bullet Thomas SPENCER(1) was born about 1679. He died about 1752. Parents: John SPENCER and Susannah SPENCER.

bulletThomas SPENCER(1) was born in North Kingston, Rhode Island.

He was married to Susannah PEARCE about 1733.

bullet Thomas SPENCER(1) Parents: John SPENCER.

Children were: William SPENCER .

bulletThomas SPENCER(1). Parents: William SPENCER and Agnes HERITAGE.

Children were: Susan SPENCER.

bulletWilliam SPENCER(1). Parents: Thomas SPENCER and Margaret SMITH.

Children were: Julian SPENCER, Thomas SPENCER.

bulletWilliam SPENCER(1). Parents: John SPENCER.

Children were: (Sir) John SPENCER .

bullet(Sir) William SPENCER(1). Parents: (Sir) John SPENCER and Isabel GRAUNT.

Children were: Dorothy SPENCER.

bulletMargaret SPINK(1).

Children were: David VAUGHN.

bulletOliver SPINK(1).

He was married to Amy PEARCE about 1774.

bullet (Mrs) SPRAGUE (Unknown)(1)

bulletGrizzell SQUIRE(1).

Children were: James WHEELER.

bulletHawise De ST. AMAND(1) has reference number 9NH7-06.

bullet(Bishop) ST. ARNULF \ ARNULD (Mayor of The Palace)(Metz) (6)(1) was born after 13 Aug 582 in Nancy, France.(241) (242)
Bishop of Metz, born. aft. August. 13, 582; died. August 16, 640, at Remirmont, bur, in the Church of the Apostles at Metz, Mayor of the Palace and tutor of Dagobert, tonsured late summer 613; married. ca. 596 Dode (Clothilde) who become a nun at Treves in 612, Bishop of Metz
(612/4-627/9) Feast day, 19 August.

This Arnulf (Arnoul) passed his earlier life at the court of Theodebert II, king of Austrasia; through the marriage of his elder son with a daughter of Pepin of Landen (St. Begga), he became an ancestor of the Carolinian dynasty. At the age of thirty, he wanted to retire from public life, but instead in 614 he was chosen Bishop of Metz, though still a layman.

He continued to act as adviser to King Chlotar II, whom he had helped to the Frankish throne, and was tutor to his son Dagobert. Arnulf made further attempts to resign his
offices, but it was not until 629 that he was able to retire to the Vosges mountains. Here his friend St. Romaric had preceded him and had begun the monastic community at Habend that was later called Remiremont. St. Arnulf settled nearby and lived there until his death twelve years later.

Catholic Encyclopedia
St. Arnulf of Metz
Statesman, bishop under the Merovingians, born c. 580; died c. 640. His parents belonged to a distinguished Frankish family, and lived in Austrasia, the eastern section of the kingdom founded by Clovis. In the school in which he was placed during his boyhood he excelled through his talent and his good behaviour. According to the custom of the age, he was sent in due time to the court of Theodebert II, King of Austrasia (595-612), to be initiated in the various branches of the government. Under the guidance of Gundulf, the Mayor of the Palace, he soon became so proficient that he was placed on the regular list of royal officers, and among the first of the kings ministers. He distinguished himself both as a military commander and in the civil administration; at one time he had under his care six distinct provinces. In due course Arnulf was married to a Frankish woman of noble lineage, by whom he had two sons, Anseghisel and Clodulf. While Arnulf was enjoying worldly emoluments and honours he did not forget higher and spiritual things. His thoughts dwelled often on monasteries, and with his friend Romaricus, likewise an officer of the court, he planned to make a pilgrimage to the Abbey of Lérins, evidently for the purpose of devoting his life to God. But in the meantime the Episcopal See of Metz became vacant. Arnulf was universally designated as a worthy candidate for the office, and he was consecrated bishop of that see about 611. In his new position he set the example of a virtuous life to his subjects, and attended to matters of ecclesiastical government. In 625 he took part in a council held by the Frankish bishops at Reims. With all this Arnulf retained his station at the court of the king, and took a prominent part in the national life of his people. In 613, after the death of Theodebert, he, with Pepin of Landen and other nobles, called to Austrasia Clothaire II, King of Neustria. When, in 625, the realm of Austrasia was entrusted to the kings son Dagobert, Arnulf became not only the tutor, but also the chief minister, of the young king. At the time of the estrangement between the two kings, and 625, Arnulf with other bishops and nobles tried to effect a reconciliation. But Arnulf dreaded the responsibilities of the episcopal office and grew weary of court life. About the year 626 he obtained the appointment of a successor to the Episcopal See of Metz; he himself and his friend Romaricus withdrew to a solitary place in the mountains of the Vosges. There he lived in communion with God until his death. His remains, interred by Romaricus, were transferred about a year afterwards, by Bishop Goeric, to the basilica of the Holy Apostles in Metz.

Of the two sons of Arnulf, Clodulf became his third successor in the See of Metz. Anseghisel remained in the service of the State; from his union with Begga, a daughter of Pepin of Landen, was born Pepin of Heristal, the founder of the Carlovingian dynasty. In this manner Arnulf was the ancestor of the mighty rulers of that house. The life or Arnulf exhibits to a certain extent the episcopal office and career in the Merovingian State. The bishops were much considered at court; their advice was listened to; they took part in the dispensation of justice by the courts; they had a voice in the appointment of royal officers; they were often used as the king's ambassadors, and held high administrative positions. For the people under their care, they were the protectors of their rights, their spokesmen before the king and the link uniting royalty with its subjects. The opportunities for good were thus unlimited; and Arnulf used them to good advantage.

Transcribed by Patrick Tobin

He died on 18 Jul 641 in Remiremont, France. He was buried in Church of the Apostles at Metz, France. Parents: (Governor) BODEGISEL II \ BAUDGISE (Governor of Aquitaine) and ODA (Suavin) .

He was married to (Nun) DODE (CLOTHILDE) (Nun At Treves) about 596. Children were: (Duke) ANSEGISEL (Mayor of The Palace Austrasia).

bullet (Bishop) ST. GONDULFUS (Bishop of Tongres)(1) Parents: MUNDERIC (Vitery-en-Perthois) and ARTHEMIA.

bullet Mark ST. JOHN(1)

Children were: Sarah ST. JOHN.

bulletSarah ST. JOHN(1). Parents: Mark ST. JOHN and Elizabeth STANLEY.

Children were: Joseph KEELER.

bullet(SIr) Thomas ST. LEDGER(1). Sir

bulletAmos STACKHOUSE(1) was born on 4 May 1757. He died on 5 Apr 1825. Parents: James STACKHOUSE and Martha HASTINGS.

Children were: Esther STACKHOUSE.

bulletEsther STACKHOUSE(1) was born on 17 Oct 1787 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She died on 27 Sep 1819 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Parents: Amos STACKHOUSE and Mary POWELL.

She was married to Elijah Keeler BANGS on 29 Oct 1807 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Children were: Mary Ann BANGS.

bullet James STACKHOUSE(1) was born on 11 Nov 1725 in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. He died on 16 Aug 1759 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Parents: Robert STACKHOUSE and Margaret STONE.

Children were: Amos STACKHOUSE .

bulletRobert STACKHOUSE(1) was born in 1691/92.

Children were: James STACKHOUSE.

bulletAnne STAFFORD(1).

bulletBuford Marion STAFFORD(1). Parents: Frances Marion STAFFORD and Soloma Jeneva PEARCE .

bulletDonnie Lee STAFFORD(1). Parents: Frances Marion STAFFORD and Soloma Jeneva PEARCE .

bulletFrances Marion STAFFORD(1).

Children were: Neta STAFFORD, Selena Mae STAFFORD, Riley Franklin STAFFORD, Buford Marion STAFFORD, Donnie Lee STAFFORD.

bulletHumphrey STAFFORD(1) has reference number 8HRH-KN.

He was married to (Duchess) Anne De NEVILLE (Duchess of Buckingham) in Raby, Durham, England.

bullet Margaret De STAFFORD(1) has reference number 8XJ0-72.

She was married to (Earl) Ralph De NEVILLE (Earl of Wesrmorland) about 1382 in Stafford, Staffordshire, England.

bullet Neta STAFFORD(1) Parents: Frances Marion STAFFORD and Soloma Jeneva PEARCE .

bullet Riley Franklin STAFFORD(1) Parents: Frances Marion STAFFORD and Soloma Jeneva PEARCE .

bullet Selena Mae STAFFORD(1) Parents: Frances Marion STAFFORD and Soloma Jeneva PEARCE .

bullet William W. STALLINGS (Seminole Indian War)(1) served in the military on 3 Jan 1856 in Seminole Indain War. (243) Captain William B. Hooker's Company, Seminole Indian War 1856

bullet(Sir) Alexander STANDISH(1).

Children were: Oliver STANDISH.

bulletGrace STANDISH(1). Parents: Oliver STANDISH.

Children were: Lawrence FAIRCLOTH .

bulletOliver STANDISH(1). Parents: (Sir) Alexander STANDISH and Constance GERARD .

Children were: Grace STANDISH.

bulletGilbert STANFORD(1) has reference number 9R31-B2.

bulletElizabeth STANLEY(1). Parents: Timothy STANLEY and Elizabeth.

Children were: Sarah ST. JOHN.

bulletJohn STANLEY(1).

He was married to Susan LANCOCK in 1589/90. Children were: Timothy STANLEY.

bullet Margaret STANLEY(1) Parents: Thomas STANLEY and Anne HASTINGS.

Children were: Jane RADCLIFFE.

bulletThomas STANLEY(1).

Children were: Margaret STANLEY.

bulletTimothy STANLEY(1) was born about 1599 in England. He died in 1647/48 in Hartford, Connecticut. Parents: John STANLEY and Susan LANCOCK.

Children were: Elizabeth STANLEY.

bullet(Mr) STARLING (Unknown)(1).

Children were: James STARLING.

bulletJames STARLING(1). Parents: (Mr) STARLING (Unknown) and Christine CHAUNCEY .

Children were: James Bradford STARLING.

bulletJames Bradford STARLING (Private). Parents: James STARLING .

bullet (Mr) STEERE (Unknown)(1) was born in Hartwick, New York.

bullet(Count) STEPHEN(1). Count of Blois and Chartres

He was married to ADELA about 1081 in Chartres. Children were: (King) STEPHEN.

bullet (King) STEPHEN(1) was born about 1096 in Blois, France. He died on 25 Oct 1154 in Dover, England. He was buried in Faversham Abbey, England. King Accession to throne: 01 December 1135 Parents: (Count) STEPHEN and ADELA.

He was married to MATILDA in 1125 in Westminster, England. Children were: BALDWIN, (Count) EUSTACE , MATILDA, (Count) WILLIAM (Count of Boulogne), (Countess) MARY.

bullet Charlie STEPHENS(1)

bulletAnne STEPTOE(1) has reference number 9PJX-54.

bulletHenry STEVENS(1) died about 1726 in Stonington, Connecticut.

Children were: Henry STEVENS.

bulletHenry STEVENS(1) was born on 20 Nov 1681 in Stonington, Connecticut. He died after 1749. Parents: Henry STEVENS and Elizabeth GALLUP.

He was married to Elizabeth FELLOWS on 2 Mar 1707/8 in Plainfield, Connecticut. Children were: Lucy STEVENS.

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