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Family Origins

The Bryce Hager Hpme Page

The Hagers were of German descent. The first ones to come to America and
settle in Pennsylvania were three brothers, Johannes, Jacob and George. They
landed in Philadelphia September 30, 1702. They and their children soon spread
into the adjoining states of New Jersey and Maryland.

Jonathan Hager, the reputed founder of Hagerstown Maryland, landed in
this country September 1, 1736. The next to come was Philip Hager who landed
at Philadelphia September 19, 1743. This Philip Stayed in Pennsylvania until
his death in 1790. He had a son Philip and a grand son Philip. Soon after 1790
the grandson and other relatives moved to Tazewell County Virginia. Some of the
Hagers remained there, but at about 1807 Philip and his family Moved to Guyandotte river in West Virginia. The following year he acquired land near the mouth of Crawley, but he did not remain there long.

Two land speculators, William Dingress and David French patented two tracts of land containing about 1230 acres and including most of the bottom land from near the mouth of Low Gap to Sharples. They sold this acreage to Philip Hager. He moved to it soon after, Settling in the big bottom just above Powell Creek, which was called Philip's branch for a long time afterward.

The following family history is just one branch from a place called Philip's branch, and without the help of the following people I could not have brought
this to you.

Janet Hager - Family charts thru Philip #3
Sally Tabor - Family charts from Philip # 1 to present. Philip's Will and
Typed reproduction of his will. Location and date philip
Arrived in Philadelphia, Pa.
Dr. Gene Hager - Will of Andrew Hager.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I have enjoyed putting it togeather.

Bryce L Hager

Bryce Leroy Hager
8689 Wolf Bay Ln
Foley, Al 36535
A-United States
My Hager Family

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