bullet Francois Gosselin(1). Parents: Louis Gosselin and Marie-Madeleine Beaudoin.

bulletFrancois-Amable Gosselin(1) was born on 21 May 1664 in Québec, QC. He died on 8 Oct 1704 in Hôtel-Dieu de Québec, QC. Parents: Gabriel Gosselin and Francoise LeLievre.

He was married to Francoise Labrecque on 10 Jul 1690 in St Pierre, Ile d'Orleans. Children were: Antoine Gosselin, Marguerite Gosselin, Ignace Gosselin, Pierre Joseph Gosselin, Genvieve Gosselin, Marie-Madeleine Gosselin, Francois Gosselin.

bullet Francois-Antoine Gosselin(1) was born on 17 Jan 1729/30 in St. Vallier, Bellechasse, Quebec, Canada. Parents: Ignace Gosselin and Marie-Madeleine Isabelle .

bullet Francois-Xavier Gosselin(1) was born on 20 Aug 1748. Parents: Antoine Gosselin and Marie-Anne Leclerc.

He was married to Madeleine Couture on 18 May 1767 in St.Charles, Bellechasse, PQ.

bullet Francoise Gosselin(1) was born on 5 Aug 1670 in Quebec. She died on 1 Aug 1674 in Quebec. Parents: Gabriel Gosselin and Francoise LeLievre.

bullet Gabriel Gosselin(1) Parents: Hyacinthe Gosselin and Marie Halle.

bulletGabriel Gosselin(1) was born on 21 Sep 1727. Parents: Gabriel Joseph Gosselin and Genevieve Crepeau.

He was married to Angelique Coursol in 1759.

bullet Gabriel Gosselin(1) was born in 1621 in Combray, Normandy, France. He died on 6 Jul 1697 in Quebec.Quebec. 1666 Census of Isle of Orleans
gabriel gausselin ...........................40 habittant
francoise leliepvre .........................30 sa femme
Ignace gausselin ............................10 fils
guillaume gausselin ..........................9 fils
Michel gausselin .............................7 fils
francois gausselin ...........................5 fils
gabriel gausselin ............................3 fils
francoise gausselin ..........................2 fils
francois Noel ...............................22 domestique Engaigé
Jean pacault ................................23 domestique Engaigé
Et Louis Sivadier ...........................22 domestique Engaigé

2. JEAN2 GOSSELIN (NICOLAS1) was born 1616, and died October 20, 1690. He married MARIE MOREL.

4. i. GUILLAUME3 GOSSELIN, b. 1662.

3. GABRIEL (1)2 GOSSELIN** (NICOLAS1 GOSSELIN) was born 1621 in Combray, Bayeux, Normandie, France, and died July 06, 1697 in Quebec, Canada. He married (1) FRANCOISE LELIEVRE* August 18, 1653 in Notre Dame de Quebec, daughter of CHRISTOPHE LELIEVRE and GEORGETTE CLEMENT. She was born 1636 in Nancy, Lorraine, Moselle, France, and died Bef. September 28, 1677 in Ile d'Orleans, Quebec. He married (2) LOUISE GUILLOT September 28, 1677, daughter of MATHURIN GUILLOT and MARIE D'ABANCOUR. She was born 1659, and died WFT Est. 1702-1754.

Notes for GABRIEL (1) GOSSELIN**:
[The following is excepted from ISBN: 0-914163-09-4, Volume IX of "Our French-Canadian Ancestors" by Thomas J. Laforest] -

Combray is a commune in the department of Calvados, in the arrondissement of Falaise, five kilometers south-east of Thury-Hartcourt in Basse-Normandie. It is the homeland of our Canadian ancestor, Gabriel Gosselin. This son of Nicolas Gosselin and Marie Dubreal was born at Combray in 1621. The house of his birth still existed at the time of this writing [1984] as well as the old church of Saint-Martin, no longer in use, where Gabriel was baptised. Today the population of the hamlet is no more tha 200 people; it does not have a Gosselin, nor any descendants of his brother Jean, who was born in 1616, and died in 1690.

About 1652, when he was more than 30 years old, Gabriel Gosselin crossed the Atlantic. Did he have relatives in Canada to welcome him? If he did, there is no proof of it. Philippe Gosselin, the husband of Vincente Despres, buried at Quebec on January 31st, 1649, was not a relative. Nor does any tie link Gabriel to Nicolas Gosselin, an inhabitant of Trois-Rivieres in 1654. It was Nicolas who as convicted of having sold eau-de-vie to the Amerindiens and sentenced to pay a fine of 50 livres or give 50 francs worth of labor on the fortifications of the town, "les fers aux pieds" as it were.

Eleonore de Grandmaison, wife of Francois de Chavigny, had obtained a fief on the western tip of the Ile d' Orleans from Olivier Letardif in March 1649. After the death at sea of her second husband, Eleonore, the first white woman to live on this island, married Jacques Gourdeau de Beaulieu on August 13, 1652. He was an educated and congenial man who, on Novermber 30 of the same year, ceded to Gabriel Gosselin a piece of land with 4 arpents of frontage at the end of the island, today called Sainte-Petronille, with the express condition that he homestead within the year 1653 by building his hearth and home. A marriage contract initialed on June 22nd, 1653 by notary Rolland Godet gives us valuable information on the subject of Gabriel and his future wife. From it we learn that the marriage took place at "the house of Mouseux situated near Sillery". On one side, there was Gabriel with his witness, Seigneur Gourdeau; witnesses for the bride were Francoise Lelievre and Mme Jean Bourdon, formerly Anne Gasnier, a charitable and dedicated patroness and chaperone of the girls who came from France to Canada. We may surmise that Francoise had come as a servant indentured to Charles d'Aillebout, "de Mousseaux", brother of Governor Louis, perhaps on the same ship as her future husband. Gabriel entered into the service of Groudeau on his arrival.

Francoise Lelievre, a native of Nancy in Lorraine, was the seventeen year old daughter of Christophe Lelievre and of Georgeet Clement. She and Gabriel received their nuptial blessing on August 18th, 1653 in the church of Notre-Dame de Quebec.

Did the couple spend the winter of 1653-54 on the Ile d'Orleans? Did Gabriel have time to build this house, 36 feet long by 17 in width, made of stone and wood, cover with straw, that notary Becquet valued at 300 livres on October 26th, 1677? The baptismal act of the first Gosselin child, Ignace, which has been lost, might have helped determine the place of residence of this family. The second son, Guillaume, born on September 25th, 1657, was baptized at Quebec, the closest church, on October 7th, by the Sulpicien Father Gabriel de Queylus who, the following winter, was assigned to Sainte-Anne, a new parish on the Beaupre coast.

The first period in the Canadian life of Gabriel Gosselin extended from 1652 to 1677, a quarter of a century during which he toiled vigorously and happily to become the largest landowner on the island, and the father of a large family.

To the concession given Gabriel in 1652, Gourdeau added a second holding on September 15th, 1658. When Seigneur Gourdeau died, his successor, Jacques Cailhaut, granted Gosselin two more, one of which was ceded on October 12th 1667. Then it is noted that Pierre Gilbert sold Gosselin 38 arpents of land in the territory of Saint-Pierre, Vincent Poirier dit Bellepoire, sold 207 squared arpents to Gabriel. This property may be located across from the present-day pier of the bridge to the island. There was also a 100 arpent land acquisition by Gabriel from Jean-Baptiste Peuvret de Mesnu in 1667, for 65 livres, and some property from Jacques Bernier on April 28th, 1674 bought for 110 livers. Also, the Ursulines of Quebec gave him 2-1/2 arpents of frontal land at Saint-Laurent, situated near Gabriel Lemieux, on April 9th, 1675, for the sum of 60 sols in silver to be paid each year on November 11, not forgetting "the two good live capons." Vincent Guillot bought this property on June 16th, 1676. The Hospitalieres also owned 2 arpents of frontal land, complete with outbuildings, at Saint-Laurent in the fief of Hotel-Dieu. Gabriel Gosselin, on November 21st, 1676, promised to pay 100 livres for this property, in addition to paying the cens and the seigneurial rents.

In 1666, Francois Noel, Jean Pacault and Louis Sinadier worked for Gabriel as domestic helpers. The following year, a new worker was added, Toussaint Gerdeau. At that time, Gabriel had as many as 55 arpents under cultivation on the farm he acquired in 1652, and was raising some 20 head of cattle there.

In addition to his house, a barn (18 by 20 feet), 2 sheds, a sheep pen (30 by 20), and 2 sheds on the other farms, there was a small building of mixed stone (27 by 19), with a foundation made of cedar posts, covered with straw, serving as a chapel for the traveling missionary. The registries of Chateau-Richer speak of the existence of this chapel on September 27th, 1664.

As early as 1657, Gabriel bought a lot from Nicolas Chesneau in the lower-town of Quebec. Within two years he had built a house on this 40 feet by 20 site. In 1662, this house was mentioned as having a balcony in front overlooking the port, near rue du Cul-de-Sac. Evidently this rental property brought in profits.

In their home his devoted wife, Francoise Lelievre, possessed all the equipment for housekeeping and preparing appetizing meals, to wit: 1 pot rack with 5 pots, 1 kettle, 1 grill, 6 platters, 24 plates, 12 pewter forks, 24 spoons, 1 salt cellar, 2 silver cups for visitors, etc. She could serve chicken, stuffed turkey, bacon, and roast beef, lamb, wild game and wild birds of all sorts. With harvests of 250 minots of wheat, there was no problem in obtaining necessary flour for making golden loaves at the bake house, which measured 10 by 9 feet. Francoise served peas and corn harvested in quantity from the farm. There were 36 crocks in which "to put milk" and the churned butter. Five sheepskins could on occasion warm the chilliest of the 10 children sleeping in the family loft: 9 boys and 1 girl.

Then, this buzzing beehive of activity suffered a terrible blow, probably in 1676. Francoise, the queen of the hearth died. Her burial act is among the 10,000 other records missing from the French-Canadian registries.

At the time, Gabriel knew the Guillot family whose mother was Marie d'Abancour. In her first marriage she was the wife of Jean Jolliet, the father of Louis-the discoverer of the Mississippi. Louise Guillot, baptized at Quebec on October 11th, 1659, daughter of Mathurin and of Marie d'Abancour, widow of Mathurin Renaud, entered into a marriage contract with Gavriel Gosselin on September 28th, 1677. The curate of Sainte-Famille blessed their marriage on October 4th. Three weeks later, Gabriel went before a notary and witnesses for an inventory of his property. The new 18 year old wife took charge of the Gosselin home; she even gave him 2 more children: Pierre and Louis.

In 1675, Gabriel sold his house in the lower-town to Pierre Duquet for 1,500 livres. He built another one, considerably larger, on the Place Royal in 1677. It was 37 feet long, 26 wide and 28 high, built of masonry, with a fireplace in the center. It seems that he spent more than 3,500 liveres for this 2 story building, which was erected on the lot obtained from Genevieve Chavigny the preceding year. Gabriel made use of stones and wood from Fort Huron, which he owned, on the island. Note that on February 23rd, 1676: "he committeed himself to furnish the Larouge home with some stones for jambs and cornerstones which belonged to a fireplace at the former fort on the island."

A fire devoured this homesite on August 5th, 1682 and in 1683 he reqested the services of Claude Baillif, an architect who had drawn up the plans for the church of Sainte-Anne in 1676, to give him an estimate for work to be done on a 4 story house. This beautiful piece of work may be found today at 21 rue Sous-le-Fort, in the lower-town of Quebec and is just down the hill from the Chateau Frontenac. It is the Gosselin House and is "a very appreciated touristic place" [Nicole Gosselin of the Association des Familles Gosselin, Inc.]

In 1678 Gabriel presented himself 5 times before notaries; the following year, 7 times; as many times in 1684; and during his entire lifetime more than 90 times. On the Ile d'Orleans we know that a man named Allary and Francois Dubois worked for him. In the census of 1681, Gabriel owned 2 guns for hunting wild game, 45 animals ate in his stable next to the female ass and in the sheep pen there were 80 wooley creatures. For that era, Gabriel was considered a great success.

Gabriel continued his business affairs until 1689. He bought, sold, rented, and even shared deals with his children. The year 1684 saw the high point of the crescendo. On March 8th, he made his will in which substantial gifts were offered to the church: 1,500 livres to the Recollects, etc. Did he perhaps have a glimpse of his own mortality? Somewhere along the line he had "become like a paralytic (with paralysis) of the neck and arm wherein he can only with pain raise his head and turn himself. Having made a vow to Sainte-Anne, he received a cure and continued, every year, to go to his church a Petit-Cap to render his gratitude."

This recourse to Sainte-Anne took place as a result of sincere devotion. Witness that in 1664, he had given 2 livres to the church at Sainte-Anne; the following year, 12 livres.

Gabriel's last years, 1689-1697, were those of an old man still threatened with paralysis. This was a hard blow to his morale since he had just brought his family to the lower-town, on rue Sous-le-Fort.

On May 9th, 1689, Gabriel had an inventory made of his lands and altered his will. Msgr de Laval approved these new conditions and signed, in Gabriel's presence, with Msgr de St-Vallier. The notary for the first time called him: "a bourgeois living in this town of Quebec." In civil matters, this honor was like a crown placed on the head of a man who did not even know how to sign his name. In the year of 1689 alone, our bourgeois signed 4 farm leases and the following year notary Rageot initialed 2 more. In 1691, Gosselin sold 3 pieces of land. We know that Gabriel had possession of ten farms at the same time; he owned 7 of them outright. We may read in the records of Chambalon, dated October 7th, 1692, about a lease for one year by Gabriel on half of a house in the lower-town near the large square. In a contract signed on February 28th, 1695, the father gave 400 livres of principal to his son Gabriel. And, a few months before dying, he was given a pew for life by curate Francois Dupre and the church wardens of Notre-Dame-des-Victoires.

On July 6th, 1697, this colonizer from the Ile d'Orleans, died. Fortified by the sacraments of the Holy Church, he was buried the next day at Quebec, at the age of 76 years.

The colony had lost a great man. In the records of the Sovereign Council we see him as a farmer for Eleonore de Grandmaison, as a witness with G. Morency in the succession of Sieur des Mousseaux, as the guardian of the minor children of the late Sieur de Bondy and the widow Marguerite Chavigny, as guardian for a child of the widow of Jacques Dubois, and many other commuity acts. On one occasion, on April 1st, 1675, he was involved in some problem concerning the purchase of a jerkin, for which he had to pay 40 livres in fines to Martime Bouffard. Notary Romain Becquet wanted to drag Gabriel into court, but was denied his irrational appeal, and had to pay court costs.

On another occasion, the merchant G. Duiprat, Gosselin's tenant, complained about a defective chimney. On July 10th, 1690, Gabriel was fined; rather we should say, it was his architect...

Gabriel Gosselin was known to be an honest, judicious, peaceful, enterprising man, a Christain of good faith.

Louise Guillot, 38 years old, a widow for the second time, did not quite know what to do. On July 10th, Louis Jolliet was named guardian of the children. On March 18th, 1698, the division of property in the lower-town was initiated, from which Louise recieved 4,500 livres as her share. The house was valued at 10,500 livres and the Gosselin brothers decided to give half of it to their stepmother, on certain conditions. On the same day, the innkeeper Pierre Babin rented the other half.

On the following September 1st, in a third marriage, Louise took unto herself an influential merchant from the town of Quebec, the son of Etienne and of Martine Hurault. He was Pierre Haimard, whom later became charge d'affaires between the local merchants and those of Tours and La Rochelle. He was also the provost judge at Notre-Dame-des-Anges. In 1716, this Pierre Haimard had 3 servants: a 10 year old black boy, Francois Valade, and an Englishman. One fine day, as children will, Louise's two left home to establish their own. Son Pierre Gosselin married Marie-Madeleine Garinet, in September 1701 at Rimouski. The couple had 9 children. Louis the younger son, a student a the seminary of Quebec from 1694 to 1697, never left town. In 1711, he married Jeanne Duroy with whom he had 10 children; and in a second marriage, he wed Elisabeth Raset on October 21st, 1748.
Parents: Nicolas Gosselin and Margerite Dubreal.

He was married to Francoise LeLievre on 18 Aug 1653 in Notre Dame, Quebec. Children were: Ignace Gosselin, Guillaume Gosselin, Michel Gosselin, Gabriel Gosselin, Francois Gosselin, Hyacinthe Gosselin, Jean Gosselin, Francois-Amable Gosselin, Genevieve Gosselin, Francoise Gosselin.

He was married to Louise Guillot on 4 Oct 1677. Children were: Pierre Gosselin, Louis Gosselin.

bullet Gabriel Gosselin(1) was born on 12 May 1662 in St. Pierre, Quebec. He died in 1700. Parents: Gabriel Gosselin and Francoise LeLievre.

He was married to Marie-Madeleine Pichet on 13 Apr 1692. Children were: Genevieve Gosselin, Marie-Madeleine Gosselin, Louise Gosselin, Jean-Baptiste Gosselin, Pierre Gosselin.

bullet Gabriel Gosselin(1) was born on 8 Nov 1694. Parents: Francois Gosselin and Marie-Charlotte Cote.

bullet Gabriel Gosselin(1) was born about 1689. Parents: Ignace Gosselin and Marie-Anne Ratte.

bullet Gabriel Joseph Gosselin(1) was born on 14 May 1699 in St.Pierre, Ile d'Orleans, PQ. He died on 5 Feb 1770 in St.Pierre, Ile d'Orleans, PQ. Gabriel was a captain in the militia which had been called up during the action that became the siege of Quebec. Gabriel took part of the battle on the Plains of Abraham the result of which was the surrender of the government of New France to the British Crown. Gabriel, along with many others, was taken prisoner and taken by ship to England where he remained imprisoned for three years. Upon the signing of the Treaty of Paris on February 10, 1763 he and all other surviving captives were release Parents: Michel Gosselin and Marie Miville.

He was married to Genevieve Crepeau on 25 Nov 1726 in St. Pierre, Ile d'Orleans. Children were: Gabriel Gosselin, Marie Joseph Gosselin, Veronique Gosselin, Francois Gosselin, Jean-Baptist Gosselin, Marie-Louise Gosselin, Pierre Gosselin, Michel Gosselin, Joseph Marie Gosselin, Marthe-Amable Gosselin, Louise Gosselin, Clement Gosselin, Dionne Gosselin.

bullet Genevieve Gosselin(1) was born in 1703. Parents: Francois Gosselin and Marie-Charlotte Cote.

bullet Genevieve Gosselin(1) was born in 1713. Parents: Pierre Gosselin and Marie Madeleine Garinet.

She was married to Claude Dudevoir on 21 Jan 1736/37.

bullet Genevieve Gosselin(1) was born on 20 Nov 1700. She died on 3 Dec 1700. Parents: Michel Gosselin and Marie Miville.

bullet Genevieve Gosselin(1) was born about 1706. Parents: Ignace Gosselin and Marie-Anne Ratte.

bullet Genevieve Gosselin(1) was born on 2 Apr 1693 in St. Pierre, Ile d'Orleans. Parents: Gabriel Gosselin and Marie-Madeleine Pichet.

She was married to Rene Duprac on 14 Jan 1715/16.

bullet Genevieve Gosselin(1) was born on 21 Jul 1720. Parents: Ignace Gosselin and Marguerite Godbout.

bullet Genevieve Gosselin(1) Parents: Ignace Gosselin and Marie Catherine Rousseau .

bullet Genevieve Gosselin(1) Parents: Jean-Baptiste Gosselin and Therese Dupille Dugal .

bullet Genevieve Gosselin(1) Parents: Jean-Baptist Gosselin and Angeline Fournier.

bullet Genevieve Gosselin(1) was born on 11 Sep 1667 in Ile d'Orleans, Montmorency, Quebec, Canada. She died on 7 Jan 1738/39 in Hôtel-Dieu de Québec, QC. Genevieve had as godfather a Lieutenant in the Carignan Regiment, one Francois de Monnery. At 15, she went to live with the religious nursing sisters of the Hotel-Dieu. After a 10 month trial of convent life, she returned home. But, a few years later, in 1688, she made a definite decision: to dedicate her life to the Augustine order. Her father and Louise Guillot gave up rents of 200 livres with a capital base of 2,600. Her brothers joined together to complete her dowry. As Mother Sainte-Madeleine, she was one of the founders of the Hospital-General, a convent converted from the house of the Recollets, and she even became its superior. She died at Quebec in 1739. Parents: Gabriel Gosselin and Francoise LeLievre.

bullet Genevieve-Regis Gosselin(1) Parents: Jean-Baptist Gosselin and Marie-Anne Gaboury.

bulletGenvieve Gosselin(1) was born on 4 Jun 1700. Parents: Francois-Amable Gosselin and Francoise Labrecque.

bulletGeorge Gosselin(1). Parents: Jean-Baptist Gosselin and Exilda Brule.

bulletGeraldine Gosselin(1). Parents: Napoleon Alexander Gosselin.

bulletGersldine Gosselin(1). Parents: Joseph Alexander Gosselin.

bulletGilbert Gosselin(1) was born in 1876 in St.Cesaire, Rouville, PQ. Parents: Joseph Gosselin and Julie-Ozima Normandin.

He was married to Angelina Jovin on 29 May 1900 in S.Anthony Church, New Bedford, MA.

bullet Gilles Gosselin(1) was born in 1634. Parents: Nicolas Gosselin and Margerite Dubreal.

bullet Girard Gosselin(1) Parents: David Gosselin and Yvonne Dube.

bullet Guillaume Gosselin(1) was born in 1662. Parents: Jean Gosselin and Marie Morel .

Children were: Michel Gosselin.

bulletGuillaume Gosselin(1) was born on 25 Sep 1657 in Quebec. Parents: Gabriel Gosselin and Francoise LeLievre.

bullet Guillaume Gosselin(1) was born about 1696. Parents: Ignace Gosselin and Marie-Anne Ratte.

bullet Guillaume Gosselin(1) Parents: Jean-Baptiste Gosselin and Therese Dupille Dugal .

bullet Guillaume Gosselin(1) was born in 1736 in St. Thomas, Quebec, Canada. Parents: Francois Gosselin and Angelique Noel.

bullet Guillaume Gosselin(1) Parents: Jean-Baptist Gosselin and Marie-Anne Gaboury.

bulletHenri Gosselin(1) was born in 1872. Parents: Joseph Gosselin and Julie-Ozima Normandin.

He was married to Euphrosine Bourgeois on 2 May 1899 in S.Anthony Church, New Bedford, MA.

bullet Henry Gosselin(1) died before 1999. Parents: Wilfred Gosselin and Alma Dorval .

bullet Hubert Gosselin(1) Parents: Antoine Gosselin and Anastasie Bilodeau.

He was married to Vitaline Marcoux on 17 Jan 1860 in Ste. Marguerite de Dorchester, P. Q. Children were: Amanda Gosselin.

bullet Hugh Robert Gosselin (Private). Parents: Eugene Arthur Gosselin and Ellen Louise Ranberg.

bulletHyacinthe Gosselin(1) was born about 1666. Parents: Gabriel Gosselin and Francoise LeLievre.

Children were: Gabriel Gosselin.

bulletIgnace Gosselin(1) was born on 25 Apr 1696 in Montmorency, Ile d' Orleans, Quebec, Canada. He died on 29 May 1749 in St-Valier, QC. Parents: Francois-Amable Gosselin and Francoise Labrecque.

He was married to Marie-Madeleine Isabelle on 24 Nov 1727 in St. Laurent, Ile d'Orleans, Quebec, Canada. Children were: Marie-Felecite Gosselin, Francois-Antoine Gosselin, Angelique-Renee Gosselin , Joseph-Ignace Gosselin, Pierrre-Bertrand Gosselin, Marie-Isabelle Gosselin , Marie-Marguerite Gosselin.

bullet Ignace Gosselin(1) was born in 1654. He died on 11 Apr 1727 in St-Laurent (L'Île d'Orléans), QC. Parents: Gabriel Gosselin and Francoise LeLievre.

He was married to Marie-Anne Ratte on 23 Nov 1683 in St. Laurent, Ile D'Orleans, PQ, Canada. Children were: Joseph Gosselin, Michel Gosselin, Ignace Gosselin, Francois Gosselin, Gabriel Gosselin, Jean-Baptist Gosselin, Guillaume Gosselin, Pierre Gosselin, Antoine Gosselin, Madeleine Gosselin, Genevieve Gosselin.

bullet Ignace Gosselin(1) was born in 1687. Parents: Ignace Gosselin and Marie-Anne Ratte.

He was married to Marguerite Godbout on 25 Feb 1713/14 in St.Laurent, Ile d'Orleans. Children were: Ignace Gosselin, Nicolas Gosselin, Francois Gosselin, Antoine Gosselin, Louis Gosselin, Marguerite Gosselin, Genevieve Gosselin, Jean Baptist Gosselin, Pierre Gosselin, Joseph Gosselin.

bullet Ignace Gosselin(1) was born on 17 Feb 1714/15 in St. Laurent, Ile d'Orleans, Quebec, Canada. He died in May 1803. Parents: Ignace Gosselin and Marguerite Godbout.

He was married to Marie Catherine Rousseau on 24 Nov 1738 in St.Laurent, Ile d'Orleans. Children were: Ignace Gosselin, Marie-Anne Gosselin, Genevieve Gosselin, Louis Gosselin, Francois Gosselin, Pierre Gosselin, Marie-Francoise Gosselin, Antoine Gosselin, Catherine Gosselin.

bullet Ignace Gosselin(1) Parents: Ignace Gosselin and Marie Catherine Rousseau .

He was married to Josephte Savignac on 14 Feb 1763 in Berthier, P.Q. Canada. Children were: Josephte Gosselin.

bullet Ignace Gosselin(1) Parents: Joseph Gosselin and Marie Francoise Blouard.

bulletIgnace Gosselin(1) was born in 1724 in St. Jean, Ile'd Orleans, Montmorency, Quebec, Canada. Parents: Joseph Gosselin and Francoise Godbout.

He was married to Marie-Charlotte Dupras on 5 Oct 1749.

bullet Isabelle Gosselin(1) Parents: Joseph Gosselin and Marguerite Angelique Labrecque .

bullet Israel Gosselin(1) was born about 1838. Parents: Jean-Opanne Gosselin and M Marguerite Blain.

He was married to Sophie Saurette on 17 Aug 1863.

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