2. Hans Christian HEG (11)(8) (12) Photo was born on Dec 21 1829 in Lier (near Drammen) Norway.(13) He emigrated on May 17 1840 from Ship Emilie. (1) He died on Sep 20 1863 in Chickamauga, Ga.. (14) He was buried in Norway Hill Cementery, Wi.. (9) He inherited the leadership qualities of his father. He joined the 49'ers when 20 years old & prospected for gold. After his fathers death in 1850 he returned home, took over the farm and helped care for his brother and two sisters. During his farming years, he served as a member of the Town Board , was Justice of the Peace. Elected Chairman of the town Board for two terms and was a member of the Racine County Board of Supervisors. In 1859 he gave up farming and moved to the village of Waterford with his wife, son, James and daughter Hilda. He was nominated by the Republican party for the post of Wisconsin prision Commissioner in 1859. He won the election by a majority of 2,673 votes In 1860 he became Commissioner (Warden) of the state Prison at Waupn. The Governor appointed him a Col. and he helped recruit men for the Fifteenth Wisconsin Volunteers, which he was assigned to Feb14,1861. The regiment was brought together at Camp Randall, Madison, Wisconsin built up to a total of nine hundred and on Mar 2, 1863 left for the south. His brother-in-law, Dr. Stephen O Hemo of Lawerence Kansas was the Surgeon of the Fifteenth and two of his assistants were Dr. George F. Newell, of Waterford, and Dr. Daniel Wooster, Of Racine. It parcipated in the Union movements in Missouri, Kentucky, Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama, and Georgia. He was commander 2nd Brigrade, 1st Div., 20th Corps, Army of the Cumberland Feb. 15 - Mar. 16 1863; Commander 3rd Brigade, 1st Div., 20th Corps, Army of the Cumberland May 15 - Sep 19, 1863.The pioneer minister C. L.Clausen was the Fifteenth Chaplain, and his brother Ole was a Quartermaster. General Wm. S. Rosecrans announced his intentions of promoting Col. Heg to the rank of Brigadier General and he was assigned to lead the 3rd Brigade, Davis Division in the battle of Chickamauga on Sept 19 1863, near Chickamauga Creek about 12 miles east of Chattanooga, Tenn., in Northern Georgia. As the head of the regiment he fought at Island # 10 Perryville, and Marfreesboro. During the Tullahoma compaign he was commanding the 3rd Brigade . On the first day at Chickamanuga in the heavy fighting on the Union right, He was shot in the bowels while directing his brigrade in the defense. He continued to rally his men and then after riding a quarter mile was felled mortally wounded by loss of blood at twilight on that day and died the next morning Sept. 20, 1863. Was Superintendent Racine County Poor Farm, Western District 1856-1858. Was member of Racine County Board of Supervisors 1856. A mounment was made to him as the Highest ranking Officer killed in the Civial War from Wisconsin. It was done by scuelptor Paul Fjelde and there are three copies. One on the South East side of the Wisconsin State Capitol Square, Madison, WI., One at Heg Park, Norway Hill, Wisconsin and the third in Norway.

Additional information

Hans C. Heg was a Major in the 4th Wisconsin Militia and the elected State Prison Commissioner when he was appointed Colonel (Oberst) of the 15th by Wisconsin Governor Randall. His appointment was dated December 21, 1861, to rank from September 30, 1861, for a 3 year term of service. At the time Heg was 32 years old and married. His residence was listed as Town of Waterford, Racine County, Wisconsin. No physical description of him was recorded by the Army. He was mustered into Federal service at Madison, Wisconsin, on February 28, 1862, to date from February 13, 1862. He was on a 30 day leave of absence starting May 15,1862. He led the 15th at the Battle of Perryville (Chaplin Hills), Kentucky, on October 8, 1862, where he was injured when his horse fell. On November 3, 1862, Major General Rosecrans granted him a 30 day leave of absence to recover at home. He led the 15th in the Battle of Stone('s) River (Murfreesboro), Tennessee, December 30, 1862-January 1, 1863, and was cited for bravery. On May1, 1863, he was placed in command of 3rd Brigade, I st Division, 20th Army Corps by General Rosecrans. Heg led his brigade in a daring early morning assault across the Tennessee River on August 29, 1863, the first Union troops to cross. On September 19, 1863, he led his brigade into the Battle of Chickamauga, Georgia. Late that afternoon he was shot in the abdomen near Viniard's Farm. He was taken to the I st Division Field Hospital at Crawfish Springs, where he died the next morning. Heg was the highest ranked Wisconsin soldier killed in the Civil War.This data is from Regimental Descriptive Rolls, Volume 20 Office of the Adjutant General State of Wisconsin (Madison, Wisconsin, 1885) and other military records at the State Historical Society of Wisconsin Archives.

He was married to Gunhild Jacobsdatter EINONG (daughter of Jacob Olsson EINONG and Anne Jonsdatter SAHEIM) on Dec 10 1851 in Muskego, Wi..(11) Gunhild Jacobsdatter EINONG(11) Photo was born on Dec 10 1834 in Tinn, Norway.(4) She emigrated in 1842.(11) She died on Oct 14 1922 in Elizabeth, New Jersey.(11) (4) She was buried in Norway Hill Cementery, Norway Hill Wi.. (9) Upon the death of her husband she carried out his wishes concerning the education of their children, and moved from Waterford to Beloit in order that their children might attend college there. She passed away in 1922, at the home of her daughter, Mrs Charles Newell Fowler (Hilda Heg), at Elizabeth, New Jersey. Hans Christian HEG and Gunhild Jacobsdatter EINONG had the following children:

child6 i. Annetta HEG(11) was born in Muskego, Wi..(4) She died in Muskego, Wi.. (4) She was buried in Norway Hill Cementery, Norway Hill Wi..(9) Died in infancy
child+7 ii. James Edmund HEG.
child+8 iii. Hilda HEG.
child+9 iv. Elmer Ellsworth HEG MD.