bullet Mary GRANT(1) died after 1681.

She was married to Daniel SMITH in 1667/68 in Watertown, Massachusetts. Children were: John SMITH.

bullet Isabel GRAUNT(1)

Children were: (Sir) William SPENCER.

bulletGRAY (1).

He was married to Rosa Lee PEARCE. Children were: Betty Sue GRAY .

bullet Betty Sue GRAY(1) was born on 18 Mar 1926 in Lakeland, Florida. She died on 16 Feb 1998 in Lake Wales, Polk County, Florida. She was buried on 19 Feb 1998 in Lake Wales, Polk County, Florida. (36) Service at 11 am Nelson Funeral Home, Internment at Lake Wales Cemetery Parents: GRAY and Rosa Lee PEARCE.

bullet Ellery GRAY(1)

He was married to Mary PEARCE in New Berne, North Carolina.

bullet Fannie GRAY(1)

bulletSarah GRAY(1) was born about 1804. She died about 1873.

She was married to Peleg PEARCE in Tiverton, Four Corners, R.I..

bullet Thomas GREEKE(1) was born about 1524 in Palstarr, Lancaster, England. He was endowed SUBMITTED. He was baptised into the LDS church SUBMITTED. He has reference number QKZF-N5.

He was married to Jane THOMPSON about 1542 in Palstarr, Lancaster, England. He was sealed to spouse SUBMITTED. Children were: Margaret.

bullet (Mrs) GREEN (Unknown)(1)

Children were: John FIELD.

bulletCatherine GREEN(1).

She was married to William PEARCE about 1760. Children were: Austus PEARCE, Phebe PEARCE, Sarah PEARCE, Catherine PEARCE, Hannah PEARCE, Deborah PEARCE, Mary PEARCE, Giles PEARCE, Comfort PEARCE, Desire PEARCE.

bullet Cotis GREEN(1)

bulletErnestine GREEN(1). Parents: Hickey GREEN and Allie PEARCE.

bulletGladys GREEN(1) died on 27 Apr 1965.

Children were: Jamas Zenous PEARCE.

Children were: James Zenous PEARCE.

bulletHickey GREEN(1).

Children were: Mamie Inez GREEN, Ernestine GREEN.

bulletHorace GREEN(1).

Children were: Kevin Matthew GREEN, Kimberly GREEN.

bulletKevin Matthew GREEN (Private). Parents: Horace GREEN and Joyce Jeanette PEARCE.

bullet Kimberly GREEN(1) Parents: Horace GREEN and Joyce Jeanette PEARCE.

She was married to SCHWARTZ.

bullet Mamie Inez GREEN(1) Parents: Hickey GREEN and Allie PEARCE.

bulletMary GREEN(1) was born about 1732. She died about 1789.

She was married to George PEARCE about 1753. Children were: Amy PEARCE, Christopher PEARCE, Giles PEARCE.

bullet Mary GREEN(1)

She was married to Michael PEARCE (Revolutionary War Pvt. Mar. R.I.) on 12 Aug 1839 in Gorham, Ontario County, New York.

bullet Maud GREEN(1)

Children were: Catherine PARR.

bulletPrentis GREEN(1).

bulletTemperance GREEN(1).

She was married to Job PEARCE about 1770. Children were: Job PEARCE , Charles PEARCE.

bullet Elizabeth GREENE(1) Parents: (Sir) Thomas GREENE and Phillippa FERRERS.

Children were: (Sir) Edward RALEIGH.

bullet(Sir) Thomas GREENE(1).

Children were: (Sir) Thomas GREENE.

bullet(Sir) Thomas GREENE(1). Parents: (Sir) Thomas GREENE and Mary TALBOT.

Children were: Elizabeth GREENE.

bulletJoseph GREENHILL(1) was born about 1797. He died about 1863.

He was married to Nancy PEARCE in Paris, New York.

bullet Rebecca GREGORY(1)

She was married to Thomas DAVIS on 9 Jan 1744/45 in St. Stephan's, Cecil Co., MD. Children were: Richard DAVIS.

bullet Adeliza De GRENTMESNIL(1) has reference number FBFD-FC.

bulletRichard GRENVILLE(1) has reference number 9HNR-48.

bulletEdmund GREY(1) has reference number 921V-65.

He was married to (Countess) Katherine PERCY (Countess of Kent) before Jan 1458/59.

bullet Henry GREY(1)

Children were: (Queen) Jane GREY (Beheaded).

bullet(Queen) Jane GREY (Beheaded)(1) was born in Oct 1537 in Bradgate, Leicestershire, England. Grey, Lady Jane (1537-54), queen of England for nine days, born in Bradgate Park, near Leicester, a great-granddaughter of King Henry VII and daughter of Henry Grey, duke of Suffolk and 3d marquess of Dorset (died 1554). When Lady Jane was 15 years old, England's powerful lord chamberlain John Dudley, duke of Northumberland, arranged a marriage for her with his son, Guildford Dudley (d. 1554). The duke's purpose was to change, through Lady Jane, the royal succession upon the death of the ailing young king, Edward VI, so that he could continue to control the country through her. Edward approved the marriage and secured witnesses to a deed declaring Lady Jane his successor. Upon the death of the king, on July 6, 1553, Lady Jane was proclaimed queen, but Edward's half sister, Mary Tudor, contested the succession. Lady Jane was subsequently imprisoned in the Tower of London. She and her husband were accused of treason, and both were beheaded on February 12, 1554. She died on 12 Feb 1554 in Tower Green. She was buried in Chapel Royal of, Tower of London.
Lady Accession to throne:10 July 1553 Queen for 9 days - dethroned 19 July 1553 Beheaded Parents: Henry GREY and Frances BRANDON.

She was married to (Lord) Guildford DUDLEY on 21 May 1553 in Durham House, London.

bullet (Sir) John GREY(1) died on 17 Feb 1461.
Death Note: killed in 2nd Battle of St. Albans

bulletJohn De GREY(1) has reference number 9FSB-XV.

He was married to Anne (Anneys) De MONTAGU on 12 Jun 1335 in Cassington, Oxfordshire, England.

bullet Ralph FitzRobert De GREYSTOKE(1) has reference number 9HS5-V0.

He was married to (Baroness) Alice De AUDLEY after 25 Nov 1317 in Dispensation, Stretton Audley, Oxfordshire, England.

bullet Margaret Verch GRIFFITH(1) was born in 1534. She has reference number 9HHC-W2.

Children were: (Sir) Thomas WINDIBANK.

bulletGRIFO (1) died in 753. Parents: (King Maker) Charles MARTEL (Mayor of The Palace In Austrasia) and SUNNICHILD.

bullet (Mayor) GRIMOALD I (Mayor of The Palace)(1) died in 656. Mayor of the Palace in Austrasia Parents: (Duke) ANSEGISEL (Mayor of The Palace Austrasia).

Children were: (King) CHILDEBERT, (Abbess) WULFETRUD.

bullet(Mayor) GRIMOALD II (Mayor of The Palace)(1) died in 714. Mayor of the Palace in Nuestria Parents: (Mayor of the Palace) PEPIN II (The Younger of L'Heuristal) and PLECTRUD.

bullet Amy GRINER(1) was born about 1803. Parents: Emanuel GRINER and Nancy HANCOCK .

bulletDaniel GRINER(1). Parents: Emanuel GRINER and Nancy HANCOCK.

bulletEllen GRINER(1) was born about 1806. Parents: Emanuel GRINER and Nancy HANCOCK .

She was married to Jeremiah HANCOCK about 1822. Children were: Civil HANCOCK, Nancy HANCOCK.

bullet Emanuel GRINER(1)

Children were: Amy GRINER, Ellen GRINER, William S.H. GRINER, Samuel GRINER, Daniel GRINER.

Children were: Susan GRINER.

bulletMary Ellen GRINER(1).

bulletSamuel GRINER(1) was born about 1812. Parents: Emanuel GRINER and Nancy HANCOCK .

bulletSusan GRINER(1) was born about 1815. Parents: Emanuel GRINER.

Children were: Burrell HANCOCK JR..

bulletWilliam S.H. GRINER(1) was born about 1810. Parents: Emanuel GRINER and Nancy HANCOCK.

bulletPatience GRINNELL(1) was born on 24 Feb 1715. Parents: .

She was married to John WOODMAN on 30 Nov 1735 in Little Compton, Newport County, Rhode Island. Children were: John WOODMAN, Edward WOODMAN , Robert WOODMAN.

bullet Sarah GRINNELL(1) was born on 6 May 1723. Parents: .

She was married to Thomas WOODMAN on 11 Jan 1747 in Little Compton, Newport County, Rhode Island.

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