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Welcome to our family tree!

Dedicated to my parents Fredrick E. Fontaine June 05, 1905 - March 23, 1988 Aldina M. Mercier January 30, 1909 - February 28, 1976 Married May 30, 1929.

I always had a passion for genealogy.

Being an active member at the American-French Genealogical Society http://www.afgs.org/ since 1994, it's only then I seriously began researching for my family ancestors.
Since then, this passion does not cease growing. Along the way, I've piled up a great quantity of information from which, I hope, could be useful for you. Meanwhile, I invite you to meet with my paternal grandparents, Felix Joseph Fontaine & Marie Alphonsine Côté. and also my maternal grandparents, Pierre Mercier & Melvina Bertrand.

To All My Cousins!
Some families know a great deal about their roots; others know very little. This site is an attempt to record what I've learned about our family history. In these modern times, families tend to be scattered all over the country, if not the world. One of the goals of this web site is to help our family stay connected even though we live far apart.

Family Research is not a one person undertaking. I have had much help along the way. Much help has come from others researching the same lines and who were willing to share their research with me. And much has come from relatives who were kind enough to share information about their families with me. Most of all, my Great grandmother who lived to the age of 103 years was most helpful to me.

My genealogy information has been compiled to the best of my ability as an amateur genealogist and as accurate as my sources. I am open to new or different information. As always, the information provided should be used as a guide in your search and not as a source. I will gladly share my sources. Bucky

I am researching the following family names(from France, Ontario, Michigan and Quebec):


Who is Jean Lariou dit Lafontaine?
Jean Lariou dit Lafontaine,My seventh great-grandfather and the ancestor of many of the Lafontaine's in America immigrated to Québec around 1660.Jean was the son of Jean Lariou and Jeanne Brusquet from St-Pierre, Marmande,France.On 16 Apr 1674,he married Catherine Mongeau in Notre-Dame -de-Québec,Quebec City.Catherine was the daughter of Pierre-Jacques Mongeau and Louise Dubois from La Rochelle, France.

The search for my ancestors has led me from my birthplace in Attleboro, Mass, back to Québec and France and out to Rhode Island, Hancock, Houghton county, MI and surrounding states.

My brick walls have been the names of parents and siblings of David BERTRAND,b:Abt.1827 in Canada.m:Angélique VARIEUR,b:Abt.1827 in Canada.A son David BERTRAND,b:December 15,1847 in Canada,d:May 27,1908 in Pembroke, N.H. Wife:Louise Estell YVON, b:March 17,1850 in LaPresentation district outside Québec City, d:October 20,1953 in New Bedford,MA.

Also need Information on the parents of Pierre MERCIER married to Rose SCOTT on March 11, 1837 in St. Athanase Iberv, Canada.
Father's name is Francois MERCIER married to Thérèse Bonneau- LABECASSE, b:in St-Thomas, QC d:Bet. 1785 - 1880

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Please note that all birth dates after 1900 have been listed as "Private" Since we care about the private life rights,of the living persons'data are not shown on the Web.Unless a death date is known. This was done to ensure the privacy of those still living.

Please Note: The information showed in these pages should not be considered as official source. Every genealogist should verify the accuracy of his data according to his own quality standards.

Note: In some cases, the place shows also the parish

Roger "Bucky" Louis Fontaine
Coventry, RI 02816
United States
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