2496. Joseph WILLIAMS. REV. JOSEPH1 WILLIAMS, SR.1 was born Abt. 1673 in Wales. He married MARY MEWBORNE in Eastern North Carolina, daughter of THOMAS MEWBOORN and ELEANOR. She was born 1728 in Bertie Co., NC. Notes for REV. JOSEPH WILLIAMS, SR.: Notarized copy of remembrances of Miss Hattie E. Williams, July 25, 1954, Jefferson Co., AL: "Joseph Williams, the Immigrant, was born in Wales, an orphan, his father died when he was quite young and he was bound out to a man by the name of Paul as a boy and he was treated so cruelly that when he was twelve years of age a friend by the name of Mewbourne told him that he was old enough to choose his own guardian. Mr. Mewbourne went with him before the magistrate and assisted in arranging the papers releasing him from Mr. Paul. Joseph Williams then chose Mr. Mewbourne as his guardian. Later they settled in eastern North Carolina. Joseph lived with his kind friend, Mr. Mewbourne, until he was twenty-one years of age and then married his daughter, Mary Mewbourne. Later parts of the Mewbourne and Williams families moved to Edgecombe and Dobbs Counties, North Carolina. Joseph and Mary were the parents of a number of children, two of which were William Williams and Joseph Williams, Jr. There were other children belonging to this family, and these related families also had sons named "Mewbourne". We have never known any other Williams family who carried the name "Mewbourne" other than members of this Williams family." The will of Joseph Williams, Sr. was found on file in Duplin Co., NC (now Sampson Co.,NC) It is supposedly in his own handwriting but is so worn and faded that it is unreadable. ***** The Heritage of Sampson County, North Carolina (1983) "Seven Mile Primitive Baptist, 1760" pp. 79-80 "The roots that gave rise to the origin of the Seven Mile Primitive Baptist Church, located today along SR 1703 in Westbrook Township, date back to 1690 in Wales, England when Elder Joseph Williams, Sr., a Baptist minister, came to America and settled in the Albermarle region of North Carolina in what is known today as Bertie County. He married Mary Mewboorn, the only daughter of Thomas Mewboorn, an Englishman, and his wife Eleanor. Thomas and Eleanor are the forebearers of the entire Mewborn lineage in the U. S. today. Joseph and Mary were married after coming to this country, but records state the Mewboorns and the Williams came over on the same boat. Coming about the same time was another Welsh family, brothers Charles Jones, Sr., and Joel Jones, who had kept close ties with the Williams family back in Wales. This Jones family was noted for strong religious character, traits and practices in Wales for centuries prior to the family's coming to America. According to records, Charles Jones, Sr., and Joel Jones left Bertie County and came to New Hanover (now Sampson) in 1744, where they had acquired land grants between Seven Mile and Big Coharie Swamps. Here, they cleared the land and built homes. Many of their direct descendants still live today on this same soil. Elder Joseph Williams, Sr. and wife Mary with their children accompanied the Jones family from Bertie County about the same time and acquired a land grant in the Goshen community. Here their son Joseph Williams, Jr., married Martha Parrott about 1750. Joseph was ordained a minister in the Baptist Church soon after his marriage and was a Revolutionary War soldier from Duplin (now Sampson) County. Charles Jones, Sr., had three sons and one daughter: Charles, Jr., John, Lancelot, and Sarah. About 1760 these two families of Williams and Jones established what is known as the "Church of the Seven Mile Meeting House". Charles Jones, Sr., laid off a square lot of two acres from his plantation near his residence about one-fourth mile southwest of the Seven Mile stream for "The Baptist Church" where they erected a log building across the road from the 1983 church building. The original Articles of Faith, Church Covenant and Creed were written by Elder Joseph Williams, Jr., in the family Bible of Lancelot Jones. Unfortunately, this Bible was destroyed when the old Lancelot Jones homeplace burned in 1935." More About REV. JOSEPH WILLIAMS, SR.: Emigration: 1693, From Wales, landed in Charleston, Province of Carolina Will: Duplin Co., NC2 Children of JOSEPH WILLIAMS and MARY MEWBORNE are: i. GEN. WILLIAM2 WILLIAMS3, b. Bet. 1735 - 1748. Notes for GEN. WILLIAM WILLIAMS: William Williams and his brother, Joseph, enlisted in the Continental Army in Halifax Co., NC, on June 10, 1777. He served in Lt. Col. Mebane's Co., 1st NC Regiment. William and his brother, Joseph, were both taken prisoner and released at the same time. William Williams name appears on the monument at King's Mountain Battleground, having taken part in that battle. His descendants lived in the upper part of South Carolina. William was later listed as a General. (Was this the same William Williams?) More About GEN. WILLIAM WILLIAMS: Enlisted: July 10, 1777, Continental Army ii. ROBERT WILLIAMS3, b. Bet. 1737 - 1748. Notes for ROBERT WILLIAMS: Robert Williams was in the Battle of Moore's Creek, 1776. More About ROBERT WILLIAMS: Military service: 1776, Served in the Rev. War; was in battle of Moore's Creek iii. DANIEL WILLIAMS3, b. Bet. 1737 - 1748; d. 1823, Tennessee. Notes for DANIEL WILLIAMS: Daniel Williams was commissioned as a First Lieutenant April 16, 1776, of the Sixth North Carolina Regiment. He made Captain in the NC Militia from 1780-1781. Daniel died in 1823. Records show that he was given land grants in Tennessee. More About DANIEL WILLIAMS: Military service 1: April 16, 1776, Commissioned as a 1st. Lieut. 6th North Carolina Military service 2: April 01, 1777, Became Captain Military service 3: June 01, 1778, Retired Military service 4: Bet. 1780 - 1781, Captain North Carolina Militia 2. iv. REV. JOSEPH WILLIAMS, JR., b. Bet. 1737 - 1748, Duplin Co. (now Sampson Co.) in eastern North Carolina; d. December 25, 1825. Children were:

child1248 i. Joseph WILLIAMS.