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Family Origins

The Kopp-Crabb-Stowell Connection

My CRABB and STOWELL ancestors began their journey in the New World in the 1600's. The CRABB family moved from MD to KY late in the 1700's, and from there to MO, OK, ID and back to MO. The STOWELL family left MA for CT and VT in the 1700's and then on to WI, ND, ID, and MO.
On the way they joined the DEWITT family from OH, OK and ID. And the WEDDLE family from PA, VA, ND and MO.
Other related families on this, my mother's side, are SPRIGG, NUTHALL, MARIARTE, BEALL, BELT, COMPTON, BRISCOE, DAWSON, JOYCE, DEMOREST (DEMAREST), PRIEST, STEDMAN, PARSONS, ROOT, STRONG, BUTTERFIELD, LIVINGSTON, BURGESS, PORTER, SWEET, CANNADAY, RAIKES, HILTON (HYLTON), SLUSHER, EILER and many others. My grandparents and most of their descendants now reside in MO.
On my father's side are the KOPP, ZIMMER and NEWMAN families who came from Germany in the mid 1800's. The SCOTT family from MA and NY. The DILLON's from IRELAND. And the MILLS, TAYLOR, and HANKS families from VA, OH, IN, and KY. They all came together in Boonville, Cooper, MO. My grandparents on this side, and most of their descendants reside now in CA.
I only keep my direct lines and thier descendants on my computer database. But I do have 25 years worth of files and resources on related lines. I welcome any/all correspondence from fellow researchers.

Jeanne Frances Mower
PO Box 974
Bishop, CA 93515
A-United States

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