3. George Lytle was born on 27 Nov 1785. He died on 29 Jan 1858 in McDowell County, NC. He appeared on the census 1840 and 1850 in McDowell County, NC. 1840: one male 10-15; two males 20-30; one male 50-60 (George); one female 20-30; one female 50-60; five male slaves and four female slaves.

1850; Lytle, George 65,a farmer with a property value of $1200.00; Anna 65; and Susannah 32. He was buried in Bethel Cemetery, Old Fort, NC. Copy of the Will of George Lytle: (Winter Term 1858)

I George Lytle do, in the County of McDowell and the State of North Carolina being afflicted and diseased in body but yet possessed of my mind and memory and being certain in my own opinion that I must shortly die, hereby make and publish tis my Last Will and Testament.
First; I commend my soul to God and deserve to be buried in a manner becoming my rank and condition in life. Second; I will and bequeath to my beloved wife Ann Lytle all of my property both real and personal of what ever it may consist during her natural life and at her death all of the surviving property both real and personal to be equally divided between all of sons and daughters Rebecca Bird, Millington Lytle, James P. Lytle, Littleton Lytle, Thomas Lytle, Susannah Lytle, John Lytle, and George M. Lytle and in case if any of my above named sons and daughters should die before my wife Ann Lytle then and in that case their Portion of said estate to be equally divided between their surviving children. Lastly I hereby appoint my two sons Millington Lytle and Thomas Lytle Executors of this my Last Will and Testament and having faith that they will duly execute this my Last Will and Testament and carry out my will and desire. In testimony whereof I the said George Lytle have here unto subscribed my name and affixed my seal to this my Last Will and Testament on this the 16th. day of Jan 1858

Signed: George Lytle- Signed Sealed Acknowledged and Published in the Presence Of:
Merit Burgin and B. Burgin

The foregoing Last Will & Testament of George Lytle Deceased was duly proven in open court by the oaths of Merit Burgin and B. Burgin Subscribing Witnesses thereto and ordered to be registered.

A.M. Finley, Clerk

He was married to Ann Clark about 1805. Ann Clark was born in 1785. She appeared on the census in 1860 in McDowell County, NC. Lytle, Annie 71; Susannah 42. --- They were living next door, on one side to son-in-law Wilson Bird and family: Wilson, his daughter Martha Hicks and her three children, Rebecca, Albert, and Emily. On the other side was her son George M. his wife Amanda with their children. She died after 1860. George Lytle and Ann Clark had the following children:

child+7 i. Rebecca Lytle.
child+8 ii. Millington Lytle.
child+9 iii. James P. Lytle.
child+10 iv. Littleton (Ton) Lytle.
child+11 v. Thomas B. Lytle.
child12 vi. Susannah Lytle was born in 1818. She died on 12 Jul 1866. The McDowell census shows Susannah living with her mother in 1860. Susannah's heir was her
brother George for the land she inherited from her father and her uncle John. She never married.
child+13 vii. John (B. or Littleton) Lytle.
child+14 viii. George Mills Lytle.

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