bullet W. CRAWFORD(1)

bulletHugh De CREIL(1) was born in 990 in France. He died in 1060. He was endowed SUBMITTED. He was baptised into the LDS church SUBMITTED. He has reference number VB2J-76.

Children were: (Great Chamberlain) Renaud De CLERMONT (Great Chamberlain of France).

bulletGonnor (Gunhilda) De CREPON (Denmark)(1) was born about 936. She died about 1031. of Denmark Parents: Herbastus De CREPON.

Children were: (Duke) RICHARD II (Duke of Normandy), EMMA.

bulletHerbastus De CREPON(1) died about 1002.

Children were: Gonnor (Gunhilda) De CREPON (Denmark).

bulletJane CRESNORE(1) has reference number HRFR-80.

bulletCREWS (1).

He was married to Clara Mae TYRE.

bullet Ethel Mae CREWS(1)

She was married to Abraham Lincoln PEARCE on 11 Nov 1917 in Lake Butler, Union County, Florida. Children were: Alford L. PEARCE, Bonnie PEARCE.

bullet Jane CREWS(1)

Children were: Edward COPE.

bulletJoe C. CREWS(1).

bulletLloyd S. CREWS(1) was born about 1919. He died on 14 Jan 1998 in Jacksonville, Florida.(33) He was buried on 17 Jan 1998 in Jacksonville, Florida. (34) Hardage- Giddens Funeral Home, Jacksonville Memory Gardens

He was married to Edith Myrtlee PEARCE.

bullet CRINAN (Athol)(1)

Children were: (King) DUNCUN I (Scotland).

bulletCRIODA (CREODA)(1) was born in 493 in Wessex, England. Parents: (King) CERDIC (King of Wessex) .

Children were: (King) CYNRIC (King of Wessex) .

bulletElizabeth (Betsey) CRISWELL(1) was born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

She was married to James UNCLES on 26 Sep 1816 in Franklinton, Ohio. Children were: Martha UNCLES.

bullet CROFT (1)

Children were: Rufus Ariel CROFT, Rita CROFT.

bulletCROFT (1).

Children were: E.D. CROFT, Catherine CROFT.

bulletCatherine CROFT(1). Parents: CROFT and Leona PEARCE.

Children were: Barbara BRANNEN.

bulletE.D. CROFT(1). Parents: CROFT and Leona PEARCE.

Children were: Sharon Elaine CROFT.

bulletJoan De CROFT(1) was born in Tewitfield, Warton, Lancastershire, England.

Children were: Robert WASHINGTON.

bulletLisa CROFT(1). Parents: Rufus Ariel CROFT.

bulletRita CROFT(1). Parents: CROFT and Neomia Ivalene PEARCE.

bulletRufus Ariel CROFT(1). Parents: CROFT and Neomia Ivalene PEARCE.

Children were: Lisa CROFT.

bulletSharon Elaine CROFT(1). Parents: E.D. CROFT.

She was married to Gerald Arnold BLANTON JR. about 1965 in Lake City, Columbia County, Florida.

bullet Willie CROFT(1) was born about 1900. He died on 30 Oct 1965.

bulletJohn De CROMWELL(1) has reference number FK7C-CQ.

He was married to Idoine De VIPONT on 25 Jun 1302 in Castle, Brougham, Westmorland, England.

bullet John CROSBY(1) died about 1852.

He was married to Elizabeth PEARCE about 1818 in Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts.

bullet Anne CROSS(1) was born about 1651. She died after 1710.

She was married to Ephraim FELLOWS about 1683. Children were: Elizabeth FELLOWS.

bullet Talullaha CROWE(1)

bulletJoyce CULPEPER(1).

Children were: Catherine HOWARD.

bullet(Kahn) Kuthen CUMANIA(1) was born about 1214.

Children were: (Princess of The Kumans) ERZSEBET (Queen of Hungary).

bulletAnn CURRY(1).

Children were: (Mr) HATTAWAY (Unknown).

bulletMary CURTIS(1) has reference number RP5Z-HB.

She was married to (Sir) John WASHINGTON (Sir Knight) on 14 Jun 1621 in England.

bullet Phillip CURTIS(1) has reference number RP5Z-LT.

He was married to Amy WASHINGTON on 8 Aug 1620 in England.

bullet Daniel Parke CUSTIS(1) has reference number 8MR9-SB.

He was married to Martha DANDRIDGE in 1749 in Virginia.

bullet (Prince) CUTHWINE (CUTHA) (Prince of Wessex)(1) was born about 564 in Wessex, England. Parents: (King) CEAWLIN (CEALWIN) (King of Wessex).

Children were: CUTHWULF (CEOLWALD).

bulletCUTHWULF (CEOLWALD)(1) was born about 600 in Wessex, England. Parents: (Prince) CUTHWINE (CUTHA) (Prince of Wessex).

Children were: CENRED (COENRED) .

bullet(King) CYNRIC (King of Wessex)(1) was born about 525. He died in 560 in Wessex, England. King of Wessex (534) Parents: (King) CERDIC (King of Wessex). Parents: CRIODA (CREODA).

Children were: (King) CEAWLIN (CEALWIN) (King of Wessex).

bulletWilliam "Strong Hand" D'AUBIGNY(1) has reference number V9VP-TD.

He was married to (Princess of Brabant) ADELICIA (Queen of England) in 1138 in England.

bullet Gunnora D'AUNOU(1) was born about 984 in France. She has reference number FLH9-LK.

She was married to (Count) Gilbert "Crispin" BRIONNE (Count De Brionne) in England. Children were: (Seigneur) Baldwin FITZ GILBERT (Seigneur of Meules), (Lord) Richard "De Tonbridge" "De Clare" FITZ GILBERT (Lord de Bienfaite).

bullet (Count) Jean II D'AVESNES (Count of Holland & Hainault) (1) was born about 1247 in Brabant, Belgium. He died on 22 Aug 1304 in Valenciennes, Normandy, France. He was baptised into the LDS church on 18 Oct 1932. He has reference number 7W1Z-7D. Parents: (Count) Jean I D' AVESNES (Count of Flandre) and (Countess) ALEIDA (Countess of Holland).

He was married to (Countess) PHILIPPINA (PHILIPPA) (Countess of Luxembourg-Maas) in 1270. Children were: Henri D' AVESNES, Alix D' AVESNES, Marguerite D' AVESNES, Isabelle D' AVESNES, (Count) Jean D' AVESNES (Count De Ostrevant), Jeanne D' AVESNES, (Count) Willen III D'AVESNES (Count of Hainault), Marie D' AVESNES, Valeran D'AVESNES, (Seigneur) Jean D' AVESNES (Seigneur De Beaumont), Willem Cuser D'AVESNES, (Seigneur) Simon D' AVESNES (Seigneur De Bruyelle), (Countess) Aleid D' AVESNES (Countess of Holland), Ida D' AVESNES.

bullet Valeran D'AVESNES(1) was born about 1282 in Valenciennes, Normandy, France. He has reference number 7W1Z-Q0. Parents: (Count) Jean II D'AVESNES (Count of Holland & Hainault) and (Countess) PHILIPPINA (PHILIPPA) (Countess of Luxembourg-Maas).

bullet Willem Cuser D'AVESNES(1) was born about 1290 in Schoten, Noord-Holland, Netherlands. He died after 19 Jan 1355. He was baptised into the LDS church on 13 May 1953. He has reference number 7W1Z-VN. Parents: (Count) Jean II D'AVESNES (Count of Holland & Hainault) and (Countess) PHILIPPINA (PHILIPPA) (Countess of Luxembourg-Maas) .

bullet(Count) Willen III D'AVESNES (Count of Hainault)(1) was born about 1280 in Avesnes, Pas-de-Calais, France. He died on 7 Jun 1337 in Valenciennes, Normandy, France. He was sealed to parents SUBMITTED. He was baptised into the LDS church on 21 Feb 1939. He has reference number 8XQ6-1G. Count of Holland and Hainault Parents: (Count) Jean II D'AVESNES (Count of Holland & Hainault) and (Countess) PHILIPPINA (PHILIPPA) (Countess of Luxembourg-Maas).

He was married to (Countess) Jeanne De VALOIS (Countess of Hainault) on 29 May 1305 in Chanay, Ain, France. He was sealed to spouse SUBMITTED. Children were: (Countess) SIBYLLA (Countess of Holland), (Countess) MARGARETHA (Countess of Holland) , (Princess) PHILIPPA (Princess of Hainault), (Count) JAN (Count of Holland), (Countess) JOHANNA (Countess of Holland), (Count) WILLEM IV (Count of Holland), (Countess) AGNES (Countess of Holland) , (Count) LOUIS (Count of Holland), (Countess) ELISABETH ISABELLA (Countess of Holland).

bullet (Duke) Alfonso IV D'ESTE (Duke of Modena)(1)


bulletEleonore Desmiers D'OLBREUSE(1).

Children were: SOPHIA DOROTHEA.

bulletJohn D'OYLY(1).

Children were: Priscilla D'OYLY.

bulletPriscilla D'OYLY(1). Parents: John D'OYLY and Ursula COPE.

Children were: Willaim GODDARD.

bulletWilliam De DACRE(1) has reference number 9FGJ-HF.

bulletJohn De DAIVILLE(1) has reference number GLCP-DS.

He was married to Maud De PERCY (Louvaine) about 1190 in Egmanton, Nottinghamshire, England.

bullet Elizabeth DALE(1) has reference number H0QJ-CV.

She was married to Christopher LIGHT about 1546 in Horley, Stafford, England.

bullet (Countess) Jeanne (Joan) De DAMMARTIN (Countess of Ponthieu) (1) was born about 1216 in Dammartin, Seine-et-Marne, France. She died on 15 Mar 1279 in Abbeville, Somme, Picardie, France. She has reference number 8XPV-4M. Merged General Note: Countess of Ponthieu Parents: Simon II De DAMMARTIN and (Countess) MARIE (JEANNE) (Countess of Ponthieu & Montreuil). Parents: (Countess) MARIE (JEANNE) (Countess of Ponthieu & Montreuil).

Children were: (Queen) ELEANOR (LEONOR) (Queen of England)(Castile) .

She was married to (King) Alfonsez FERNANDO III (Castile & Leon) in 1237 in Burgos, Burgos, Spain. Children were: (Count) FERNANDO (Count of Aumale), (Senor) LUIS (Senor De Marchena), (Queen) ELEANOR (LEONOR) (Queen of England)(Castile), (Senor) JUAN (Senor De Marchena) .

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