226. * Howell DAWDY Sr. (228)(229) (230)(231) was born in 1745 in New Jersey or Wales. He died on 20 Dec 1830 in Moore County, TN. He was buried in Dawdy Cemetery, Moore County, TN. Moore County was Bedford County, Tennessee. The Dawdy Cemetery is where Howell, Phoebe, their daughter Phoebe and her husband are buried. Most of the stones were broken or gone. Howell served in the Rev. War while living in Washington County, NC. (later in the state of TN). He received 13 lbs. 3 shillings for serving 7 years plus interest for entry of land in NC.
In 1790's Howell was in the 96th Pendleton Dist., SC. He was living on the west bank of the Saluda River in what is now Pickens Co. His land was on a creek which flowed eastward into the Saluda & for many years was known as Doddy's creek. Deeded land in 1796 in Knox County, TN. He moved to Kentucky about 1803, first records are in Warren County, but they settled near Mammoth Cave in what was Barren County. Their land is now part of the Mammoth Cave National Forest. By 1810 they had settled in Bedford County, TN. Howell was one of the original settlers of the area and was a commission, surveyor and developer of the town of Shelbyville, where a street bears his name. They moved to Lincoln County, TN in later life to be near their youngest daughter, Phebe & her husband Thomas Blythe, Jr.
It seem that the name was spelled DOWDY before they crossed the mountains in to Kentucky & Tennessee, and DAWDY thereafter.

Howell, about 26 years of age, about 5'9" high, of sandy complexion, red beard, with a hail mole on the right side of this chin, sandy hair which he wore tied, thin visaged, he pretends to be a carpenter, is a well made fellow, sings a good song, and is very fond of company; he took with him a light colored saggathy coat, nankeen jacket and breechers, a pair of leather breechers, an old gold lappelled jacket, ribbed worsted hose marked I.B. on the top of each stocking; it is supposed he stole a light colored surtout coat; he plays a little on the violin; he went away on the 14th of this month and is supposed be is gone to the eastward. Whoever apprehends the above described person shall receive the above reward, or Four pounds for either, form Samuel Dick and Curtis Trenchard. "from Newspaper Extracts-The Pennsylvania Gazette, #2240, November 28, 1771 as per Salem Co., New Jersey. Howell was indentured at the time and ran away from subscribers as did 2 other men and the above advertisement appeared in print at least twice. He was married to * Phoebe ? about 1771 in Virginia.

227. * Phoebe ? was born about 1749 in New Jersey. She died on 10 Dec 1831 in Moore County, TN. Children were:

child i. Elizabeth DAWDY was born about 1770.
child ii. James DAWDY was born about 1772 in New Jersey. He died on 30 Oct 1851 in Abingdon, Knox, IL.
child iii. John DAWDY was born on 28 Sep 1774 in 96th District, Pendleton County, SC. He died about 1850 in Bedford County, TN.
child iv. Mary "Polly" DAWDY was born about 1775 in 96th District, Pendleton County, SC. She died in 1794 in Geene County, MO.
child113 v. * Sarah "Sally" DAWDY.
child vi. Howell DAWDY , Jr. was born about 1782 in 96th District, Pendleton County, SC. He died about 1830 in Shelby County, IL.
child vii. Daniel DAWDY was born on 23 Feb 1785 in 96th District, Pendleton County, SC. He died on 5 Apr 1854 in Shelby County, IL. Daniel served during the War of 1812 & recieved land in Illinois.
child viii. Allanson DAWDY was born on 12 Jul 1786 in Tennessee. He died in 1870 in Illinois.
child ix. Alfred DAWDY was born about 1792.
child x. Phoebe DAWDY was born on 9 Aug 1793 in South Carolina. She died on 3 Jan 1860 in Moore County, TN.