bullet Sarah J. FOSTER(1) was born about 1813. She died about 1862.

She was married to Wiley K. PEARCE about 1834.

bullet Meen De FOUBERES(1) has reference number 9HNR-2W.

bulletJeanne De FOUGERES(1) was born in 1242 in Fougers, France. She died in 1274. She has reference number 91QG-SP.

Children were: Joan LUSIGNAN.

bulletBaltis (Balthazar) FOUT(1) died in May 1751 in Frederick County, Maryland. There is some confusion on the name of this person. His first name was spelled either Baltis or Balthazar. His last name was spelled Fout or Fought or Fauth.

He was married to Susanna BOCHER about 1721. Children were: Maria Margareth FOUT.

bullet Maria Margareth FOUT(1) was born on 14 Jan 1731/32 in Frederick County, Maryland. She died on 6 Oct 1795 in Frederick County, Maryland. Parents: Baltis (Balthazar) FOUT and Susanna BOCHER.

She was married to John SHELLMAN about 1748. Children were: John SHELLMAN.

bullet Joan FOWLE(13) (1) was born on 15 Feb 1604 in Marden, Kent, England. She died on 15 Jul 1688 in Portsmouth, Rhode Island. Parents: Richard FOWLE and Mary FILKES.

She was married to Richard BORDEN on 28 Sep 1625 in Headcorn, Kent, England. Children were: Thomas BORDEN, Francis BORDEN , Mary BORDEN, Matthew BORDEN , John BORDEN, Joseph BORDEN , Sarah BORDEN, Samuel BORDEN , Benjamin BORDEN, Amey BORDEN .

bullet Richard FOWLE(1)

Children were: Joan FOWLE.

bulletDavid FOX(1) has reference number PTRG-N6. He has reference number FN92-L4.

He was married to Hannah BALL on 22 Jul 1670 in Lancaster, Virginia.

bullet Adele De FRANCE (Adele of France)(1) died on 8 Jan 1079. France Parents: (King) ROBERT II (The Pious) and CONSTANCE (Arles-Toulouse).

She was married to (Count) BAUDOUIN V (Count De Lille of Flanders) about 1028. Children were: Matilda De FLANDERS.

bullet (Duke) FRANCIS FREDERICK ANTHONY (Duke of Saxe-Cob) (1) Duke of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld


bullet(King) FRANCIS I (King of France)(1) was born on 12 Sep 1494 in Cognac, France. Francis I (of France) (1494-1547), king of France (1515-47), remembered for his rivalry with the Habsburg Holy Roman emperor Charles V, for his patronage of arts and letters, and for his governmental reforms.

Born at Cognac on September 12, 1494, Francis represented the Angoulême branch of the Valois dynasty, succeeding Louis XII, the last of the Orleanist branch, in 1515. His mother, Louise of Savoy (1476-1531), and his elder sister, Margaret of Navarre, influenced his upbringing and remained close to him during his reign. His first wife was Louis XII's daughter Claude (1499-1524).

The Valois-Habsburg Wars

In 1515 Francis personally won a spectacular victory over the Swiss at Marignano, which enabled him to seize the Italian duchy of Milan. In 1519 he was a candidate for the throne of the Holy Roman Empire, but the imperial electors chose Charles of Habsburg instead. He then embarked on a war against Charles in Italy, but was defeated and captured at Pavia in 1525. Imprisoned in Spain, he was ransomed and returned to France in 1527. After another round of fighting, the two monarchs made peace in 1529, and Francis married the emperor's sister, Eleanor.

Further inconclusive wars were fought against the Habsburgs in 1536-38 and 1542-44. In this period the Catholic Francis did not hesitate to ally himself with German Protestant princes and even with the Muslim Turks.

Religious and Financial Policies

Under his sister's influence Francis was sympathetic to Protestantism, especially in its humanist form, when it appeared in France in the 1520s. In the 1530s, however, he abandoned his earlier tolerance and became a persecutor of the French Protestants. The king had concluded a concordat with the papacy at Bologna in 1516, thereby gaining greater control of the French Catholic church.

The cost of war obliged Francis to undertake extensive reforms. He floated government bonds, punished royal fiscal agents who misappropriated funds, and twice reorganized the treasury. He began openly to sell judicial and financial offices, creating a new class of ennobled magistrates, which remained an important element in French governmental and social structures until the French Revolution. The traditional nobility served in his armies and flocked to court to secure the patronage of the king or his favorites among the magnates. In this way factions arose, and when the king died at Rambouillet on March 31, 1547, his reign had lost much of its glamour.

Patronage of Art and Learning

Francis adopted the pose of a chivalric king, the first gentleman of his kingdom, although his autocratic statecraft was informed by a shrewd realism. His patronage of the arts was intended to augment the splendor of his court. He brought Leonardo da Vinci and other great Italian artists to France to design and ornament his châteaux. He employed the scholar Guillaume Budé in creating a royal library and in founding professorships of Greek, Latin, and Hebrew, which formed the Nucleus of the later Collège de France.

He died on 31 Mar 1547 in Rambouillet, France. King of France

He was married to CLAUDE. Children were: MADELINE, (King) HENRY II.

bullet (King) FRANCIS II (King of France)(1) was born in 1542 in Fontainebleau, Seine-et-Marne, France. Francis II King of France was born in 1544 in Fontainebleau, France. Died in 1560. Reigned in 1559/1560.

Francis II (of France) (1544-60), king of France (1559-60), born in Fontainebleau, the eldest son of Henry II. In 1558 Francis married Mary, queen of Scots. Francis was a mental and physical weakling and was dominated by François, duke of Guise, and Cardinal Charles of Lorraine, the uncles of his wife. These two men, who in effect were the rulers during Francis's brief reign, tried to repress the growing political power of the Protestants in France. His death ended the ascendancy of the Guises at court.
He died in Dec 1560. King of France

He was married to (Queen) Mary STUART (Queen of Scots) in Apr 1558 in Notre Dame, Paris.

bullet (Duke) FRANCIS (Duke of Teck)(1) was born in 1837. He died in 1900.

Children were: MARY .

bulletFREDEFEUDIS (1) has reference number V9V1-LF.

She was married to Harlevin De CONTEVILLE about 1041 in France.

bullet FREDERICA CAROLINE SOPHIA(1) was born on 2 Mar 1778 in Hanover, Germany. She died on 29 Jun 1841 in Hanover, Germany. of Mecklenburg-Strelitz Parents: (Grand Duke) CHARLES and FREDERICA.

She was married to (King) ERNEST AUGUSTUS (Duke of Cumberland) on 29 Aug 1815 in Carlton House, London, England.

bulletFREDERICA (1). of Hesse-Darmstadt


bullet(Prince) FREDERICK CHARLES(1). Prince of Prussia

bullet(King) FREDERICK I(1). King of Wurttemberg

He was married to (Princess) CHARLOTTE AUGUSTA MATILDA on 18 May 1797 in Chapel Royal, St. James' Palace.

bullet (King) FREDERICK II (King of Denmark & Norway)(1)
Landgrave of Hesse-Cassel, Duke of Saxe-Gotha, King of Denmark and Norway

Children were: ANNE.

Children were: AUGUSTA.

He was married to MARY on 28 Jun 1719 in Cassel.

bullet (Emperor) FREDERICK II (King of Jerusalem)(1) was born on 26 Dec 1194 in Lesi, Italy. Frederick II Holy Roman Emperor,King of Germany,Sicily & Jerusalem. Frederick II Holy Roman Emperor,King of Germany,Sicily & Jerusalem was born on 26 Dec 1194 in Lesi, Italy. Died on 13 Dec 1250. Frederick II (Holy Roman Empire) (1194-1250), Holy Roman emperor (1215-50) and as Frederick I, king of Sicily (1198-1212).

Born in Lesi, Italy, on December 26, 1194, Frederick was the son of Henry VI and grandson of Frederick I, Holy Roman emperor. He was made German king in 1196 and on the death of his father two years later became king of Sicily. When his mother, Constance of Sicily (1146-98), acting as regent, died several months later, the four-year-old prince was placed under the guardianship of Pope Innocent III, the new regent of Sicily. Emperor Otto IV was deposed in 1211, and the German princes selected Frederick to replace him. A contest for the imperial throne ensued, because Otto was unwilling to relinquish the crown. Supported by the papacy, to which he promised many concessions, and aided by the French, Frederick was eventually secure in his title. He was crowned king of Germany at Aix-la-Chapelle (now Aachen, Germany) in 1215 and Holy Roman emperor at Rome in 1220.

On his coronation Frederick made a number of elaborate promises to the church, including a vow that he would go on a Crusade. He postponed the Crusade, however, because of an outbreak of anarchy in Sicily and because of the resistance of the Lombard cities, which in 1226 renewed the Lombard League, originally formed against his grandfather, Frederick I. The following year Frederick annulled the Treaty of Constance and put the Lombard cities under the ban of the empire. Threatened several times with excommunication if he did not fulfill his coronation pledge, Frederick determined to sail for Jerusalem in 1227. An epidemic forced him to return three days after his departure, whereupon Pope Gregory IX declared him excommunicated. In 1228 Frederick led the Fifth Crusade to the Holy Land, where he took Jerusalem and concluded a 10-year truce with the sultan of Egypt. Having married Yolande (1212-28?), the young daughter of the titular king of Jerusalem, John of Brienne, and having assumed his title upon her death, Frederick was crowned king of Jerusalem in that city in 1229.

He returned to Europe and spent many of his remaining years attempting to bring the Lombards under subjection. During intermittent struggles with the papacy he was excommunicated twice again, by Pope Gregory IX in 1239 and in 1245 by Pope Innocent IV. His participation in costly wars in Italy caused him to neglect the welfare of his German subjects. Frederick managed to establish peace, prosperity, and order in Sicily, however, promulgating there in 1231 a comprehensive code of laws, described as the best issued by any Western ruler since the reign of Charlemagne. Frederick also made worthy contributions to learning in Italy. Because he was a man of culture, he gathered scholars and men of letters at his Sicilian court, which Dante called the birthplace of Italian poetry. The University of Naples was founded by Frederick in 1224. For about a century after his death, on December 13, 1250, the belief persisted that Frederick was still alive. According to one famous legend, Frederick resides in a cave in the Kyffhäuser Mountains, in the region of Thuringia, awaiting the summons of the German people to return and restore peace in the empire. The legend was later interpreted to refer to Frederick I.
He died on 13 Dec 1250. He has reference number 8XJ6-SS.

He was married to (Empress) ISABELLA (Empress of Germany) on 20 Jul 1235 in Worms, Rhinehessen, Hesse-Darmstadt. Children were: (King) CONRAD IV (Germany & Sicily).

bullet (Emperor) FREDERICK III (Emperor of Germany)(1) was born in 1831. He died in 1888.

Children were: (Kaiser) WILLIAM II (Kaiser Wilhelm).

bullet(King) FREDERICK III (King of Denmark)(1) . King of Denmark

Children were: (King) GEORGE .

bullet(Prince) FREDERICK LOUIS (Prince of Wales)(1) was born on 20 Jan 1707 in Hanover, Germany. He died on 20 Mar 1751 in Leicester House, London, England. Parents: (King) GEORGE II and CAROLINE.

He was married to AUGUSTA on 8 May 1738 in Chapel Royal, St. James' Palace. Children were: AUGUSTA, (King) GEORGE III , (Duke) EDWARD AUGUSTUS (Duke of York), ELIZABETH CAROLINE, (Duke) WILLIAM HENRY (Duke of Glouscester), (Duke) HENRY FREDERICK (Duke of Cumberla) , LOUISA ANNE, FREDERICK WILLIAM, CAROLINE MATILDA.

bullet (King) FREDERICK V (Elector Palatine Winter King)(1) died in 1632. "Winter King" of Bohemia Elector Palatine of the Rhine

Children were: SOPHIA.

bullet(King) FREDERICK V (King of Denmark & Norway)(1) . King of Denmark and Norway

bulletFREDERICK VI(1).

He was married to ELIZABETH on 7 Apr 1818 in Buckingham House, England.

bullet FREDERICK WILLIAM I(1) died on 31 May 1740 in Berlin, Germany.

He was married to SOPHIA DOROTHEA on 17 Nov 1706 in Berlin, Germany.

bullet FREDERICK WILLIAM(1) was born on 13 May 1750 in Leicester House, London, England. He died on 28 Dec 1765 in Leicester House, London, England. Parents: (Prince) FREDERICK LOUIS (Prince of Wales) and AUGUSTA.

bullet (Prince) FREDERICK WILLIAM(1) Prince of Solms-Braunfels

bullet(Duke) FREDERICK (Duke of York)(1) was born on 16 Aug 1763 in St. James' Palace. He died on 5 Jan 1827 in Rutland House, Arlington St, London. Duke of York Parents: (King) GEORGE III and SOPHIA CHARLOTTE.

bullet FREDERICK (1) was born in 1870. He died in 1873. Parents: (Grand Duke) LUDWIG IV and (Grand Duchess) ALICE MAUD MARY (Grand Duchess Hesse-Darmstadt).

bullet FREDERICK (1) was born in 1747. He died in 1837. of Hesse-Cassel


bulletFREEMAN (1).

bulletHannah FRENCH(1). Parents: William FRENCH and Mary LATHROP.

Children were: Hannah CHILD.

bulletWilliam FRENCH(1).

Children were: Hannah FRENCH.

bullet(Count) FRIEDRICH I (Count of Luxenburg)(1) .

Children were: Ogive (Luxembourg).

bulletEberhard Markgraf FRIOUL(1) died in 862.

He was married to GISELE in 836.

bullet Aveline De FROZ(1) died on 10 Nov 1274 in Stockwell. de Forz

She was married to (King) EDMUND (Titular King) on 8 Apr 1269 in Westminster Abbey, Westminster, Middlesex, England.

bullet (Duca) FRUELA (Duca di Cantabria)(1) died about 765. Parents: (Duke) PEDRO (Duke of Cantabria) .

She was married. Children were: (King) VERMUDO I (King of Asturias).

bullet Sukey FRY(1) died about 1873.

She was married to Stephen M. PEARCE about 1806. Children were: Charles PEARCE.

bullet George FUCHS(1)

bulletPerlina FULFORD(1).

Children were: Louise HOLLINGSWORTH, James Simon HOLLINGSWORTH .

bulletMary FULGRAM(1).

She was married to Henry William HANCOCK on 10 Oct 1822 in Marion, Mississippi.

bullet William FULLER(1) has reference number S2TL-JR.

bulletGerard FURNIVAL(1) has reference number FHLX-MG.

bulletJoan De FURNIVAL(1) has reference number 9GWX-WK.

She was married to (Baron) Thomas NEVILLE (Baron Furnival) before 1 Jul 1379 in Alton, Staffordshire, England.

bullet Thomas FURNIVAL(1) has reference number 9NH6-L5.

He was married to (Baroness) Elizabeth De MONTFORT (Baroness Montagu) on 8 Jun 1322 in Somersetshire, England.

bullet GALLA PLACIDA(1) was born about 390. He died about 450. Parents: (Emperor) THEODOSIUS I .

He was married. Children were: (Emperor) VALENTINIANUS III.

bullet Helen GALLOWAY(1) was born about 1200 in Carrick, Ayrshire, Scotland. She died after 21 Nov 1245 in England. She was buried in Brackley, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. She has reference number 9T9P-KR. Parents: ALAN and (Mrs) De LACEY (Unknown).

She was married to (Earl) Roger De QUINCY (Earl of Winchester) about 1218. Children were: Margaret De QUINCY, Elizabeth (Isabel) De QUINCY , Helen (Ellen) De QUINCY.

Children were: Elizabeth De QUINCY.

bulletElizabeth GALLUP(1) died after 1736.

Children were: Henry STEVENS.

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