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Samuel LORENTZ was born around 1768 in Virginia. His first 44 years are unknown. In 1812 he married Mary Ann THARP of Fauquier County, Virginia. In 1828 he appears on the Lewis County Tax lists. In 1841, Samuel and two of his sons buy land in Harrison and Lewis Counties of Virginia. Samuel and Mary had five sons and two daughters. The sons where Alexander "Sandy" and Noah (Twins b. 1816), Martin (b. 1820), Ranson (b. 1821), and James (b. 1823). The name of their eldest daughter is believed to be Theodosia, but nothing is known of her. The second daughter was Margaret "Mary" Ann (b. 1819); she married Samuel STUTLER in 1840. The surname was spelled many different ways until the 1850s. At that time there was an arguement that lead Noah to leave for Roane County and change his surname to LAWRENTZ. Most of the Americans that use this spelling are his descendants.

Robin William Lawrentz
8129 Packard Court, Unit B
Fort Meade, MD 20755
A-United States
(410) 674-2073
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Descendants of Samuel LORENTZ
Descendants of Abraham HERSMAN

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