1. Heinreich (Henry) ESHELMAN (1)(2) was born on 6 Dec 1707 in Zurich, Switzerland area.. Much of the information for all but his sons Henry and Isaac was provided by S.R. Zug "whose information seems incomplete and may have inaccuracies. He died on 31 Oct 1778 in Rapho Twp., Lanc. Co., Pennsylvania. He was buried in Unknown.. He was also known as Heinreich Aeschlimann, his name when he immigrated to America.. He migrated to America on ship "Mortonhouse" from Rotterdam, Holland via, Deal, England, landing at Philadelphia Aug. 23, 1728. On Oct 20, 1738 he received warrant #57 for 200 acres of land on Chickies Run, Donegal Township. Again in 1759, he received warrant # 195 for 100 acres more. Signed his name Ashleman, although the original spelling was more likely Aeschlimann. (Note: Donegal Township was much larger in those days.) In a brief sketch of the Eshelman family, S.R. Zug states that Heinrich settled on a large farm west of Mastersonville, in Rapho Twp., Lanc. Co., PA. Member of the Mennonites, then Dunkard. Bequeathed his farm in four nearly equal parts to his first four sons. Gave 100 pounds Sterling each to Henry and Elizabeth. It is unknown where Heinreich is buried, perhaps of the burying ground on the line of tracts where his sons Isaac and Jacob lived, and on the tract of Jacob's inheritance, is where the original house stood. S.R. Zug is of the opinion that he is buried on this plot. His grave is not marked with a dressed stone, as was then the common custom.

A note from John M. Eshelman received by email Nov. 14, 2001 says the following about the spelling: I suggest that in your work Heinrich Eshelman should be spelled Aeschlimann. This was the spelling of his name when he immigrated to America. It was subsequently Anglicized to Eshleman (not the "l" before the "e") and stood as such for son Isaac and grandson David. The children of the said David, however, gave receipt for their shares from his will, each signing using the spelling Eshelman ("e" before the "l"). It is said that the new was to differentiate these Eshelmans from those Eshlemans then living in Lancaster County.

Barbara KENDIG (daughter of George KENDIG) died before 1755 in Rapho Twp., Lanc. Co., Pennsylvania. Barbara died at age 24. Had at least one child, according to the record. Since Heinreich's marriage to Anna Bachman did not take place until 1761, after the birth of Heinreich's first four children, I have listed those four under Barbara. On the other hand, Anna is the person listed in Heinreich's will as his widow. It is interesting that Isaac named his eldest daughter Anna and had none named Barbara. More research is needed. Harvey Eshelman is convinced that Henry and Elizabeth are children of Anna Snavely Bachmen. Note that Barbara died in 1755, one year after the birth of John. Harvey believes that she may have died in childbirth or shortly afterward. Heinreich (Henry) ESHELMAN and Barbara KENDIG had the following children:

child+2 i. Abraham ESHELMAN.
child+3 ii. Isaac ESHELMAN.
child+4 iii. Jacob ESHELMAN.
child+5 iv. John ESHELMAN.

He was married to Anna Snavely BACHMAN (daughter of Johan George BACHMAN and Anna Maria SNAVELY) on 20 Feb 1761. Heinreich (Henry) ESHELMAN and Anna Snavely BACHMAN had the following children:

child+6 i. Henry ESHELMAN.
child7 ii. Elizabeth ESHELMAN died in 1825.