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Family Origins


PEARSON~Oldest known PEARSON in our tree~William "James" born 1790 in KY. This line is believed to have migrated from Scotland to KY to Mo.
ADCOCK~Oldest known ADCOCK in our tree~Edmund born 1770 in KY. Migrated from KY to MO to CO.
McCLUE~Oldest known McClue in our tree~Thomas McCLUMPHA born in Wigtown, Scotland 1740. Migrated to NY to IN to IA.
DOWLING~Oldest known DOWLING in our tree~John DOWLING born, date unknown, in NY. Migrated to IL to MO to IA to SD.

Most of this History was compiled by~
PEARSON~Anna Vines Tully and Arley Pearson Wurdinger
ADCOCK~Arley Pearson Wurdinger
McCLUE~Nowell L. Sims
DOWLING~Eileen Dowling Blaskovich and June Dowling Mittan
THANK YOU~Anna, Arley, Nowell, Eileen and June

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Colorado Springs, Colorado 80919
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