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Family Origins

The Family Tree of David John Damien La Goy

This page includes the research of the ancestors of myself, David John Damien La Goy, dating back as early as the birth of my Mothers Great-Grandfather, William Hayes in Liverpool, England on March 27, 1883. Surnames her side also include Rahner, Meyer, Hennesy, & May. Those of my father include Durand, La Tour, and Jeanette. Origins have been traced to Quebec (Canada), Germany, Ireland, England, and ultimately France.

In honor of my Mother, Kathleen Elizabeth Hayes Stocum who died on July 2, 2005, I will continue this project. This program, Family Origins, was given to me by her for my 39th. birthday in on September 11, 1999 (when that date brought no sad memories to mind).

It's time to dust off the cd and get to work on the computer bought from the money she worked her whole life to achieve.

~David John Damien La Goy
May 17, 2006

David John Damien La Goy
1325 Corona Street
Apt. #7
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The Ancestors of David John Damien La Goy

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