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Family Origins

The Samuel Lewis Koch Family Home Page

The Koch family is descended from Samuel Lewis Koch (Koach) who was a Lieutenant in the Civil War for the Union. He was in the 100th Regiment, Company D for the Volunteer Infantry from Illinois. He was captured at the battle of Chickmaugua in September of 1863 and spent 18 months, 17 days in Libby Prison.

Samuel married Evoline Geist (Goist?), with whom he had four children.
They included Lewis D., Frank Henry, Kate and Alice M. Kate married William Spangler and Alice married T.C. Tobias. The two girls stayed in Illinois and the two boys ended up in Wyoming.

Lewis D. Koch moved from Illinois to Gillette, Wyoming, and was the first automechanic there. He never married.

Frank Henry Koch, went West when he was still in his teens. He worked at the Bar T Ranch in Wyoming and for many years was know as the Bar T Kid. During the time of the Battle at Wounded Knee, he carried messages for General Miles and General Johnson.

His first wife was Rachel Clark, who he married in Hot Springs, SD. He and Rachel had two sons, Samuel and Earl. Rachel returned to Iowa, where she was from, expecting her husband to follow. However, he did not. Frank married Martha C. Wells of Custer, SD on October 28, 1899.

He and Martha herded sheep near Dewey, South Dakota (where Lloyd was born) and later went to Campbell County in Wyoming where he was the first deputy Sheriff under Sheriff Lew Butler.

In 1913 they settled on a ranch on the Belle Fourche River about 10 miles southwest of Moorcroft, Wyoming, where they raised their family until retiring from ranching in 1941.

Frank Henry's children included Samuel L., Earl, Lloyd Henry, Nettie, Charles Kemmeth, Roy Montgomery, Mildred, Frank William, Edward, and Jim Maynard.

Kate married William Spangler, who was a wealthy farmer in Will County IL near Plainfield. They had a son, Edward, and a daughter, Mrs.Herbert Harder, who both lived in Wyoming.

Alice and TC Tobias had a daughter, Alice M. who married Joseph Lang. Their three children were Ruth F. Lang, Webster C. Lang, and Alice Lang Dobbs. Ruth married Vern Mangun and had two children, Wallace and ?.

Cara Elizabeth Koch
, A-United States

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