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I am currently researching primarily the McKnelly surname. My search begins with John McKnelly, who was living and farming in Lee County, Virginia in 1802. According to his headstone in the Old Union Cemetery in Clay County, IL, he was born in Ireland in 1761 and emigrated to this land in 1775, at about age 14. However, until now, no person has been able to learn what happened in John's life between 1775 and 1802. In fact, nobody yet has even been able to learn exactly when or where he was born.
To the best of my knowledge, nobody has yet written a definitive family history on the McKnelly family. So, my goal in this research is to write that history. I still have a long way to go in researching John but I think I am on the right trail. Any help I could get from any descendants would be more than welcome. I am also attempting to catalog all of John's descendants down to the present day, though I do not plan to include any information on any people who are still living.
If you have any pertinent information on John and/or his immediate family and/or any of his extended family, I would very much appreciate hearing from you. The allied lines which I am also researching are: Rhodes(Rodes), Mefford, Hoskins, Martin, Shields, Wolf(e), Peter(s), and McNelly(Indiana roots).

Tom McKnelly
N6353 County Road "A"
Oxford, WI 53952
United States

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