bullet (Baron) Robert De ROS (Magna Charta Surety) (1)

Children were: (Sir) William De ROS .

bulletWilliam De ROS(1) has reference number MQSP-93.

He was married to (Baroness) Margaret De NEVILLE (Baroness Ros) before 8 May 1341 in Raby, Durham, England.

bullet William De ROS(1) has reference number 9FSH-KN.

He was married to (Baroness) Margery De BADLESMERE (Baroness Ros) before 25 Nov 1326 in Castle Wark, Northumberland, England.

bullet William De ROS(1)

Children were: Margaret De ROS.

bullet(Sir) William De ROS(1). Parents: (Baron) Robert De ROS (Magna Charta Surety) and Isabel of SCOTLAND.

Children were: (Sir) William De ROS.

bullet(Sir) William De ROS(1). Parents: (Sir) William De ROS and Lucy FITZ PIERS.

Children were: Lucy De ROS.

bulletOliver ROSE(1).

bulletROSELLE SUSANAH(1) died on 26 Jan 1003.

She was married to (Count) ARNOLD II (Count The Young of Flanders) in 968. Children were: (Count of Valenciennees) BALDWIN IV (Count of Flanders)(The Bearded).

bullet Sarah ROSIER(1)

Children were: Fannie Lee Elizabeth SMITH.

bulletMary Lucretia ROSS(1).

Children were: Cuthbert LANIER.

bulletJoan ROSSITER(1) was born about 1610. She died about 1691.

She was married to Nicholas HART . Children were: Richard HART.

bullet (Princess) ROTHAIDE (Princess of The Franks)(1) was born about 744 in Aachen, Rhineland, Prussia. She died in Austrasia, France. She was buried in St Arnoul Abbey, Metz, France. She has reference number 9GCC-9G. Parents: (Mayor)(The Short) PEPIN III (Mayor of The Palace In Austrasia) and (Countess of Laon) BERTRADA II (Queen of The Franks).

bullet ROTROU (St. Lievin)(1) died about 724.

Children were: (Mayor)(The Short) PEPIN III (Mayor of The Palace In Austrasia), (Mayor) CARLOMAN (Mayor of The Palace).

bulletROTRUD (1) was born in Aug 774 in Aachen, Rhineland, Prussia. She died on 6 Jun 810. She was sealed to parents on 19 Dec 1938. She has reference number 9GCD-5W. Parents: (Emperor) CHARLEMAGNE (King of the Franks) and (Emperess) HILDEGARD . Parents: (Emperess) HILDEGARD.

She was married to (Count) RORGO (Count of Maine) about 800. Children were: (Abbot) LOUIS (Abbot of St. Denis).

bullet (Princess) ROTRUD(1) was born about 800 in France. She has reference number 9GCT-0T. Parents: (Emperor) LOUIS I (The Pious) and (Princess) ERMENGARDE (Hesbaye) .

She was married to (Count) GERARD (Count of Auverne) . Children were: (Count) RANULF I (Count of Poitou) .

bullet (Duchess) ROTRUDE (CHROTUDE) (Duchess of Austrasia)(1) was born about 690 in Austrasia, France. She died about 724. She has reference number 9GCB-39. Parents: (Bishop) LEUTWINUS (Bishop of Treves) and TREVES.

Children were: (Mayor) CARLOMAN (Mayor of The Palace), (Mayor)(The Short) PEPIN III (Mayor of The Palace In Austrasia), (Duchess) CHILDTRUDE (HILTRUDE) (Duchess of Bavaria).

bullet(Abbess) ROTRUDE(1) was born in 852. abbess of St-Radegund Poitiers Parents: (Emperor) CHARLES II (The Bald) and ERMENTRUDE.

bullet Adelheid De ROUCY(1) was born about 1050 in La Sarraz, Switzerland. She has reference number 91R4-GP. Parents: (Count) Hildouin IV MONTDIDIER (Count of Roucy & Montdidier) and Alice (Adela) De ROUCY.

bulletAlice (Adela) De ROUCY(1) was born about 1014 in Roucy, Aisne, France. She died in 1063. She was baptised into the LDS church on 23 Nov 1935. She was endowed on 18 Dec 1935. She has reference number 8XJT-DC. Parents: (Count) Ebles I ROUCY (Count of Roucy) and (Countess) Beatrix HOLLAND--HAINAULT.

She was married to (Count) Hildouin IV MONTDIDIER (Count of Roucy & Montdidier) in 1031. Children were: (Countess) Margaret (Marguerite) De MONTDIDIER (Countess of Clermont), Adelheid De ROUCY, (Countess) Beatrice MONTDIDIER (Countess of Perche), (Queen) Felicitas MONTDIDIER (Queen of Aragon).

bullet (Count) Ebles I ROUCY (Count of Roucy)(1) was born about 994 in Roucy, Aisne, France. He died on 11 May 1033. He was baptised into the LDS church on 26 Jul 1938. He was endowed on 3 Mar 1939. He has reference number 9HMH-RB.

Children were: Alice (Adela) De ROUCY .

bulletElizabeth ROUSE(1) was born about 1724.

She was married to Jeptha PEARCE about 1749. Children were: Elizabeth PEARCE, Ruth PEARCE, Elizabeth PEARCE, Jeremiah PEARCE, Isaac PEARCE (Revolutionary War Sol R.I. Line), Deborah PEARCE, Hannah PEARCE.

bullet Mercy ROUSE(1) was born about 1723.

She was married to Giles "Jyles" PEARCE on 23 Aug 1744. Children were: Hannah PEARCE, Martha PEARCE, Sarah PEARCE, Rachel PEARCE, Elizabeth PEARCE, Rouse PEARCE (Revolutionary War Lt. R.I.), James PEARCE, Mercy PEARCE, Lydia PEARCE, Abigail PEARCE, Rebecca PEARCE.

bullet Sarah ROUSE(1) was born about 1728. She died about 1812.

She was married to Nathaniel PEARCE about 1750. Children were: Phebe PEARCE, Mary PEARCE, Elizabeth PEARCE, (Lt.) John PEARCE (Revolutionary War Lt R.I.), Valentine PEARCE, Nathaniel PEARCE, Col. Joseph PEARCE (Revolutionary War Pvt. Grd. R.I.), George PEARCE, Sarah PEARCE.

bullet Jesse Pearl ROWE(1)

She was married to Lens Franklin TRIPLETT. Children were: Fred Thomas TRIPLETT.

bullet Zeriah F. ROWELL(1) was born about 1789. He died about 1877.

He was married to Emma PEARCE about 1815 in Waterville, New York.

bullet Abigail RUCK(1)

Children were: Margaret THOMAS.

bulletHannah RUCK(1) was born in 1701/2. She died about 1767. Parents: John RUCK and Hannah HUTCHINSON.

She was married to Theophilus LILLIE in 1724/25 in Boston, Massachusetts. Children were: John LILLIE.

bullet John RUCK(1)

Children were: Hannah RUCK.

bullet(Count) RUDOLF (Count of Troyes)(1) died in 866. Parents: (Count) WELF (Count In Bavari) and (Countess) HEILWIG.

bulletCecily De RUMILLY(1) has reference number V9VG-TF.

She was married to William De MESCHINES about 1093 in Yorkshire, England.

bullet(Abbess) RUOTHILD(1) died in 852. Abbess of Farmoutiers (840) Parents: (Emperor) CHARLEMAGNE (King of the Franks) and MADELGARD.

bullet Elizabeth RUST(1) was born in 1712/13 in Coventry, Connecticut. She died in 1740/41.

She was married to Daniel HERRICK in 1730/31. Children were: Samuel HERRICK.

bullet Elizabeth SABIN(1)

Children were: Nathaniel MILLARD.

bulletMathilde Von SACHSEN(1) was born about 929. She has reference number 9GDF-55.

Children were: (Duchess) BONNE ADELAIDE (Duchess of Lorraine).

bulletAmauri De SAINT AMAND(1) was born about 1211. He has reference number 9NH7-1C.

Children were: Hawaise De SAINT AMAND.

bullet(Mrs) Amauri De SAINT AMAND (Unknown)(1) was born about 1213. She has reference number 9NH7-2J.

Children were: Hawaise De SAINT AMAND.

bulletHawaise De SAINT AMAND(1) was born about 1252 in Isle of Man, England. She died in 1287. She was baptised into the LDS church on 25 Jun 1928. She was endowed on 11 Jul 1928. She has reference number 91VG-D2. Parents: Amauri De SAINT AMAND and (Mrs) Amauri De SAINT AMAND (Unknown).

She was sealed to spouse on 27 Nov 1928. Children were: Simon De MONTAGU, (Baron) William De MONTAGU, John De MONTAGU.

bullet Agnes SAINT CLAIR(1) has reference number 9G4T-BT.

Children were: Robert BRUCE II.

bulletMarie De SAINT HILAIRE(1) has reference number 8XHR-QP.

She was married to (Duke) JOHN(GAUNT) (Duke of Lancaster K.G.) in not married. She was sealed to spouse SUBMITTED.

bullet Maud (Matilda) De SAINT HILARY(1) has reference number 8WKL-RB.

She was married to (Earl) Roger De CLARE (Earl of Hertford) about 1182.

bullet Maud SAINT LIZ(1) has reference number 8XJT-VR.

She was married to Robert Fitz Richard De CLARE in England.

bullet Herbert SAINT QUINTIN(1) has reference number KV1T-RV.

He was married to (Lady) Agnes De ARCHES (Lady of Appleton) about 1116 in Yorkshire, England.

bullet (Prince) SALAMON (Prince of Hungary)(1) was born about 1272 in Budapest, Hungary. He died about 1272. He was endowed SUBMITTED. He was sealed to parents SUBMITTED. He was baptised into the LDS church SUBMITTED. He has reference number 881F-98. Parents: (King) ISTVAN V (King of Hungary) and (Princess of The Kumans) ERZSEBET (Queen of Hungary).

bullet Cromwell SALISBURY(1)

bulletElizabeth De SALMESBURY(1) was born about 1253. Parents: William De SALMESBURY and Avina NOTTON.

Children were: Robert De HOLLAND .

bulletWilliam De SALMESBURY(1). Parents: Roger De SAMLESBURY and Margaret FITZ OSBERT .

Children were: Elizabeth De SALMESBURY.

bulletSergei SALTYKOV (Presumed Father Paul I)(1) .
Sergei Saltykov, a nobleman, is presumed by most historians to have been the actual sire of Paul. He was Catherine's lover from 1752-1754.

He was married to (Empress) CATHERINE II (The Great). Children were: (Emperor) PAUL I (Emperor of Russia).

bullet Alisona De SALUZZA(1) has reference number 84ZQ-6L.

She was married to (Earl) Richard FITZ ALAN (Earl of Arundel) about 1284 in Marlborough, Sussex, England.

bullet Alice De SALUZZO(1) has reference number V9S6-F2.

She was married to (Earl) Edmund De LACY (Earl of Lincoln) in May 1247 in Woodstock, Oxfordshire, England.

bullet Roger De SAMLESBURY(1) was born about 1172.

Children were: William De SALMESBURY.

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