185. Leona Rebecca Allison was born on Sep 6 1869. She died on Mar 26 1934.

She was married to David Marvin Orr on Nov 13 1890. David Marvin Orr was born on Sep 11 1868. He died on Mar 4 1940. Leona Rebecca Allison and David Marvin Orr had the following children:

child+600 i. Ernest Claude Orr.
child+601 ii. Lillie Mae Orr.
child+602 iii. James Eula Orr.
child+603 iv. Richard Homer Orr.
child+604 v. Jason Marvin Orr.
child+605 vi. Charles Allison Orr.
child+606 vii. David William Orr.
child+607 viii. Arthur Leland Orr.

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