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I am having so much fun researching family genealogy. I am divorced now, but continue to research my married name of "HEREFORD". Most of the relatives from the branch I married generated from east Texas, then migrated into Louisiana around the DeRidder/DeQuincy area. I have information that brings me all the way back to Herefordshire, England, but continue to add more details to my acquired information.

I am also researching both sides of my parents names.

On my mother's side, I am gathering information on the name "SALLIER", from France. I am a direct decendent from Lake Charles, LA, because my great-great grandfather was the Charles Sallier that Lake Charles was named after. Mom had done some research on her own and I have picked it up to take it further. My biggest problem with her family is everybody seems to be related to everybody else (laugh)! It goes on and on!!! Her mothers' maiden name was "DICKINSON", which I intend to follow up on, also.

On my father's side, I am researching the name "McCOWN", Irish/Scotish. I have more on the geneology of my mother's side, than I do for my father's. The little bit of information I managed to acquire is so mixed up and spread out, I am having to sort through it all and try to figure it out before I know how it fits into the family tree. Most of the family from my dad's branch is from central Texas (Waco, Hillsboro, etc.). However, there are some McCown's in the southern part of Louisiana (Welsh, Laccasine, etc.) that are off the same branch. One of four brothers ended up settling in Louisiana, while the other three stayed in Texas. I still have a long way to go on this one (laugh)! His mothers' maiden name was "HOOPER". Dad had collected a lot of information on her side of the family, which I have been able to pull together and add to the tree.

I am glad you are interested in my geneology. If any information I may have could be of service to you, please let me know. In turn, I may need some of what you may have.

God Bless You! Thank you for stopping by!


Cheryl M. Hereford
P.O. Box 247
Sulphur, LA 70664-0247
A-United States
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