392. James Minor Lyttle was born on Nov 12 1888. He died on Feb 21 1967.

He was married to Alma Olivia Armstrong. Alma Olivia Armstrong was born on Apr 14 1892. She died on Dec 17 1977. She was buried. James Minor Lyttle and Alma Olivia Armstrong had the following children:

child+1061 i. Elizabeth Lyttle.
child+1062 ii. William "Bill" Lyttle.
child+1063 iii. James Odell Lyttle.
child+1064 iv. Robert Vance Lyttle.
child1065 v. Louis Kelly Lyttle was born on Jan 5 1931. He was never married.
child+1066 vi. Anne Lyttle.
child1067 vii. Charles Lyttle died about 1980. He was buried in San Antonio, Texas.

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