little ones he stopped for the winter. He started on the road again on April 6th but had not gone far when three of the children were attacked with measles and he had to stop one week with them, but as all things earthly have an end that journey ended May 6, 1854.

After living there three years he sold his farm and moved to Mercer Co, MO., where his mother died the next year. He stayed in Missouri nearly eight years and then went back to Wayne Co., Iowa. That was his last move. He made one trip to Dakota?Ty?(Wyo?) after that to visit his daughter.

He was a man of medium size, a little inclined to be round shouldered in his prime and was very much bent when old. He had a very fair complexion and blue eyes.

He was very fond of reading but did not like fiction or light trifling things, and while not given to joking and foolish talking, always enjoyed a chat with a friend or neighbor.

He never sang or whistled. His mother said she never heard him try to sing but he often talked to himself when alone. He was kind and generous and never turned a stranger from his door without a meal or a night's lodging for which he never charged.

He had the good will of his neighbors and the confidence of his children. They believed every word he said because he never deceived them. He made no profession of religion. In politics he was a Democrat. He was strictly honest, seldom went into debt and was prompt to meet engagement.

Although a farmer all his life he was handy with tools, making the shoes of the family for many years, besides tinkering and keeping things in order generally.

He died in the year 1885 and his wife in 1886.

He was married to TAPHENIA HOLCOMB on FEB 16 1849 in Gallia County, Ohio. (14)(13) (10)

17. TAPHENIA HOLCOMB(2) (3) was born on JUN 9 1817 in , Gallia Co., Ohio. She died in 1889 in WAYNE COUNTY, IOWA. She has Ancestral File number V02L-N1. Children were:

child i. MARY E EWING(2) (3) was born on DEC 10 1840 in WILKESVILLE, VINTON, OHIO. She was born on DEC 10 1840 in Wilkesville, Vinton Co., Ohio. She died on AUG 3 1867 in , , Illinois. She has Ancestral File number V02M-0P.
child ii. REBECCA EWING(2) (3) was born on FEB 5 1842 in WILKESVILLE, VINTON, OHIO. She was born on FEB 5 1842 in Wilkesville, Vinton Co., Ohio. She died on DEC 25 1874 in , Wayne Co., Iowa. She has Ancestral File number V02M-37.
child iii. THERESA A EWING(2) (3) Photo was born on SEP 28 1843 in WILKESVILLE, VINTON, OHIO. She was born on SEP 28 1843 in Wilkesville, Vinton Co., Ohio. She died on MAR 2 1911 in Baraboo, Sank Co., Wisconsin. She has Ancestral File number V02M-H9.
child iv. SARAH LOUISA EWING(2) (3) Photo was born on JAN 2 1845 in WILKESVILLE, VINTON, OHIO. She was born on JAN 2 1845 in Wilkesville, Vinton Co., Ohio. She died on JUN 25 1911 in Middle Fork, , Idaho. She has Ancestral File number V02N-BK.
child v. M M EWING(2) (3) was born in 1853 in WILKESVILLE, VINTON, OHIO. She has Ancestral File number V02L-V2.
child vii. GABRIEL EWING(2) (3)(2) (3) was born in 1857 in WAYNE COUNTY, IOWA. He has Ancestral File number V02L-XD.
child viii. RUBEN HOLCOMB EWING(2) (3) was born in 1851 in , Vinton Co., Ohio. He died in 1896/97 in Creston, Union, IA. He has Ancestral File number 1X2J-X6.