4544. Duncan Campbell (1) was born in Inverary, Argyleshire, Scotland. I, Danny A. McBee, am in receipt of information received from Ms. Carol Adams who received it from Silas Dobbs McCaslin that tells of a document entitled "Ancestry". The forementioned document ostensibly from Augusta County, Virginia, was purchased from a Savannah antique dealer, who obtained it from a house sale in Virginia. On one side of the document are two entries - - a 1781 marriage, under the date of November 1795, followed by the registry for a November 7, 1794 grant. Other records for the same people, that are compatible with these, have been provided by Dr. Ruby G. Campbell, Genealogists and Librarian for The Clan Campbell Society (North America). These substantiating records were found in Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia, by Lyman Chalkley (see the Addendum).

The obverse side of the document is entitled "Ancestry," and lists the descendants on the left, with their parents on the right. The following is the transcript of the historical document:


1. William Campbell - - Arthur Campbell=Margaret Campbell
2. Arthur Campbell - - David Campbell=Mary Hamilton
3. Margaret Campbell - - Charles Campbell=Margaret Buchanan
4. David Campbell - - John Campbell=Grizle Hay
5. Mary Hamilton - - Arthur Hamilton=Martha Cunningham
6. Charles Campbell - - Patrick Campbell=Elizabeth Taylor
7. Margaret Buchanan - - William Buchanan=Jean Sayers
8. John Campbell - - John Campbell=Mary McCoy
9. Grizle Hay - - Patrick Hay=Catherine Gillis
10. Arthur Hamilton - - James Hamilton=Jean Campbell
11. Martha Cunningham - - Patrick Cunningham=Euphia Cunningham
12. Patrick Campbell - - John Campbell=Grizle Hay
13. Elizabeth Taylor - - Charles Taylor=Mary McCanliss
14. William Buchanan - - John Buchanan
15. Jean Sayers - - Alexander Sayers=Elizabeth Lynn
16. John Campbell - - Duncan Campbell of Inverary=Mary Ramsay of
17. James Hamilton - - Arthur Hamilton-Boyne=Isabella Rogers
18. Jean Campbell - - John Campbell=Mary McCoy
19. Patrick Cunningham - - William Cunningham=Elizabeth Frame
20. Euphia Cunningham - - David Cunningham of Glencairre=Jean Vess

The above document is an original, 18th century affidavit of family relationships that is inconsistent with the data found in many published genealogical works that follow. In this early document, Mary Ramsay is named as the wife of Duncan Campbell (married 1672), and Mary McCoy is confirmed as the wife of John Campbell (married 1672). John Campbell=Mary McCoy are the parents of our ancestor, Robert Campbell. If the testimony in this circa 1795 "Ancestry" is true, Duncan Campbell (married Mary Ramsay, 1612) would be the grandfather of John Campbell (married Mary McCoy, 1672), and there is an intervening generation - - John Campbell - - during the sixty years that transpired between the two marriages. Other variations in the descendancy also come to light.

Dr. Ruby G. Campbell, stated in a letter, dated May 7, 1993:

I was very much intrigued by the Virginia document... The lines which state that John Campbell was the son of Duncan Campbell of Inverary and mary Ramsay of Dalhousie could be of great significance to that of the Duncan and Mary line.... For a long time it has been felt that there is a missing generation in this line of Campbells and that possibly there were two Duncan Campbells who each married a Mary McCoy. An unsubstantiated note in our records suggests that the second Duncan and Mary could be a Mary Ramsay instead of a Mary McCoy. Your document is the first item that I have heard of to list such a name.... We may have a good lead here.

Dr. Ruby G. Campbell wrote, November 23, 1993:

We intend to do further investigation on this line in Ireland to see if we can learn more about Mary McCoy/Ramsay who married Duncan Campbell. A Mrs. Linda Hart, a descendant of this line, is to chair a joint research project with other descendants helping to share the expense. We are excited about this and hope that your document represents the breakthrough that we needed. I will continue to keep you informed of any new developments.

Linda Hart's research may corroborate the "Ancestry," thereby disproving three of the last five generations that are presented in the established chart of CCS(NA) which follows, in which the presumed errors of the CCS(NA) chart are corrected in bold type. [Sent to and copied by me, Danny A. McBee].

According to THE CAMPBELL CLAN in VIRGINIA, p. 137, states: Duncan Campbell of Inverary, Argyleshire, Scotland, married Mary McCoy [Ramsay], in 1612 and the same year immigrated to Ulster County, Ireland, and died there, leaving descendants, who about 1726 immigrated to Pennsylvania, and in 1738 they removed to Augusta County, Virginia. [Danny A. McBee, January 11, 1998].

He was married to Mary Ramsey about 1612.

4545. Mary Ramsey(1). Children were:

child2272 i. John Campbell.

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