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Family Origins

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The first Mowbray of record to settle in either Dorchester or Caroline County was William Mowbray. This William Mowbray was a Jacobite rebel, captured at the battle of Preston in Northern England on Nov. 14, 1715. He was transported from Belfast, Northern Ireland, aborad the vessel "Friendship" captained by Michael Mankin to Annapolis, MD. He arrived August 20, 1717. Subject to the requirements of a proclamation issued by the Governor and Council of Maryland on orders of King George I, William Mowbray, along with 79 other prisoners that arrived on the "Friendship" was indentured for seven years. His indentureship was served with Henry Trippe of Dorchester County.

Following his indentureship he married Mary (last name unk) and became the father of three sons and two daughters. He died in 1760. Prior to his death he had acquired an estate on Todd's Point in Dorchester County and on Watts Creek in Caroline County. He willed his Dorchester Property to his son William and his Caroline property to his sons Thomas and Aaron.

Donald William Mowbray
17709 Cliffbourne Ln.
Derwood, MD 2055-1103
A-United States

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