49. John Brownlow PEARSON was born in 1795 in Hawkins County, Tn.. John was born in Hawkins County, Tn. He had two brothers, Michael and Laurence who were born inBucks County, Pennsylvania. Michael and John came
to Claiborne County to live and Laurence remained
in Hawkins Co. Laurence was buried there![see ref] He died in 1871 in Howards Quarter, Tn.,. He was buried in 1871 in Buried on Pearson Farm behind house.. He was baptized unknown in Howards Quarter Methodist. Our great-great grandfather was born in Hawkins county, Tn. in 1795. His father Christian Pearson moved with his family from Bucks County, Pa. in the early 1790's. Most of Christian's children were born in Bucks County, Pa. John and some others were born in Hawkins County, Tn. near Rogersville. We have visited the home place of Lawrence and found his tombstone along with his wife's buried in the family plot located in the middle of a pasture field. This property is in Lee Valley Community. There are some decendents of Christian Jr's family still living in the area.

NOTE: Jeanette O' Boyle of Murphysboro, Ill, a cousin from Christian Pearson Sr's lineage, has found a John and Sara Pearson from whom she is descended, who also was in Hawkins and died there. Her family sheet shows this John who was born in Bucks County, Pa and moved to Hawkins County, Tn with Christian and the rest of the family in the 1790's. She states that the DAR accepted John and Sarah when Christian was accepted by them as a patriot from someone's papers. We have confirmed however that the John in our records is definitly the right one for our family. He married a Frankie Carpenter and she lived to be around 90 years of age. She was buried in a cemetary in Claiborne County, Tn. John was buried on the home farm behind a house where one of our cousin still lives! It could be that Christian had two sons named John, as a matter of fact, Michael was also named John Michael that being the case we have three Johns in Christian's immediate family. Still searching!!!

He was married to Francis [Carpenter] CARPENTER (daughter of Jesse CARPENTER) before 1821 in Hawkins or Claiborne Co., Tennessee?. Francis [Carpenter] CARPENTER was born about 1800. She died in 1891 in Howards Quarter, Tn.,. She was buried in 1891 in Believed to be buried in a Cemetary in Claiborne Co., Tn.. It is well to note here that Frankie lived to be around 90 years of age. Also it seems that for some reason John and Frankie were not living together during a census that was taken in the 1760's. Could they have been divorced or for other reasons living apart? This remains a puzzle to work out!! John Brownlow PEARSON and Francis [Carpenter] CARPENTER had the following children:

child+61 i. James Madison. PEARSON.
child+62 ii. William H. PEARSON.
child+63 iii. Emiline [Pearson] PURKY.
child+64 iv. John B. PEARSON.

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