bullet Lois(1).

She was married to Ellis Alfred RITCH. Children were: Teresa RITCH, Patti RITCH.

bullet Lucian (1)

Children were: Peter BULKELEY.

bulletLucy (1) was born in 1611 in Gloucester, England. She died after Apr 1660 in Westmoreland County, Virginia. She was baptised into the LDS church on 11 Dec 1968. She was endowed on 18 Jan 1969. She was buried in Westmoreland County, Virginia. She has reference number 9PK1-1S.

She was married to Nathaniel POPE on 27 Apr 1629 in Gloucester, England. Children were: Thomas POPE , Margaret POPE, Elizabeth POPE, Nathaniel POPE, Nathaniel POPE (Jr.), Anne POPE, Thomas POPE, Margaret POPE, John POPE.

bullet Lynda Belle(1) died on 15 Jun 1976 in Bartow, Florida.

Children were: William Orton PEARCE JR. .

bulletMargaret (1).

bulletMargaret (1) was born about 1730. She died about 1803.

She was married to Jeremiah PEARCE about 1746. Children were: Jeremiah PEARCE, Moses PEARCE, Elizabeth PEARCE, Oliver PEARCE.

She was married to Hopkins COOK about 1792.

bullet Margaret (1)

Children were: Jechonias YANCEY.

bulletMargaret (1).

Children were: (Sir) John TALBOYS.

bulletMargaret (1).

Children were: William ABERNATHY.

bulletMargaret (1) was born in Warton, England.

Children were: Robert WASHINGTON.

bulletMargaret (1).

Children were: John HOWLAND.

bulletMargaret (1) was born about 1544 in Palstarr, Lancaster, England. She died in 1580. She was buried in 1580. She was endowed SUBMITTED. She was sealed to parents SUBMITTED. She was baptised into the LDS church SUBMITTED. She has reference number G1B3-M8. Parents: Thomas GREEKE and Jane THOMPSON.

She was married to William BUTLER about 1562 in Tighes, Surrey, England. She was sealed to spouse SUBMITTED. Children were: Margaret BUTLER .

bullet Margareth (1)

Children were: Susanna BOCHER.

bulletMargery (1).

Children were: Elizabeth HILTON.

bulletMargery (1) has reference number GTPG-C6.

bulletMartha (1) was born about 1592 in Panington, Gloucester, England. She has reference number 8TJF-B5.

Children were: Richard PEARCE, John PEARCE, Hannah PEARCE, Martha PEARCE, Sarah PEARCE, William PEARCE, Mary PEARCE.

bulletMartha (1).

Children were: Ann MOUNCE.

bulletMartha (1) died in 1733/34.

Children were: Abigail BRIGHAM.

bulletMartha (1) died after 1807.

Children were: Mildred WOOD.

Children were: William WOOD .

bulletMartha (1).

She was married to George POTTER. Children were: Nathaniel POTTER .

bullet Mary (1)

bulletMary (1).

bulletMary (1) was born in 1563. She died on 19 Aug 1620.

She was married to Thomas SANFORD on 21 Sep 1581 in England. Children were: Ezekiel SANFORD .

bullet Mary (2)(1) died about 1670/71. First wife, probably Mary.

She was married to Thomas COOKE (Alias Butcher) about 1623. Children were: Thomas COOKE, John COOKE, child COOKE, George COOKE, Sarah COOKE.

bullet Mary (1) died on 10 Sep 1705 in Little Compton, Newport County, Rhode Island.


bulletMary (1).

Children were: Thomas CORNELL, Sarah CORNELL.

bulletMary (1) died about 1647 in Boston, Massachusetts.

Children were: Nehemiah PEARCE, Mary 1st. PEARCE, Samuel PEARCE, Mercy PEARCE, Mehitable PEARCE, Exercise PEARCE, Mary 2nd. PEARCE.

bulletMary (1).

Children were: Elizabeth HALL.

bulletMary (1) was born about 1735. She died about 1760.

Children were: Mary PEARCE, John PEARCE.

bulletMary (1).

She was married to Samuel KINGSLEY about 1714. Children were: Silence KINGSLEY.

bullet Mary (1) was born about 1758. She died about 1848 in Dade County, Missouri.

Children were: James Hutchenson WEIR.

bulletMary (1).

Children were: Thomas H. SHELDON.

bulletMary (1).

Children were: Jonathan DAVENPORT.

bulletMary (1).

bulletMary (1) was born about 1540. She has reference number PB4J-L4.

She was married to William WARNER in England. Children were: Thomas WARNER.

bullet Mary (1) has reference number J5PQ-C0.

bulletMary (1) has reference number PNRC-T9.

bulletMary .

She was married to John COLSON. Children were: Jacob COLSON.

bullet Mary Catherine(1)

Children were: Mahershallalhashboz DYER.

bulletMary J.(1) was born about 1845. (3)

Children were: John D. WILLIAMS, Brickey WILLIAMS.

bulletMatilda (Saxony)(1) died on 25 May 1008. Parents: (Duke of Saxony) Hermann BILLUNG and Hildegarde (Westerbourg).

Children were: (Count) ARNOLD II (Count The Young of Flanders).

bulletMildred (1) has reference number PTRD-H2.

She was married to James BALL about 1743.

bullet Nancy (1)

She was married to Stephen J.L. HOOKER (C.S.A.) on 8 Jul 1858.

bullet Nancy (1) was born about 1772. She died before 1808. She has reference number 5744-V3.

She was married to (Captain) David MIZELL SR. (Justice of the Peace) on 27 Nov 1792. Children were: Frances "Fannie" MIZELL, Cornelia MIZELL, (Captain) Enoch Everett MIZELL (East Florida Mounted Volunteers).

bullet Ogive (Luxembourg)(1) died on 21 Feb 1030. Parents: (Count) FRIEDRICH I (Count of Luxenburg) .

Children were: (Count) BAUDOUIN V (Count De Lille of Flanders).

bulletRalph (1) has reference number 9FG3-WP.

He was married to Agatha BRUCE about 1120.

bullet Retha (1)

Children were: Terrie TILLMAN.

bulletSarah (1).

Children were: Elizabeth EVERETT.

bulletSarah (1) was born in 1615 in Dorchester, Masschusetts. She died on 14 May 1681 in Milford, New Haven, Connecticut.

Children were: Elizabeth SANFORD.

bulletSarah (1).

Children were: Manassah MARSTON.

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