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Family Origins

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I have traced my family (maternal lines) back to 1713 in New Jersey. The major maternal names being researched are: Bake, Campbell, Dearing, McPheeters, Minor, Quier and Stribling.

The paternal line only goes back to 1761. It was researched by Helen McPheeters Rice and published as The McPheeters Family in 1956. She could not connect the five branches of McPheeters. One McPheeters branch married into my mother's line, while my father is from a different branch.

I have at least two ancestors who served in the Revolutionary War: John Bake and Andrew McPheeters.

My mother's ancestors traveled to Fountain County, Indiana from New Jersey through Pennsylvania; and Butler County, Ohio. My father's ancestors came from Pennsylvania although Andrew enlisted in both Georgia and North Carolina during the Revolutionary War. As his first wife was from Georgia, I am surmising he remained in Georgia for awhile and from there went to Indiana through Tennessee and Illinois.

Marge McPheeters
, United States

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