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Family Origins

The Elizabeth "Betty" Lewis Family

The ancestors of Elizabeth "Betty" Lewis include, but not limited to, the following surnames; Lewis, Selby, Ellis, Swor, Mathis, Atkins, Judkins, Warren, Inman, Sharpe, Hart, Rowan, Shockey, Bieher & Pettway.

Some of these families are believed to have immigrated from Wales, but it is not yet a documented fact. Edward Ellis arrived in Jamestown, Surry Virginia in 1636, followed shortly thereafter ca 1655 by Samuel Judkins. Jerimiah Lewis settled in Anson County North Carolina in 1740. The Swor family came from Germany, and arrived in Charleston, South Carolina in 1744. And so it was...

The migration continued, when in 1804, Daniel Lewis (grandson of Jeremiah) moved to Stewart County, Tennessee, followed in 1824 by Caleb Ellis and his wife Margaret Judkins. These families helped settle early western Tennessee. In the 1890's, the Lewis's began the long trek which in the mid 1920 culminated in the Twin City area of Minnesota. This route took the family to Kentucky (ca1890's), Oklahoma (ca 1910), Iowa (ca 1915) and Illinois (ca 1918), and finally, Minnesota in the early 1920's.

Today there are members of this family scattered throughout the United States.

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Ancestors of Elizabeth LEWIS

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