494. Joseph Olice McDaniel was born on May 9 1879. He died on Feb 5 1941.

He was married to Julia Delacen Cannon on May 12 1901. Julia Delacen Cannon was born on Sep 17 1878. She died on May 8 1939. She was buried in Old Fort Cemetery. Joseph Olice McDaniel and Julia Delacen Cannon had the following children:

child+1275 i. William Royce McDaniel.
child1276 ii. Daisy Ella McDaniel was born on Sep 1 1903. She died on Aug 1 1973 in Asheville, NC. She was buried on Aug 4 1973 in Old Fort Cemetery. She was a telephone operator before direct dialing in Old Fort, NC. She was ill with Alzheimers.
child+1277 iii. Rosa Sue Emma McDaniel.
child+1278 iv. Annie Helen Conway McDaniel.
child+1279 v. Mary Julia Christine McDaniel.
child+1280 vi. Lester "Mac" Monroe McDaniel.

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