bullet Susanna Shawe was born in 1620 in Dedham, MA. She died about 1698. She was buried in Bridgewater, MA. She has reference number pbk3510. Parents: Abraham Shawe and Elizabeth "Bridget" Best .

She was married to Nicholas Byram Dr. before 1639 in Dedham, MA. Children were: Abigail Byram , Nicholas Byram Capt., Deliverance Byram, Susanna Byram, Experience Byram, Mary Byram.

bullet Thomas Shawe has reference number pbk9048.

Children were: Abraham Shawe.

bulletAaron Matthew Shealy (Private). Parents: David J. Shealy Dr. and Marsa Lynn Kingman.

bullet David J. Shealy Dr. was a in biochemical research scientist. (111) He has reference number pbk4875.

Children were: Aaron Matthew Shealy, Sarah-Katherine "Kate" Shealy, Rebecca Anne "Becky" Shealy .

bulletRebecca Anne "Becky" Shealy (Private). Parents: David J. Shealy Dr. and Marsa Lynn Kingman.

bullet Sarah-Katherine "Kate" Shealy (Private). Parents: David J. Shealy Dr. and Marsa Lynn Kingman.

bullet Lucille Sheardown has reference number pbk10436.

She was married to Lee de Forest on 17 Feb 1906 in New York, New York.

bullet Anne Shearman was born about 1770. She died on 22 Oct 1852. She has reference number pbk7213. Parents: Samson Shearman and Ruth ---.

She was married to Nathan Chase on 14 Nov 1792. Children were: Hannah Chase, Amy Chase, Holder Chase, Eliza Chase, Mary Chase, Abby Chase, Rowland Chase, Obadiah Chase, Ruth Ann Chase, Nathan Chase, Anna Chase.

bullet Samson Shearman has reference number pbk7219.

Children were: Anne Shearman.

bulletAnnie Josephine Sheehan was born on 4 Aug 1876.(56) She died on 16 Feb 1962.(56) She has reference number pbk19840.

She was married to Samuel Francis Cushing on 23 Feb 1897.(56) Children were: Leo Martin Cushing, Leonard Francis Cushing, Ralph Samuel Cushing , Joseph Faxter Cushing, Francis Cushing.

bullet Margaret Sheehan has reference number pbk18674.

Children were: Howard Cushing.

bullet--- Sheldon has reference number pbk16303.

bullet Daniel Sheldon has reference number pbk16409. Parents: Daniel Sheldon and Lucretia La Grosse.

bullet Daniel Sheldon has reference number pbk16414.

Children were: Daniel Sheldon, Lucy Sheldon.

bulletElizabeth Sheldon was born about 1754. She died on 28 Nov 1787 in Groton, CT. She has reference number pbk16412. Parents: Isaac Sheldon Capt. and Anna Marsh.

Children were: Henry Woodbridge, Sheldon Woodbridge, Betsey Woodbridge, Joseph Woodbridge, Nancy Woodbridge.

bulletEvart Rogers Sheldon (Private). Parents: William Oren Sheldon and Mary Thomas Rogers.

He was married to Dorothy Helen Hucker on 4 Jun 1916. (66) Children were: Rogers Hucker Sheldon .

bullet Flora Sheldon has reference number pbk10683. Parents: Robert Emmet Sheldon and Mary Elizabeth Butler .

Children were: Prescott Sheldon Bush.

bulletIsaac Sheldon was born in 1686.(23) He has reference number pbk16029.

Children were: Sarah Sheldon.

bulletIsaac Sheldon Capt. has reference number pbk16411.

Children were: Elizabeth Sheldon.

bulletLawrence Kimball Sheldon (Private). Parents: William Oren Sheldon and Mary Thomas Rogers.

bullet Lucy Sheldon has reference number pbk16415. Parents: Daniel Sheldon and Lucretia La Grosse.

She was married to Joseph Woodbridge in Nov 1788. Children were: Lucy Woodbridge, Dudley Mumford Woodbridge, William Henry Woodbridge , Emma Ann Woodbridge, Julia Maria Woodbridge, Charlotte Lucretia Woodbridge .

bullet Miriam Sheldon (Private). Parents: William Oren Sheldon and Mary Thomas Rogers.

She was married to Arthur F. Wolff on 28 Dec 1929.(66)

bullet Robert Emmet Sheldon has reference number pbk10682.

Children were: Flora Sheldon.

bulletRogers Hucker Sheldon has reference number pbk21916. Parents: Evart Rogers Sheldon and Dorothy Helen Hucker .

bullet Sarah Sheldon was born about 1720 in Hartford, CT. (23) She died on 10 Nov 1796. She has reference number pbk16030. Parents: Isaac Sheldon and Elizabeth Pratt.

Children were: William Woodbridge , Dudley Woodbridge Hon., Joseph Woodbridge, Elizabeth Woodbridge, Samuel John Woodbridge, Benjamin Woodbridge , Lucy Woodbridge, Charlotte Woodbridge, Sarah Woodbridge.

bulletWilliam Mallory Sheldon (Private). Parents: William Oren Sheldon and Mary Thomas Rogers.

Children were: William Oren Sheldon.

bulletWilliam Oren Sheldon was born on 2 Feb 1860 in N. Billerica, MA. (66) He has reference number pbk21908.

He was married to Mary Thomas Rogers on 15 Aug 1887.(66) Children were: William Mallory Sheldon, Evart Rogers Sheldon, Miriam Sheldon, Lawrence Kimball Sheldon.

bullet William Oren Sheldon has reference number pbk21912. Parents: William Mallory Sheldon and Mercedes Roeser .

bullet Margaret Sheledy was born in 1847.(66) She died in 1929.(66) She has reference number pbk21723.

She was married to William Henry Scott in 1865.(66) Children were: William Gilbert Scott.

bullet Lloyd Shellington has reference number pbk19375.

He was married to Ruth Helen Garland on 21 Sep 1948.(76)

bullet Daisy Viola Shelly was born on 22 Mar 1901 in Rolettelo, N. Dakota. She died on 11 Mar 1979 in Sun City, CA. She has reference number pbk2074.

She was married to Elza Bryan Felts on 23 Jun 1928. Children were: Donald Eugene Felts.

bullet --- Shepard has reference number pbk5830.

bulletJohn P. Shepard has reference number pbk9618.

He was married to Jane Copeland on 18 Jul 1852.

bullet Mary Elizabeth Shepard has reference number pbk23300.

Children were: Harry Hay.

bulletSally Shepard has reference number pbk9772.

bulletMary Wood Shepardson was born on 14 Apr 1810. She has reference number pbk8446. Parents: Nathaniel Shepardson and Sally Edson.

She was married to Joseph Torrey Hobart on 28 Nov 1827. Children were: Mary Elizabeth Hobart, Lucy Ann Caroline Hobart, Ellen Lucretia Hobart, Ezra Leonard Hobart, Amelia Gertrude Hobart, Alice Fostina Hobart.

bullet Nathaniel Shepardson was born on 5 Oct 1784. He has reference number pbk8443.

Children were: Willard Shepardson.

He was married to Sally Edson on 1 Dec 1808. Children were: Mary Wood Shepardson.

bullet Willard Shepardson has reference number pbk8442. Parents: Nathaniel Shepardson and Sally Dickerman.

bulletStuart Gerald Shepherd has reference number pbk23771.

He was married to Marion Alice Tracy on 23 Feb 1955.(55)

bullet Edward Sheppard has reference number pbk9147. Parents: .

bullet Emily Louise Sheppard was born in 1940. She died in 1974. She has reference number pbk7284.

bulletJohn Sheppard was born in 1599. He died in 1650. He has reference number pbk9146. Parents: .

bulletAlden Sherer resided in Tarrytown, NY.(107) He has reference number pbk18108.

bulletAaron Michael Sherman (Private). Parents: Gerald H. Sherman and Veronica Mary MacDonnell.

bullet Abigail Sherman was born in Sep 1680. She died in 1748. She has reference number pbk6154. Parents: John Sherman and Sarah Spooner.

She was married to Nathaniel Chase on 2 Nov 1703. Children were: Barnabas Chase, Hannah Chase, Isaac Chase, Elizabeth Chase, Thankful Chase, Benjamin Chase, John Chase.

bullet Addie Ellen Sherman was born in 1867. She died in 1924. She has reference number pbk9320. Parents: Guy Bayington Sherman and Melissa A. Phillips.

Children were: Ruby Hazel McLaughlin, Ina May Sherman.

bulletAdelia A. Sherman was born in 1839. She has reference number pbk9342. Parents: David R. Sherman and Susannah Suke Phillips.

Children were: Effie L. Curtis .

bulletAlice Sherman has reference number pbk5822.

She was married to Moses Chase on 25 Mar 1742.

bullet Arthur E. Sherman was born in 1875. He has reference number pbk9327. Parents: Guy Bayington Sherman and Melissa A. Phillips.

Children were: Tecemseh Sherman , Hortense A. Sherman.

bulletBeulah Sherman has reference number pbk9390. Parents: David Sherman and Hannah Curtis.

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