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Family Origins

The Thomas J. Lowe Family Home Page

Our branch of the Lowe family now resides in South Jersey, with roots in Sussex County, Delaware and Eastern Shore, Maryland. From that area we also descend from the families of Mitchell, Pusey, Hitchens, West, Jones, Wingate, Cannon, Carey, Saunders, James, Wootten, Wheatley, Beavins, Adams, Downes, Phillips, Revell, Scarborough, Butler, Humberstone, Cooper, Clarkson, Parker, Anderson, Prickett and Southern.
Our Love branch includes Cregan, Stevenson, Baird, Hegarty, Glenn, Haggarty and Kelly, all from Ireland and Scotland.
The Berdines of southwestern Pennsylvania are kin, along with Gray, White, Weldon, Fox, Wilson, Houch, Johnson, Bennett, Boone (of the Daniel Boone branch), Hadley, Darling, Bradford, Ditterline, Ward, Braithwaite, Hadley, Talbot, Rosewell, Miller, Webb, Willis, Fellow, Bache, Eginton, Hollyday, Maugridge, Uppy, Howell, Husband, Milton, Rencher, Hall, Baker, Rockhold, Hawkins and Grafton.
Our Philadelphia branch of Canon includes Steever, Trik, Haas, and Noros and our Carlton (aka Snodgrass) line from West Virginia is just one tough nut to crack.

Thomas J. Lowe
479 Hampton Lane
Somerdale, NJ 08083-2515
United States

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