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Family Origins

The Hen and Don McKinley's origin

Henry McKinley father: Essie McKinley was borned in Phebe, Mississippi (near West Point) He married Nancy Johnson former Washington Her father name was Henry Johnson Who change his name from Washington, Henry father's name was Thomas Washington,a preacher (a native american) who married Lillie Jones from Louisanna. Essie McKinley father was James McKinley but some say John? He married Rena Forest (a native american)

Donna McKinley father name was Roy J. Hoksins borned in Waldron, MO ( near Kansas City or Parkville) He married Elnore Keele who was borned in Dover, Olkahoma. Her father was Alfred Keele, a preacher. He married Pinkie Flora Williams of Louisanna

Henry Lee McKinley
1302 West Eureka Street
Urbana, IL 61801-1323
A-United States
Fax: (217)328-2641
Hen and Don Tree
Report Section:

Ancestors of Mr. Henry Lee MCKINLEY
Ancestors of Mr. Henry Lee MCKINLEY

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