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Family Origins

About the Knolles--Wilmanns--Moellers

I have collected 3 branches of my family:Knolle,Wilmanns,Moeller. The Moellers are already accessable in the internet.-Search for them!- The others I am still working on. The 3 branches go back rather far, one even to 1306. Two of the branches are strongly connected with Westfalia,Germany, the Moellers with Koenigsberg down to the 16th century, where they were always residents and "Burgers" of the Old Part of Town.
I am a retired Lutheran Minister(Sweedish Lutheran) and have spent many years in the US where I got my degrees and the directions of mw work for the church were many: Chaplain to students at K-State, Missionary outside Frankfurt/Germ. where I started a new congregation, teacher at churchschool in the Black Forrest, and finally Chaplain for hospitals in Colgne. I've been always interested in the origins of my family because they put out quite a few world-wide known personalities, like Lothar Meyer(who found in Heidelberg parallel to Mendeljew the periodical system of the elements). Then there were theologians, of course. One of the Knolles went to England, was beknighted and Letithia, cousin of Queen Lissy nr.I must have belonged to our Knolles. There was a milk-farm in Texas, of course the 'largest' of the world, which used to belong to a Knolle... I could tell you endless stories. But I think it is worth the while to share the one or the other story with you, if wanted.
I live in Essen/Ruhr-country which used to be the steel and coal producing area of Germany and developes now into high tech instead. My age: 67 and I love to ride my BMW motorcycle. I try to play the piano, built my 5th harpsicord and am frustrated about all the dates I have collected on my families and do not know, how to put them into GEDCOM. I'll just have to send the stuff to someone better than I who can put them into "Family Origins" or something similar.
That is enough for today, may be one of YOU will respond or know
Eckhard Knolle

Eckhard Knolle
Steeler Strasse 333
Essen, 45138 45138
A-United States
49 201 2806930
it is the only url i have right now and shows, what I do

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