bullet (Duke) HENRY (Duke of Exeter)(1) Duke of Exeter

bullet(Duke) HENRY (Duke of Battenberg)(1) was born in 1858. He died in 1896.

Children were: VICTORIA EUGENIE.

bulletHENRY (1) was born in 1267/68 in Windsor Castle, Windsor, Berkshire, England. He died about 14 Oct 1274. He was buried on 20 Oct 1274. He was endowed CHILD. He was baptised into the LDS church CHILD. He has reference number 8XJ8-M7.

bullet HENRY (1) was born about 1258 in Westminster, Middlesex, England. He was baptised into the LDS church on 11 Aug 1936. He died in Died Young, Westminster, Middlesex, England. He was buried in Westminster, London, Middlesex, England. He has reference number 8XJ8-CT. Parents: (King) HENRY III and (Queen) ELEONORE (Countess of Provence).

bullet (Sir) Adam HEPBURN(1)

Children were: Elizabeth HEPBURN.

bulletElizabeth HEPBURN(1). Parents: (Sir) Adam HEPBURN and Elizabeth OGSTOUN.

Children were: Thomas LIVINGSTON.

bullet(Earl) James HEPBURN(1) died in 1578. Earl of Bothwell Died while imprisoned in Norway

bullet(Count of Meaux) HERBERT (Vermandois)(1). Count of Meaux

bulletMaud HERBERT(1) died about 1485. Parents: (Earl) William HERBERT (Earl of Pembroke) and Anne DEVEREUX.

She was married to (Earl) Henry De PERCY (4th Earl of Northumberland) about 1476. Children were: (Earl of Northumberland) Henry Algernon De PERCY (Lord Poynings K.B. K.G.) .

bullet (Earl) William HERBERT (Earl of Pembroke)(1)

He was married to Anne DEVEREUX. Children were: Maud HERBERT.

bullet Sarah HERING(1)

bulletAgnes HERITAGE(1).

Children were: Julian SPENCER, Thomas SPENCER.

bulletEliza Caroline HERNDON(1).

Children were: Richard Edward "Dick" WILLIAMS.

bulletDaniel HERRICK(1) was born in 1707/8.

He was married to Elizabeth RUST in 1730/31. Children were: Samuel HERRICK.

bullet Samuel HERRICK(1) was born on 2 Apr 1732 in Coventry, Connecticut. He died about 1797 in Springfield, NY. Parents: Daniel HERRICK and Elizabeth RUST.

He was married to Silence KINGSLEY on 26 Feb 1754 in Norwich, Connecticut. Children were: Sarah HERRICK.

bullet Sarah HERRICK(1) was born on 21 Feb 1764. She died about 1823. Parents: Samuel HERRICK and Silence KINGSLEY.

Children were: Samuel Herrick BUTLER.

bullet(Duchess) HESBAYE(1) was born about 758 in Belgium. She has reference number FLH2-RG.

Children were: (Princess) ERMENGARDE (Hesbaye).

bullet(Duke) Ingeramme HESBAYE(1) was born about 753 in Belgium. He has reference number 9GCT-87.

Children were: (Princess) ERMENGARDE (Hesbaye).

bulletArnolfe De HESDING(1) has reference number 9FTM-ZD.

bulletWalter HESELARTON(1) has reference number M575-7L.

He was married to (Baroness) Euphemia De NEVILLE (Baroness Lucy) about 1347 in England.

bullet Deborah HICKS(1) was born about 1761. She died about 1834.

She was married to (Lt.) John PEARCE (Revolutionary War Lt R.I.) about 1783. Children were: Mary PEARCE, George PEARCE, Nathaniel PEARCE, Jeremiah PEARCE, John PEARCE, Philip PEARCE, Sarah PEARCE, Betsey PEARCE, Peleg PEARCE.

bullet (Princess) HILDEGARD (Princess of The Franks)(1) was born about 944 in Laon, Aisne, France. She has reference number 9GDD-51. Parents: (Duke) Gilbert LORRAINE and (Princess) GERBERGE (Princess of Germany).

bullet(Emperess) HILDEGARD(1) was born about 757 in Aachen, Rhineland, Prussia. She died on 30 Apr 783 in Thionville, Moselle, France. She was buried in St Arnoul Abbey, Metz, Austrasia, France. She has reference number 9GCD-17. Parents: (Count) GEROLD I (Count of Vinzga) and IRMA. Parents: (Duke) Gerold I SWABIA (Duke of Swabia) and (Duchess) Imma SWABIA (Duchess of Swabia).

Children were: (King) CHARLES (The Younger), (King) PEPIN (King of Italy), ADELHEID, ROTRUD, BERTHA, (Emperor) LOUIS I (The Pious), LOTHAIRE I.

She was married about 772 in Aachen, Rhineland, Prussia. She was sealed to spouse on 8 Apr 1936. Children were: (King) CHARLES (The Younger), (King) PEPIN (King of Italy), ADELHEID, ROTRUD, BERTHA, (Emperor) LOUIS I (The Pious), LOTHAIRE I, GISELE, HILDEGARD.

bullet HILDEGARD (1) was born in 782 in Aachen, Rhineland, Prussia. She died on 9 Jun 783. She was endowed INFANT. She was sealed to parents on 19 Dec 1938. She was baptised into the LDS church INFANT. She has reference number 9GCD-BR. Parents: (Emperess) HILDEGARD .

bullet HILDEGARDE (1)

bullet(Abbesse) HILDEGARDE (Abbesse of Leon)(1) was born about 812 in France. She died after 841. She has reference number 9GCT-26. Parents: (Emperor) LOUIS I (The Pious) and (Princess) ERMENGARDE (Hesbaye).

bullet Frances H. HILDRETH(1)

bulletAnn HILL(1). Parents: Richard HILL.

Children were: Tamar JONES.

bulletLulu HILL(1).

bulletMalcom HILL(1).

bulletMary HILL(1).

Children were: Martha HASTINGS.

bulletRichard HILL(1) died on 18 Mar 1729 in Bath, North Carolina.

Children were: Ann HILL.

bulletAnna HILLIARD(1) was born about 1769. She died about 1816.

She was married to Col. Joseph PEARCE (Revolutionary War Pvt. Grd. R.I.) about 1790. Children were: Jonathan PEARCE, Phebe PEARCE, Benjamin PEARCE, Valentine PEARCE, Nancy PEARCE, Joseph PEARCE, Ann PEARCE, Nathaniel PEARCE.

bullet Edward J. HILLIARD(1)

bulletSamuel HILLIARD(1).

bulletElizabeth HILTON(1). Parents: Godfrey HILTON and Margery.

Children were: Anne THIMBLEBY.

bullet(Sir) Godfrey HILTON(1).

Children were: Godfrey HILTON.

bulletGodfrey HILTON(1). Parents: (Sir) Godfrey HILTON and Hawise LUTTRELL.

Children were: Elizabeth HILTON.

bulletHIMILTRUD (1).

bulletMary or Mercy HINCKLEY(1) was born on 22 Jul 1678 in Barnstable, County, Massachusetts. She died in 1740/41. Parents: Samuel HINCKLEY and Sarah POPE.

She was married to Samuel BANGS on 13 Jan 1704/5 in Harwich, Barnstable County, Massachusetts. Children were: Joseph BANGS.

bullet Samuel HINCKLEY(1) Parents: Thomas HINCKLEY and Mary RICHARDS.

Children were: Mary or Mercy HINCKLEY.

bulletThomas HINCKLEY(1).

Children were: Samuel HINCKLEY.

bulletHOAMER (Vandals)(1) was born about 480. He died about 530. Parents: EUDOXIA.

He was married. Children were: GALSWINTHE (Vandals).

bullet William M. HODGES(1)

Children were: William Murray HODGES.

bulletWilliam Murray HODGES (Private). Parents: William M. HODGES and Beula PEARCE.

bullet Thomas HOGINS(1)

He was married to Anne PEARCE about 1728 in Bristol, Rhode Island.

bullet (King) Frederick II HOHENSTAUFEN (King of Sicily)(1) Holy Roman Emperor

He was married to ISABELLA on 20 Jul 1235 in Worms.

bullet Eleanor (Alianore) (Plantagenet) De HOLAND(1) has reference number 8J5H-PK.

She was married to (Earl) Roger De MORTIMER (Earl of March & Ulster) about 7 Oct 1388.

bullet Elizabeth De HOLAND(1) was born about 1320. Parents: Robert De HOLLAND and Maud La ZOUCHE.

Children were: Alice BOTILIER .

bulletJoan De HOLAND(1) has reference number 8XHR-XQ. de Holland

She was married to (Duke) EDMUND (Duke of York) before 4 Nov 1393.

She was married to (Duke) EDMUND (LANGLEY) (Duke of York) before 4 Nov 1393.

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