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Family Origins

My Grandchildrens' Ancestors

I read somewhere on the internet some time ago the following: (I do not know who said it, but if it was you, PLEASE let me know so I can give you credit)
"All I want to know is all the descendants of all the ancestors of all my grandchildren."
That is ALL I want to know also. SO, some of my research is not MY ancestors, but are my grandchildren's ancestors.

Some of the names I am researching are: Abercrombie, Reynolds, Darnell, Turner, Galloway, Hood, Duckworth, Sampson, Ownbey, McHan, Wilcox, Taylor, Reid, Lenderman, Slagle, Goforth, Parker, Fitch, Dargan, Rauch, Dulaney, Archer, Cassity, Poley, Chancey, Peels, Firestone, Frerichs, Hipps, Patty, Payne, Wiesinger, Lindsay and Morrow.
A lot of these lived in NC, TN or GA, with some in KY and IL, very few of them went west and some even came back!

A lot of my info I have received from others and have not personally verified it all. I do have sources for all I have verified. If you have any corrections or additions, I would love to hear from you.

Lynda Fitch
P O Box 385
Morganton, GA 30513
A-United States
Fax: 706-745-4734

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