146. Johnson Phares Sr. was born on 27 Jun 1760 in , Augusta, VA. He owned Pendleton Co., (W)VA on 2 Jan 1790 in Adjoining properties.(33) He served in the military in 1793 in Pendleton Co., VA. Johnson Phares - Lt. or Captain of Pendleton Co., VA Militia, 2nd Battalion, 46th Regiment under Major Roger Dyer. He died in 1833 in Circleville, Pendleton, WV. He owned State Land Warrant #8362 on 2 Apr 1872 in Pendleton Co., VA. 500 acres surveyed.

1787 - Constable, Pendleton Co., (W)VA

1790 - John, Johnson & Robert - Tithables of Pendleton Co. (W)VA. He was buried in Circleville, Pendleton, WV. Ben Phares Farm Cemetery #24 - Mouth of Teter Gap, Pendleton Co., WV. Note - there are over 20 unmarked graves. Johnson is buried in the Ben Phares Farm Cemetery. He was a lieutenant in the
second battalion, 46th regiment under Isaac Hinkle and was captain of the
Pendleton Co. Militia in 1793. He also served as a constable in Pendleton Co. He was married to Sarah Negley in 1779 in , Rockingham, VA.

147. Sarah Negley was born on 14 Jan 1764 in Cantonberne, , Switzerland. She signed a will on 16 May 1840 in Pendleton Co., VA.(34) Will dated & witnessed by: Samuel Allenbaugh, Reuben Teter & Isaac Terer. She died about 1841 in Rockingham Co., VA. She had an estate probated on 7 Oct 1841 in Pendleton Co., VA. Will presented & proved in Pendleton Co., VA Court. Joel Teter & William McCoy appointed as Executors. She was buried in Circleville, Pendleton, WV. She was Different spellings of last name. Negley, Neigley, Neigeley, Negeley, Nagley Sarah is buried in the Ben Phares Farm cemetery. Her will was probated 16
May 1840. She was a sister to George Negley who married Sarah Phares,
sister to Johnson. She may have been born in North Carolina.

!Source: Negley family Bible; Gil Sites Children were:

child i. Elijah Phares was born in 1779. He died on 11 Jan 1872 in , Sangamon, IL. He was buried in Buffalo Hart Twp, Sangamon, IL. Elijah and Elizabeth went first to Indiana and then to Sangamon Co., IL.

child ii. Johnson Phares Jr. was born about 1782 in , , VA. Johnson went to Ohio.

!Source: LDS microfilm #1697544 item #2-6
child73 iii. Elizabeth Phares.
child iv. Solomon Phares was born on 28 Jan 1785 in , Pendleton, VA. Calculated from Age at death. He died on 24 Nov 1860 in Circleville, Pendleton, WV. (35) Death: Pendleton Co., (W)Va reported by son Sylvanas Phares, Cause of Death "Gravel" - Age 82 yr 9 mo 27 dy He was buried in , Rockingham, VA. Decendents are known to have lived in Missouri, Oklahoma & Kansas.
child v. Sarah Phares was born in 1786 in , Pendleton, VA. She died before 1817 in , Pendleton, VA.
child vi. Christina H. Phares was born on 10 May 1787 in , Pendleton, VA. She died on 15 Nov 1852 in Upton, Van Buren, IA. She was buried in Upton, Van Buren, IA. Upton Cemetery in Upton, Iowa - town no longer there. Christina is buried in the North Upton Cemetery.

!Submitted by: Debi Faris
child32 vii. Ambrose Phares.
child viii. Uriah Phares was born on 2 Mar 1791 in , Pendleton, VA. He was living in 1833 in Green Co., OH. He died in Aug 1843 in , Greene, OH. Uriah and Barbara first went to Greene Co., Ohio about 1833. After Uriah died
the family went to Tipton Co., Indiana about 1848 and to Kosciusco Co, Indiana
in 1853.
child ix. Robert Phares Sr. was born on 25 Dec 1795 in , Pendleton, VA. He died on 5 May 1874 in Circleville, Pendleton, WV. He was buried in Circleville, Pendleton, WV. Robert is buried in the Ben Phares farm cemetery at the mouth of Teter Gap.
child39 x. Rebecca Phares.
child xi. Mary Phares was born on 25 May 1799 in , Pendleton, VA. She died on 21 Apr 1863 in , Tipton, IN. !Source: R. P. Minnis Bible.
child xii. Isaac Phares was born on 28 Mar 1800 in North Fork, Pendleton, VA. He died on 15 May 1875 in North Fork, Pendleton, WV. He was buried in North Fork, Pendleton, WV. He was a Farmer in Pendleton Co., (W) VA.(19) He was undoubtedly a subsistence farmer in one of the poorest, most isolated areas of a poor, mountainous state. Circleville is only a few miles from Spruce Knob (elevation 4861 ft.) the highest point in West Virginia, and the land, while undoubtedly wooded and beautiful, was largely vertical and unproductive. Certainly good land must have been in short supply as large families multiplied, forcing many to leave the area andmove elsewhere. Isaac himself, however, remained in the area for his entire life.
child xiii. Abigail Phares was born about 1806 in , Pendleton, VA. !Submitted by: Helen K. Fest

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