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Family Origins

The O'Connor Clan Roots

So far we have found our forebears are from Ireland, France via Quebec, England, Scotland, possible Native America, and Belgium. Quite a variety and we still have a long way to go.

Qur Family Names are: O'Connor,Masterson,Lysaght,Dugan,Breen, Reddington, McNulty, and Aylward are Irish.

Gauthier, Boisvert,Cote, and Landry are French Canadians.

Newell, Lyman, Brown, Hopkins and Smith are English.

Minto, McGuire, and Johnstone are Scottish.

Meverden(van Meeverden) is Belgian

Most of the Irish immigrated during the "Potato Famine" years, 1840-1850, as did the Scotts. But the English came as early as the Mayflower. The French arrived in Canada about 1640 and moved to the U.S. about 1840. All eventually came to the Border areas between Wisconsin,Illinois and Iowa.

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