bullet Julia Virginia STEVENS(1) was born about 1874 in Kentucky. She died in Kingsport, Sullivan County, Tennessee. She was buried in Kingsport, Sullivan County, Tennessee.

Children were: Otis BOLIN (World War II), Sally BOLIN, Wannie Mae BOLIN, Edythe Dora BOLIN (Registered Nurse) , Nita BOLIN, Mary BOLIN .

bulletLucy STEVENS(1) was born about 1717 in Stonington, Connecticut. She died on 4 May 1806 in Pottstown, Connecticut. Parents: Henry STEVENS and Elizabeth FELLOWS.

She was married to Ephraim SMITH on 3 Jan 1742/43 in Stonington, Connecticut. Children were: (Doctor) Sanford SMITH .

bullet Benjamin STEWART(1)

bullet(Lord) Henry STEWART (1st Lord Methven)(1) .

He was married to MARGARET in Mar 1528.

bullet Maria STEWART(1) Parents: Robert STEWART and Margaret GRAHAM.

Children were: (Sir) William ABERNATHY JR..

bulletRobert STEWART(1). Parents: ROBERT II and Elizabeth MURE.

Children were: Maria STEWART.

bulletAnna STILLMAN(1) was born on 6 Apr 1699 in Hadley, Hampshire, Massachusetts. She died on 7 Nov 1767 in Wethersfield, Connecticut. Parents: George STILLMAN and Rebecca SMITH.

She was married to Hezekiah MAY on 27 Apr 1721 in Wethersfield, Connecticut. Children were: Elizabeth MAY.

bullet George STILLMAN(1) was born about 1654. He died in 1727/28.

He was married to Rebecca SMITH about 1686. Children were: Anna STILLMAN.

bullet Joan De STIREKELAND(1) was born in Sizerg Castle, Westmoreland, England.

Children were: Robert De WASHINGTON.

bulletSusannah STODDARD(1) was born about 1764. She died about 1825.

She was married to Isaac PEARCE (Revolutionary War Sol R.I. Line). Children were: Deborah PEARCE , Nathaniel PEARCE, Elizabeth PEARCE, Walter W. PEARCE, Lydia PEARCE, Hannah PEARCE, Jonathan D. PEARCE.

bullet Elizabeth STOKES(1) was born about 1639. She died about 1704.

She was married to Nathaniel POTTER about 1660. Children were: Mary POTTER.

bullet Horatio O. STONE(1)

He was married to Frances M. PEARCE in Clifton Springs, New York.

bullet Margaret STONE(1)

Children were: James STACKHOUSE.

bulletAnkaret Le STRANGE(1) has reference number 84ZQ-LN.

She was married to (Baron) Thomas NEVILLE (Baron Furnival) on 4 Jul 1401 in Whitechurch, England.

bullet Ankaret Le STRANGE(1) Parents: John Le STRANGE and Isabel FITZ ALAN.

Children were: Mary TALBOT.

bulletJohn Le STRANGE(1) has reference number 8504-QX.

bulletJohn Le STRANGE(1).

Children were: Ankaret Le STRANGE.

bulletThomas STRANGEWAYS(1) has reference number 8XHT-MG.

He was married to (Duchess) Catherine De NEVILLE (Duchess of Norfolk) about 1423 in Raby, Durham, England.

bullet Elizabeth STREAM(1) was born about 1624. She died on 25 Jun 1688.(244)

Children were: Hannah HOLBROOK, John HOLBROOK.

bullet(Earl) Edric STREONA(1). Earl of Mercia

bulletRebecca STRICKLAND(1).

bulletIsabell STRONGBOW(1) has reference number 9HNQ-W3.

bullet(Lady) Arabella STUART(1). Lady Parents: (Earl) Charles STUART and Elizabeth CAVENDISH.

bullet (Earl) Charles STUART(1) 6th Earl of Lennox Parents: (Earl) Mathew STUART and Margaret DOUGLAS.

Children were: (Lady) Arabella STUART.

bullet(King) Charles I STUART(1) was born on 19 Nov 1600 in Dunfermline, Scotland. He died on 30 Jan 1649 in Whitehall Palace. He was buried in St. George's Chapel, Windsor, England. King Accession to throne: 27 Mar 1625 Death Note: beheaded Parents: (King) James I STUART and ANNE.

He was married to (Queen) HENRIETTA MARIA on 13 Jun 1625 in Canterbury, Kent, England. Children were: (Duke) CHARLES JAMES (Duke of Cornwall), (King) CHARLES II, (Princess Royal) Mary STUART , (Duke) JAMES II (Duke of York), ELIZABETH, ANNE, CATHERINE , (Duke) HENRY (Duke of Gloucester), HENRIETTA ANNE.

bullet (Duke) Henry STUART (Duke of Albany)(1) was born in 1545. He died on 10 Feb 1567 in Kirk o' Field, Edinburgh, Scotland. Lord Darnley Death Note: murdered Parents: (Earl) Mathew STUART and Margaret DOUGLAS.

He was married to (Queen) Mary STUART (Queen of Scots) on 29 Jul 1565 in Chapel Royal, Holyrood House. Children were: (King) James I STUART.

bullet (King) James I STUART(1) was born on 19 Jun 1566 in Edinburgh Castle. He died on 27 Mar 1625 in Theobalds Park, Hertshire, England. He was buried in Westminster Abbey, Westminster, Middlesex, England.
King James I of England and VI of Scotland Accession to Scotland's throne: 24 July 1567 Accession to England's throne: 24 Mar 1603 Parents: (Duke) Henry STUART (Duke of Albany) and (Queen) Mary STUART (Queen of Scots).

He was married to ANNE on 23 Nov 1598 in Oslo. Children were: (Prince) HENRY FREDERICK (Prince of Wales), (Queen) ELIZABETH (Winter Queen), MARGARET, (King) Charles I STUART, (Duke) ROBERT (Duke of Kyntire) , MARY, SOPHIA.

bullet (Queen) Mary STUART (Queen of Scots)(1) was born on 8 Dec 1542 in Linlithgow Palace. Mary Queen of Scots was born in Dec 1542 in Linlithgow. Died on 7 Feb 1587. Mary, Queen of Scots, also Mary Stuart (1542-87), daughter of James V, king of Scotland, by his second wife, Mary of Guise.

Born in Linlithgow in December 1542, Mary became queen before she was a week old. In 1558 she was married to the Dauphin of France, who succeeded to the French throne as Francis II in 1559 but died the following year. Mary returned to Scotland in 1561. Although Roman Catholic, she surrounded herself at first with Protestant advisers, her chief minister being her half brother James Stuart (1531?-70), whom she soon afterward created earl of Moray.

Mary's marriage in 1565 to her cousin, the Catholic Scottish nobleman Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley, was performed with Roman Catholic rites. The marriage aroused Protestant feelings and was the signal for an insurrection by Moray and a Scottish noble family who hoped to be joined by the whole Protestant party. Their hope was disappointed, however, and the queen, taking the field in person, at once quelled the revolt. Her triumph was scarcely over when misunderstandings began to arise between her and Darnley. She had given him the title of king, but he now demanded that the crown be secured to him for life and that, if the queen died without children, it should descend to his heirs.

Before Moray's rebellion Mary's chief minister had been David Rizzio (circa 1533-66), a court favorite and a Roman Catholic. The king was now persuaded that Rizzio was the obstacle to his designs upon the crown. Acting on this belief, he entered into a formal compact with Moray; Lord Patrick Ruthven (1520?-66); James Douglas, 4th earl of Morton (1525-81); and other leaders of the Protestant party. The result of this conspiracy was the murder of Rizzio in 1566. Early in 1567 the house in which Darnley lay sick was blown up by gunpowder, probably at the instigation of the Scottish nobleman James Hepburn, 4th earl of Bothwell, who, since Moray's revolt and still more since Rizzio's murder, had been favored by the queen. Darnley was discovered strangled close by the scene of the explosion. It was suspected that Mary herself was not wholly ignorant of the plot. Evidence substantiating this theory is reflected in incriminating letters and sonnets, allegedly written by Mary to Bothwell and found later that year in a silver casket. Bothwell was brought to a mock trial and acquitted; soon afterward he divorced his wife and married Mary in a Protestant ceremony.

This step at once turned the Scottish nobles against Mary. She was able to lead an army against them, and although it was equal in number to the confederate army, it was visibly inferior in discipline. On June 15, 1567, Mary's forces were defeated at Carberry Hill and she was forced to abandon Bothwell and surrender herself to the confederate lords. On July 24, at Lochleven, she was prevailed upon to sign an act of abdication in favor of her son, who was crowned as James VI five days afterward at Stirling. Escaping from her island-prison at Lochleven on May 2, 1568, she was able within a few days to assemble an army of 6000 men. On May 12 her army was defeated by the regent Moray at Langside, near Glasgow. Four days afterward, in spite of the entreaties of her best friends, Mary crossed Solway Firth and sought refuge at the court of Elizabeth I, queen of England, only to find herself a prisoner of Elizabeth for life.

Of the ensuing intrigues to effect her deliverance and to place her on the throne of Elizabeth, the most famous was that of Mary's page, Anthony Babington, who plotted to assassinate Elizabeth. The conspiracy was discovered, and Mary was brought to trial in October 1586. She was sentenced to death on October 25, but not until February 1, 1587, did Elizabeth sign the warrant of execution, which was carried out a week later.

She died on 8 Feb 1587 in Fotheringay Castle, England.
Death Note: beheaded Parents: (King) JAMES V and MARY (Guise).

She was married to (Duke) Henry STUART (Duke of Albany) on 29 Jul 1565 in Chapel Royal, Holyrood House. Children were: (King) James I STUART.

She was married to (King) FRANCIS II (King of France) in Apr 1558 in Notre Dame, Paris.

bullet(Princess Royal) Mary STUART(1) was born on 4 Nov 1631 in St. James' Palace. She died on 25 Dec 1660 in Whitehall Palace. Parents: (King) Charles I STUART and (Queen) HENRIETTA MARIA.

Children were: (King) WILLIAM III.

bullet(Earl) Mathew STUART(1) died in 1571. 4th Earl of Lennox

Children were: (Duke) Henry STUART (Duke of Albany), (Earl) Charles STUART.

bulletBartholomew De SUDELEY(1) has reference number 9NQT-2Q.

bulletJohn SUDELEY(1) has reference number B27Q-07.

bulletCarl E. SUMBER(1).

He was married to Virginia Ann COLLINS in Jun 1965.

bullet Hannah SUMNER(1)

Children were: GOFFE.

bulletSUNNICHILD (1).

Children were: GRIFO, CHILTRUD.

bulletIsabel SUTTON(1). Parents: (Sir) Thomas SUTTON and Anne TOUCHET.

Children were: (Sir) John SOUTHWORTH.

bulletMargaret Dudley SUTTON(1) was born about 1520 in Tyes Hall, Cuckfield, Sussex, England. She died in 1563. She was buried in 1563. She was endowed SUBMITTED. She was baptised into the LDS church SUBMITTED. She has reference number QKZF-JG.

She was married to John BUTLER about 1538 in Cuckfield, Sussex, England. She was sealed to spouse SUBMITTED. Children were: William BUTLER .

bullet (Sir) Thomas SUTTON(1)

Children were: Isabel SUTTON.

bullet(Princess) Elisabeth SWABIA (HOHENSTAUFEN)(1) has reference number VB1X-KG.

She was married to (King) Alfonsez FERNANDO III (Castile & Leon) before 1228.

bullet (Duke) Gerold I SWABIA (Duke of Swabia)(1) was born in 710 in Aichen, Rhineland, Prussia. He has reference number 9GCD-JS.

Children were: (Emperess) HILDEGARD.

bullet(Duchess) Imma SWABIA (Duchess of Swabia)(1) was born about 736 in Aachen, Rhineland, Prussia. She has reference number 9GCD-K0.

Children were: (Emperess) HILDEGARD.

bullet(Princess) Maria De SWABIA (Princess of Germany)(1) was born in 1201 in Constantinopole, Turkey. She died in 1235. She has reference number 8XPX-4W.

She was married to (Duke) Henri II BRABANT (Duke of Brabant) in 1215. Children were: Mahaut (Maud) De BRABANT, (Duke) Henri III BRABANT (Duke of Brabant).

bullet Martha SWAIN(1)

Children were: Nathan HOOKER, Stephen HOOKER JR..

bulletAnn SWEARINGEN (1).

bulletMary (Bently) SWEET(1) was born on 16 Sep 1760. She died about 1839.

She was married to Daniel PEARCE\PIERCE (Revolutionary War Cont & RI Line) on 16 Nov 1793. Children were: Peleg PEARCE, Sally B. PEARCE\PIERCE, Elijah L. PEARCE, Susannah PEARCE, Susan A. PEARCE\PIERCE, Giles PEARCE, Christopher B. PEARCE, James B. PEARCE, Hope PEARCE, Mary PEARCE.

bullet William SWEET(1) was born in East Greenwich, Rhode Island.

He was married to Elizabeth PEARCE about 1727.

bullet Elizabeth SWEETMAN(1)

Children were: Elizabeth WELLINGTON.

bullet(King) SWEYN(1) died in 1036. King of Norway Parents: (King) CANUTE (King of Mercia) and ELGIFU (ELFGIVA).


bulletHelena SWYNERTON(1) was born about 1435 in Chetwynd, Salop, England.

Children were: Jane PERSHALE .

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