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Family Origins

John Finlay's Home Page.

This branch of the Finlay's, mainly now concentrated in Ulster, is the original of the those eminating from the South of Ireland, culminating in the NE of England and Scotland during resettlement resulting in variations of the name. They have extended, during the protestant Scots/Irish emigration to include North America and Canada.
This particular extended family includes Cowan, McComb, Wiggins and McCourtney concentrated mainly in Co Down and Antrim. The Finlay name originates from the Norse incursions into Ireland and has dual interpretations. The Nordic meaning is 'Fair Hero' whilst the Gaelic is 'Fair Stranger'.
The ancient Anglo/Saxon family motto is:-
"Beati pacifici" (Blessed are the peacemakers)

John Finlay
1 Carwood Parade
Newtownabbey, Antrim, BT36 5LS
Northern Ireland
Fax: (44)02890599847
Finlay Family History .

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